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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – “Blogging is a community!”  We do just as much reading of other people’s blogs as we do writing (if not more).  So, following on from the success of the Top 50 Earning Blogs I put together, I thought it would be good to put together an epic list of the top blogs about blogging available online.

Both new bloggers and experienced bloggers should find this list useful.  There is a lot of inspirational sites and bloggers here that you can get to know and learn from.  Some you may have heard of, some perhaps not.  I know I found some interesting sites whilst researching this.  May be a good one to bookmark. 🙂

I hope you find this list as useful as I do.

Blog Blogger(s) PR Alexa
1   SEOmoz   Various 6 380
2   WPBeginner   Syed Balkhi 6 3,124
3   CopyBlogger   Brian Clark, Various 7 3,353
4   Problogger   Darren Rowse, Various 6 3,837
5   Smart Passive Income   Pat Flynn 5 6,405
6   Daily Blog Tips   Daniel Scocco, Various 6 7,297
7   John Chow   John Chow, Various 5 8,568
8   Basic Blog Tips   Ileane Smith, Various 5 9,854
9   YoungPrePro   Bamidele Onibalusi, Various 4 10,063
10   Top Rank Blog   Various 6 10,746
11   Traffic Generation Cafe   Ana Hoffman, Various 4 11,498
12   IncomeDiary   Michael Dunlop, Various 4 11,584
13   Quick Online Tips   Various 5 12,342
14   Shoemoney   Jeremy Schoemaker, Various 5 12,553
15   Blogging Tips   Zac Johnson, Various 5 13,151
16   iTechCode   Amit Shaw, Various 3 14,001
17   Think Traffic   Corbett Barr, Various 5 16,829
18   Blogging Cage   Kulwant Nagi, Various 2 17,824
19   Entrepreneurs Journey   Yaro Starak, Various 5 17,929
20   Dukeo   Ste Kerwer, Various 3 19,692
21   Viperchill   Glen Allsopp 5 22,627
22   Chris Brogan   Chris Brogan 6 23,250
23   We Blog Better   Kiesha Easley, Various 4 23,325
24   Zac Johnson   Zac Johnson, Various 4 23,579
25   Matts Marketing Blog   Matt Carter 5 23,754
26   Blogging Pro   Various 3 24,819
27   Pro Blogging Success   Jane Sheeba 3 25,366
28   ClickNewz   Lynn Terry, Various 4 26,254
29   Lorelle On WordPress   Lorelle VanFossen 6 28,516
30   Blogging With Amy   Amy Lynn Andrews 3 30,435
31   Kim Garst   Kim Garst, Various 4 32,348
32   Performancing   Various 3 34,961
33   Blog Marketing Academy   David Risley 4 36,446
34   Guide and News   Ehsan Ullah 2 36,987
35   Blog Tyrant   Ramsay Taplin 4 41,744
36   Online Income Teacher   Matt Smith, Various 3 45,869
37   Tyler Cruz   Tyler Cruz, Various 3 49,967
38   The Sales Lion   Marcus Sheridan, Various 5 50,035
39   Blog Herald   Various 7 50,380
40   Write To Done   Mary Jaksch, Various 5 52,681
41   AffHelper   Pawel Reszka, Various 3 53,332
42   Blog World   Various 5 55,332
43   Hot Blog Tips   Brian D. Hawkins, Various 3 58,883
44   Leaving Work Behind   Tom Ewer 4 62,674
45   Joel Comm   Joel Comm 4 68,592
46   Blogtrepreneur   Matthew Toren, Adam Toren, Various 5 71,537
47   Rob Cubbon   Rob Cubbon 4 74,192
48   No Passive Income   Erik Emanuelli, Various 3 74,306
49   Money Dummy   John Paul Aguiar, Various 4 76,054
50   Successful Blogging   Annabel Candy, Various 4 98,986

I could have easily made this list bigger.  Frankly this list could have been a ‘Top 100’ or ‘Top 250’ list and I would have barely scratched the surface.   I have tried to be fair and list the best blogs online based on Alexa Rank, though I have also included Google Pagerank as that is also a good indicator of a good site.  There are plenty of other great blogs about blogging online that I would have loved to mention, but I had to stick to 50.

Disclaimer:- Alexa Rank and Google Pagerank can change at any time.  This list is accurate as of the date published and will be updated at certain times.

I am sure that I have probably missed some out (the internet is a big place after all), so if you think a site deserves to be on this list based on ranking factors, please let us know and I will add them.  What other blogs about blogging do you read? Tell us your favourites in the comment section below.

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Andi Leeman

    unfortunately today’s planned post got delayed due to some emergency video making but to be fair I am happy about that as I now have had an idea of what to add to it which wouldn’t have been done today.

    • Sounds intriguing!?! Something to do with this post?

      • Andi Leeman

        No I have no idea how that got there! It was written in a Facebook post box that got shelved, very odd, please delete wasn’t meant for here.

  • Ehsan Ullah

    Awesome list Matt. A lot of blogs to browse tonight 🙂

    Thanks for including my blog in the list, truly appreciate it 🙂

    • Hi Ehsan,

      No need to thank me, you got on there because you deserve to be. Thanks for having such a great site!

