Mobile SEO: The Future Of Internet Marketing In 2013

Mobile SEO

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The year 2012 boded well for SEO, and 2013 appears to be a great year for SEO. The developments occurring in 2013 are believed to change the course of SEO for years to come. One technological development in the field of SEO has been the emergence of mobile phone marketing to garner greater clientèle and increased profits. 

Why Is Mobile SEO So Important?

Mobile SEO efforts have gained popularity as shortcuts to success in SEO. Most individuals possess smartphones, and these have become an integral part of everyone’s life today. Mobile communication is expected to grow more and more in the year ahead, to become more result-oriented and cost-effective in the future.

There is an increasing demand for mobile SEO techniques as mobile apps contribute to a considerable amount of traffic. Research and studies have shown that utility and demand for mobile phones shall definitely increase in 2013.

1. Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing, as assumed by most marketers, is not that similar to the traditional methods of Internet marketing used commonly. If you’re looking to garner more traffic and increase your rankings on the web using mobile marketing, consider implementing some of the following mobile marketing strategies:

  • Mobile Search Results– Most web marketers are content with their search engine rankings on the web for desktop users. Did you know that these rankings are different for the small screen users? With the increasing usage of smartphones, having poor rankings on the small screen is not really a great idea. Some factors that impact your search results and rankings on the smartphones have been discussed below:
  • Mobile Sites: It would be imprudent of you to not have a mobile-friendly site. Mobile-friendly sites are easily highlighted in mobile searches, so make sure you have one. You must also ensure that your mobile site does not limit access to just mobile devices, or else you can lose out on your loyal web traffic.
  • Local Intent: If you aim to attract local traffic, mobile marketing is the best choice for you. Most results on the mobile rankings favour the ones with a local intent. You can also get your mobile site registered on Google Places, for better results.
  • Simple Layout: Mobile rankings are good to simple web layouts, so make sure you do not have a complicated layout.
  • Mobile Sitemap: It is advisable to create and submit a mobile sitemap, so that users can enjoy a mobile-friendly experience.
  • Site Optimization: You shall need to look into your website performance, as slower load speed shall only lead to a higher bounce rate. This will badly affect your mobile search engine rankings. Your mobile URL’s should be viewable on smartphones and also be compatible with the published mobile markup standards, which include XHTML Basic 1.1, XHTML MP 1.2 and WML 1.3

2. Mobile Search Queries

The pattern for search queries on the mobile are slightly different from those on the PC. Most marketers conduct a research on the keywords for the usual PC users, and fail to conduct the same for mobile users. Conducting such research for mobile users is extremely important, for brushing up your mobile SEO strategies. You should also keep in mind that mobile search queries are local in intent and the results aim to appease local users.

3. Multi-functioning Websites

Mobile SEO

When dealing with mobile SEO techniques, it is imperative to build sites that work well on multiple devices to optimize mobile sites. Most mobile users quickly choose to visit another site, when looking for optimal searches. Mobile SEO marketers should make efforts to understand the situation and psychology of mobile users to get better results.

4. Mobile SEO and Traditional SEO Differences

Mobile SEO requires specialized knowledge, and cannot be received positively by individuals who ignore the needs of mobile searchers. It is important to place the traditional SEO techniques outside, and create a new set of mobile marketing rules to elevate the rankings of mobile search results.

You can use mobile SEO techniques to develop a more effective B2B marketing strategy. It is advisable to work on these strategies and develop them further for attaining success in the Internet marketing world. Mobile SEO can be successful and effective only if you conduct a proper research. 2013 appears to be a year when there is more emphasis on the mobile SEO world.

The course of these research and mobile marketing developments shall be a major focus for 2013. Most marketers intend to come up with various engaging mobile apps to attract more customers. These developments are expected to raise the gains through Internet marketing.

Have you optimized your website for mobile technology yet?  If not, why not?  If you have, what aspects did you focus on?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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