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Online Income TeacherHi!  My name is Matt Smith and I’m a blogger from the UK.  Welcome to OnlineIncomeTeacher!

I launched this site back in June 2011.  Before this, I had been running websites successfully for for a couple of years and people I meet would always ask me how I run websites and make money from them.  This is what inspired me to start this website, teaching people, no matter what previous experience they have, how to make money online!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”– Benjamin Franklin

Lots of people think that creating a website is really hard and that you can only make small amounts of money, which is why many never bother trying. That, I am happy to say, is not true! It is really easy to set up a website in this day and age and start making money from it.

True the amount of money that you can can make can vary dramatically. It all depends on what your site is about. The very first website that I created took me ages and I barely made anything from it. Many people would have given up at that point, but I used that as a learning experience. That initial experience and the mistakes that I made along the way enabled me to properly understand what works and what doesn’t.

This is why I decided to make this website, to show you how to make your own site and start generating money from it, without having to make the mistakes that I did along the way.

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Who Writes For OnlineIncomeTeacher?

Every great website is built on great content.  That is why we try to to supply you with the best quality content.

I write a lot of articles for the site, but we do also accept guest post submissions.  So, if you want to write for OnlineIncomeTeacher, then click on the link ‘Write For Us‘.  You must be very good at writing because we only want to publish the best articles for our readers!

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