How to Find Good Keywords Which Bring Results

Good Keywords

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Keywords are important for any online business.  They help to bring in traffic to your site and improve your SEO rank by helping search engines to understand what your content is about.  That is why making sure you find good keywords is SO important.  People should know how to find good keywords because using the right keywords on a website is very important.

Read on to find out the best five ways to find great keywords.

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool

Good Keywords

When a person wants to find good keywords, then they should use the Google keyword tool. This tool is very useful and it is free to use.  All a person needs to do is search for keywords that they want to use, and then they will be able to see how competitive the words are and how many people are searching for them on a monthly basis.


Good Keywords

WordTracker is another tool that a person can use to find words but it does cost money if a person wants full access to all of the features that WordTracker offers. However, WordTracker does have a free edition and it is considered by many to be the best way to find popular words and phrases that search engines love. What makes WordTracker different than the Google keyword tool is that WordTracker offers people more detailed reports about specific words and phrases.

Keyword Spy

Good Keywords

The Keyword Spy tool is free, just like Google’s keyword tool, and this software does something that not many other similar tools can do. It is able to see what keywords competitors are using. People are also able to get daily updates about what keywords are performing well and which ones are not performing well. This basically allows people to do exactly what their successful competitors are doing, in terms of what keywords they are using on their websites.

Keyword Discovery

Good Keywords

The Keyword Discovery tool is another free tool for you to use, and it is one of the most basic keyword suggestion tools that a person can use. Even though it is basic, it is able to find the best phrases and keywords. This tool works a lot like Google’s tool, but once a person uses it they will notice a few key differences, such as being able to research keywords that often get misspelled when people search for them. This means that a person can use misspelled keywords on their site and if they do things right, their website will show up early on in the search results when people search for those misspelled keywords.

Software That Actually Finds “Good” Keywords

Keyword Discovery, Google keyword tool, Keyword Spy and WordTracker are tools that allows you to find keywords, but sometimes people simply do not know what keywords they should be looking for in the first place! If that is the case, then there is actually special software that people can purchase or even get for free.

Some software can actually find out which keywords are performing well in different niches, and this allows a person to find keywords that are related to their niche. Such software allows you to find good keywords as well as keywords that not many people are using.

Google Trends & Similar Sites

Good Keywords

Google Trends, and similar sites such as Yahoo Buzz, is where you can go and find out what is trending online. Many people fail to use Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends and other similar sites because they believe that using keywords that they find from these sites will only provide them with short-term traffic. However, this is not true at all!

People who want to find out what is currently trending should use Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends because they will find great keywords that they can use and they will likely see a huge spike in traffic shortly after using keywords that they find trending on Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends.

If a person keeps all of the above in mind, then they will have no problems finding good keywords for their site.

Running a business on the Internet is a dream of millions of people. The internet has become a very simple way for many businesses to open the door to millions of people all around the world. However, this results in a lot of crowding in terms of options available for customers looking to spend money.

When you attempt to get customers to look at your website, you will need to go about this with the right approach. If you do not take the time to think about the way you are marketing your services, you run the risk of losing a customer that would have otherwise spent money with your business.

Use the Keywords Which People Are Typing Into Search Engines

It is important for you to understand that there are many choices when it comes to places providing services very much the same as yours. If you want to stand out from all other businesses on the market, you will need to know how to find good keywords. When you have a better understanding of what people are looking for on the internet, you would be able to gear your products or services toward these terms.

One of the greatest things about having a website online would be the amount of information that is available to you with a few simple clicks. It is possible to look into the trends that are currently most appealing to customers. When you know what people are entering into search engines, you would then be able to develop products that are very popular. Additionally, this is an effective way to ensure that you are not creating products that people are not interested in.

One of the biggest hurdles that any business professional will face is the lack of interest in a variety of products. While it can be very difficult to avoid without an understanding of the market, this is something you can manage through an understanding of the best keywords to you. When you know what people would like to buy, less money is thrown away on something that would not result in very large profits once offered to customers for purchase.

Do the Research, It Increases Productivity

Additionally, when you have the ability to find good keywords, you will be able to increase the amount of people that know about your business. It is simply not possible to make money online without proper advertising of your products or services. Keywords are a very effective way of increasing the amount of traffic that visits your website. Additionally, using an informed approach would allow you to choose better keywords for the purpose of generating more traffic.

When you run a business, you want to avoid assuming that people will be able to find your website. Even if they are looking for the products that you are selling, marketing can make all of the difference in the world. When you have an understanding of how to find good keywords, you will design your business around content that will bring in new traffic on a regular basis. Additionally, focusing on better keywords would improve the quality of visitor that you are getting on a regular basis. When you have someone that finds your website based on something they are already interested in, it becomes a lot more likely that they are going to spend money with your business.

The number one goal that you should have as a business professional would be to get customers looking at your products. When you are able to increase the amount of people that visit your website, it will become a lot easier to increase your profits. Additionally, this would give you the chance to focus on branding and bringing these customers back to your business in the future.

However, none of this is possible without the ability to use the right keywords within the content of your website. If you do not have a page that is designed to drive sales, you may want to consider working with a team that can change the way you are doing business online.

When you do not have the right keywords in place, you are missing out on potential sales that can add up very quickly. Change the approach to your website and begin using the right keywords for results.

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  • Andi the Minion

    Excellent and informative post. Knowing your keywords is very important, however I do not use Google trends or Yahoo buzz, I have never had any good results. That might be down to lack of experience but I usually get results that are celebrity based or product based which have nothing to do with my industry or niches.

    We do seem to be a celebrity and product based society so knowing that could be useful but I imagine it is a very crowded marketplace. Saying that though, writing an occasional blog post about a product that can be seen as a complimentary tool to your industry could get you a nice chunk of free traffic which is never a bad thing.

    • I suppose a lot depends on the niche that you are aiming for. I’ve had some success with Google Trends, but I tend to use the other tools mentioned here to find what I’m looking for.

  • Clair Trebes

    Great post, I’ve found this REALLY helpful Matt! In the new year i’m working on getting a sales site for my Dad’s business more traffic by giving a big push on SEO so this and all your other SEO posts will be of great use to me!

    I’ve not used any of these sites before, so will defo be checking them out to see what works best for what I need ….. 🙂

    • Glad you found the post useful Clair!

      Lot’s of useful sites here that will help you a lot with your keyword selection.

      Let me know if you need any SEO help, always happy to help.

      Merry Xmas 🙂

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  • Jhon

    Great Information. My favorite blog 🙂

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