  • Clair Trebes

    What a post! 🙂 bookmarked, shared and told everyone they need to read this!

    Good job Matt, this is a realyl great resource!


  • Dev

    Great list, Matt. I would love to see my site on here – http://www.wpkube :-).

    • Hi Dev,

      I’ll be sure to add your site when I next update the list (probably in a few weeks)

    • Ehsan Ullah

      Yup, WPKube deserves to be included in the list, Dev 🙂

  • Great list, Matt, and I’m really honored to be there amongst so many great blogs! 🙂

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for having such a great blog. Love reading your content

  • Nice job Matt – really great list of blogs here. I will add it to the favourites folder – with all my favourite blogs.?!….

    • Hi John,

      Think I found a few myself to add to my reading list 🙂

  • Hello Matt,

    Nice collection. I have been a regular reader of some of these blogs. I’ll surely check out the others too 🙂

    • Hi ÅKħił,

      I read many of these myself, though there are a few new ones that I found that I will be adding to my Feedly stream.

  • Hi Matt,
    You forgot to mention Shoutmeloud 🙂

    • I knew I’d end up missing some (D’oh). Will make sure to add it in the next list revision. Cheers Maan

  • Awesome list of great blogs Matt, I see a lot of friends on there. I appreciate you including Hot Blog tips.

    • Hi Brian,

      You have a fantastic site that truly deserves to be on the list 🙂

  • makemyblogmoney

    I’m hurt lol! My Alexa is better & so is my PR than at least 7 of these! Oh well…maybe someday someone will notice me! lol

    • Hi Wade,

      Just checked out your site, you should be on the list. Will make sure to add you in the next list revision. I’m sure I have missed plenty more

      • makemyblogmoney

        My friend, it’s ok…I didn’t take personal offense, but I did think that I would take a poke at you anyway…I’m a silent reader..I don’t comment a lot but just to let you know that I do read income diary.

        • I read IncomeDiary quite a bit myself. Don’t think they post as often as they used to, but when they do, it’s usually a good one.

          • Wade Harman

            Matt, I didn’t mean to just slap you in the face, I meant to say that I read! Sorry about that…I actually like your content better than the diary.

          • lol Didn’t think that was a slap. 🙂

            Wow, better that the Diary, cheers! You made my day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Let me share this awesome list. Thanks Matt for including my blog in the list 🙂

    • Hi Amit,

      Cheers for sharing. Thought you’d be over once you saw that you made the list 🙂

  • Hi Matt,
    what a great list of fantastic blogs!
    It’s such a pleasure to be mentioned here.
    I know 90% of these names, and I am going to check the new ones for me! 🙂
    Thank you Matt!

    • Hi Erik,

      Yes, I probably know about 80-90% of these blogs already (big reader of most of them), but it was great to find the new ones. They are all on my Feedly reader now 🙂

  • Great list of blogs. Well, I do know some of these blogs, but it always good to know more great blogs. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

    • That was one of the benefits of doing this list. Got to find some fantastic new blogs/bloggers to follow.

  • Kulwant Nagi

    Thanks a lot for mentioning Blogging Cage, Matt.

    I have already shared this great list with my friends..

    Kudos !!

    • Thanks Kulwant,

      Such a great site ‘Blogging Cage’, fully deserved to be on the list.

  • Nirmala Santhakumar

    Great to see the top 50 blogs. Most of the listed blogs are my favorite and I used to read the blogging tips regularly. Neat work Matt, keep doing!

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Glad you liked the list! Big reader of most of these myself, but now got a few new sites to read. 🙂

  • Great list, thanks for the mention!

    • Hi Zac,

      Think you were the only one to be featured TWICE on this list. My hat goes off to you. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Peter Mutiso

    A good list Matt

    But I have seen you left out two main blogs – MyBloggersTricks and ShoutMeLoud

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, someone else suggested ShoutMeLoud below. I have added that to my list to add in the near future. MyBloggersTricks on the other hand wouldn’t make the list due to it’s low Alexa rank compared to the current 50

  • Fully deserved it’s place on the list. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • What an excellant list of bloggers…certainly a list to aspire too 🙂

    • Am sure you’ll be on this list soon enough Catherine 🙂

      • catherine Holt

        Challenge accepted 🙂

  • Alan Dingwall

    Hey Matt excellent blog post. A few of the first blogs I read are on this list and they have come to be some of my favorite blogs. I like Entrepreneurs Journey, Think Traffic, Problogger, copyblogger, Smart passive income and John Chow. Social triggers and Marie forleo are also good blogs too. If you haven’t seen them before then you should check them out because these two are great resources. 🙂

    • Can’t say that I have heard of Marie Forleo before, so I am off to check out that site now. Cheers Alan 🙂

  • Matt,
    This is really a hard task to make a list of 50 blog but here you are accurate. Great list thank you.

  • Hi Matt ,
    This is superb list. Thanks for sharing.

  • What an excellent list of bloggers…certainly a list to aspire too 🙂