How To Drive Traffic With Targeted Google Keywords


Getting traffic to your blog is vitally important for the success of your website. By far the best way of driving traffic is to get your web pages ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), such as Google or Bing.

To achieve this, you need to be including targeted keywords in your blog posts & articles, so that people can find your site through search engines when they are looking for relevant information.

Targeted Keywords

What Are Keywords?

When you are searching for information on the web, you use a search engine like Google. You do this by typing in some words describing what they are looking for, whether that is in a sentence (e.g. – How to improve SEO on my website?), or just a few words (e.g. – How to SEO).

The search engine checks its database to look for all the relevant pages online that include the words that you searched for, and displays the results that best match what you are looking for.

These words that people use to search with are called ‘Keywords‘ or ‘Search Terms‘.

Now, you will know that when you only use a single key word in a search engine, you will generate results that are very broad and generally totally irrelevant! To fine-tune a web search, you need to use a number of words or a phrase. This helps the search engine to find more relevant information that will be of use for you.

Why are Keywords important?

Keywords are important because you can include them within your blog posts. If you make sure that you include lots of relevant keywords within your web pages, then people will be able to find your page easier when searching on Google or Bing. This is a really easy and free way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

What Keywords Should You Use To Get Website Traffic?

One of the first things that you should do when you sit down to write a blog post, is to find out what the relevant keywords are. You need to know what words, phrases, search terms that people are using to search for relevant information.

For example, I may want to write a blog post on something to do with improving website SEO. I would use a keyword tool to search for all the relevant keywords and phrases that I could use within that blog post. This way, when I actually write it, I can include all of these relevant keywords to help my post rank higher on SERPs and be found by people on search engines more easily.

Keyword Tool Research

I use the ‘Google Keyword Tool‘ to research all of my keywords. You can find this great tool within your own Google AdWords account, under the ‘Reporting & Tools’ tab.

Now, I will have a general idea of the topic that I am going to write about for my latest post, which means I will also have a general idea of the Keywords that I can use. Within the ‘Google Keyword Tool‘ you can enter in words or phrases that you want to search for. So, if I use the previous example of “improving website SEO” I would enter in; SEO, improve website SEO, website traffic, etc.

AdWords Keyword Tool

Google will search to find the information related to these keywords. The first column ‘Competition‘ shows literally how much keyword competition there is. The higher the rating, the more pages there are online that use that keyword, so try to use keywords/phrases that have LOW ‘Competition’, so your page will rank higher!

The next two columns, ‘Global Monthly Searches‘ & ‘Local Monthly Searches‘ show how many monthly searches that are conducted with those specific keywords. Mine are the same because I have selected ‘Location: All’, but you could search for results for a certain country, such as ‘Location: UK’ or ‘Location: Canada’ depending on your website audience. The higher these values are, the better. You want lots of people searching for the keywords that you choose because they are the potential audience that you are writing for. This is why I have discounted the keyword, ‘improve website SEO’ because it has such a small global monthly search value.

So, to summarize. You want to find Keywords with LOW ‘Competition’ and HIGH ‘Global Monthly Searches’/’Local Monthly Searches’. The more people that are searching for your keywords and the less competition those Keywords have from other web pages, the more likely your web page/blog post will be found. This will help drive traffic to your site!

Adwords Keyword Tool

Google will also display all of the Keywords that it believes are relevant, based on the ones that you previously entered. Here you can search through and find the ones that are of most use to you, to use within your post.

From the image above, you can see that the one I am most interested in is, “what is SEO” because it has relatively LOW competition and very HIGH global monthly searches. I would continue selecting a handful of keywords that I could use within my post based on LOW ‘Competition’ and HIGH ‘Global Monthly Searches’/’Local Monthly Searches’.

How To Use Targeted Keywords Within Web Pages/Blog Posts

Now that you have a selection of targeted keywords to use, how do you use them to get more traffic? Well, we implement them using On-Page SEO techniques.

Use your targeted keywords within your;

  • Page Titles
  • Meta-Descriptions
  • URL Structure
  • Body Tags
  • Image SEO
  • Bold & Italic Tags

Using these On-Page SEO techniques and including your keywords within them, helps search engines to more accurately identify what information is on your web page. If they can more accurately assess what your page is about, then they can suggest it to more people when it is searched for.

Simply put, you are making it easier for people to find your website, which will help to drive traffic to your site. Just remember; Keywords should have LOW competition and HIGH monthly searches!

Anyway, I hope you have found this post useful. Please leave any comments below.

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Darrel456

    You have opened my eyes to the importance of keywords, thanks Matt!

    • Loads of people seem to totally forget about keywords, or worse, don’t even know what they are! They are so useful and can dramatically help your site SEO if used right. Glad you found the post helpful Darrel

  • Rinkesh

    I agree. Keyword is a really useful for promoting your site.

    • They are really important these days! The thing is, I don’t think many bloggers realise this (well amateur bloggers & people just starting out). They are such an important part of SEO and without them, it would be much harder to get your site seen!

      Thanks for the comment Rinkesh

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  • Dan – residual income

    Keywords connect buyers and sellers. Being able to identify profitable keywords and niche markets that people are searching on the net will translate into more site exposure and ultimately more sales.

    • Researching targeted keywords is a great habit for bloggers to get into. They do indeed result in increased site exposure, which should depending on your site, lead to more sales.

  • Sathis Kumar

    Excellent Ideas 🙂

    • Thanks Sathis! Keywords are such an important part of search engine optimization these days that you need to understand how they work to help get visitors to your blog!

  • Thank you very much Muhammad! It’s always great to hear from readers who genuinely find these posts helpful, it makes all the hard work putting them together worth it.

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  • Hafiz Mahmud

    Very usefull… but for amature blogger like me, can i attract traffic by just using the right keyword?

    • Hi Hafiz! Well essentially – yes, but it’s not as straight forward as that. You need to look at where you use the keywords on your content. This is called ‘On-Page SEO’ (check out our post on this subject for more info).

      You also need to promote your site in other ways, such as social media. But keywords/keyphrases are a VITAL part of getting your posts noticed. If you can learn to use them properly, then search engines will be able to tell exactly what your post is about, which allows it to be shown to more people when they look for it.

  • Hafiz Mahmud

    Thanks, I am so going to bookmark your site..
    How can I learn more from you?

    • Hi Hafiz! I’m happy that you like the site. You can keep up to date with all our latest posts by signing up to our ‘FREE 7 day eCourse’. Lot’s of useful information there that I’m sure you will find useful.

  • Diaa Sammer

    Thanks matt, this is really very helpful post.

    • No problem Diaa! Glad you found it useful 🙂

  • Mike

    This post gave me a clear picture about keyword research

    • Good to see that you found it useful Mike. Keyword Research is such a powerful part of driving traffic.

  • Ali

    Thanks. I Will try all this on my blog, which is a blog about all government jobs in India.

  • Yes, definitely! Your landing pages should be optimised with keywords properly in order to rank well. After all, that is the only way that the search engines will be able to send you traffic. If they can’t tell what your pages are about, they can’t send you relevant traffic.

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  • Well keywords matter alot, keyword research is an on going process! Sometimes as time passes and you further deep dive in keyword research you find out the competitors have covered all the major keywords, in that you might to go for low volume, and low competition keywords to rank on top for them initially and build your traffic profile and then go for more competitive ones!

  • muhsin

    i have no money to pay for keywords. what can i do..??

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