How To Create Multiple YouTube Channels Under One Account


Multiple YouTube Channels

Every wanted to create multiple YouTube channels under one account, but didn’t know how?  I faced this exact same question when trying to set up another channel for a new site I’m setting up with some others (more on that later).  Seemingly there isn’t that much information out there to help people, so I thought I’d put this post together to help you.

Why Have Multiple YouTube Channels?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want more than one channel.  You might want one for your business and one for your everyday family life, or perhaps like me, you want separate ones for different websites.  Whatever the reason, you can set up as many as you like.

In the past, you could only set up a separate channel with a separate YouTube account, meaning that you needed multiple email addresses and you had to suffer the hassle of logging in and out between the two.

Thankfully that isn’t the case any more!!!

Using Google+ Pages

YouTube will let you create separate channels under one account, but only when you use Google+.  Google has been linking its products together for quite a while now, so if you have a Google+ account, you automatically have a YouTube account and vice versa.

So where does Google+ Pages come into it?

Well in order to be able to set up multiple channels, you need to create separate Google+ pages.  I think this was done with businesses in mind as people can setup a Google+ page for their business and now link it to a dedicated YouTube channel.

Your G+ page doesn’t have to be about your business though, it can be about anything!  It’s just a way to keep things separate from your personal Google+ profile (Profiles and Pages are different).

Google+ Profile Google+ Page

Setting Up Multiple YouTube Channels

Now, I already have setup the Online Income Teacher YouTube Channel, but I want to setup another separate channel for another site that I am working on with other bloggers called Bizzebee.

So before I even log into YouTube, I need to setup a Google+ page for Bizzebee, which you can now find here (feel free to subscribe).  I now have 2 pages setup on Google+, all of which are under one account!

G+ Pages

Now that I have my newly created G+ page, I can set up my separate channel.

1. Go to YouTube

2. In the dropdown section, click on ‘All my channels

Multiple YouTube Channels

3. Here you will see all your existing profiles on G+, including your new page that you just created.  Click on your new G+ page.

Multiple YouTube channels

4. It will ask you to confirm that want to ‘Create a channel for…’, and also give you a link to learn more.  Simply click ‘OK‘.

5. You will be told that you are linking your YouTube channel and your G+ page, which is what we want.  Again, click ‘OK‘.

Multiple YouTube channels

You have now successfully created your new YouTube channel!!!

Multiple YouTube channels

Simply add your YouTube Channel art and logo and begin uploading videos.  Here is our Bizzebee YouTube channel for you to take a look at (feel free to subscribe).

Now, if you want to switch between channels, instead of having to log out and log back in, you can simply go to ‘Switch account’.   This also allows you to comment on your channels as your other accounts if you wanted to.

Multiple YouTube channels

The added benefit (and one I really love) is that you can seamlessly switch between your Google+ page and YouTube channel.  You will get all your G+ notifications on YouTube itself  and see your YouTube stats in your G+ page management area.

How To Add Managers To Your YouTube Channel

If you are the only person that needs to access your newly created channel, then you are good to go.  If, however, you are part of a team, then you will need to allow access to your other members.  This is really straight forward to do and will allow much greater access for your business to add videos when necessary.

  1. Make sure that you have switched to the right account
  2. In the dropdown section, go to ‘Managers
  3. This will take you to your Google+ manager page where you can add as many managers as you want.  Learn more.

Google+ managers

Managers will be able to access and act as administrators for both your Google+ page and YouTube channel.  They won’t be able to access your other pages and channels though, only the one that you add them too.

So there we have it!  You can now add multiple YouTube channels under one account, switch between them seamlessly and add managers to both your G+ page and channel.

Have you got more than one YouTube channel?  How did you find setting them up?  Please let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Andi the Minion

    One word, Excellent… and a few more words… I didn’t realise this was possible, so many great opportunities and different niches can be separated yet controlled from the same place without needing to swap profiles and gmail accounts. Another great post Matt where I have learned something new again. Needs sharing so that is what I am off to do now.

    • Matt Smith

      Hi Andi,

      You’re not alone, plenty don’t seem to realise this is possible! When I was trying to figure this out myself there was barely any info on the subject that I could find.

      People can say what they like about Google, but I quite like the idea of linking everything together. Makes online life SO much easier

  • John Banks

    One word. Done.

    And some more – thanks, easy, super, needed, brilliant.

    In all seriousness, thanks for this. I wanted to do this the other day – and have now just done it for a little test project I am working on. Done, all set up in literally one minute.

    Nice one.

    • Matt Smith

      Hi John,

      No problem, glad it helped.

      I couldn’t believe how easy it was to setup (once I’d figured out how). Does only take a few minutes.

  • Clair Trebes

    This is exactly what we need! Simple and straight to the point … I’ll be setting up all the channels i need now, thanks to this simple guide! Matt you bizzebee!!!! :)

    • Matt Smith

      Bizzebee indeed :)

  • Attila Szabo

    Excellent post, thank you a thousand times !

    • Matt Smith

      No problem Attila :)

  • Akshat Khanna

    Hey, excellent post! I want to know if I can link my current youtube channel to a page I create and then create another youtube channel to link it to my google plus profile. After doing this, I’ll delete the page and the channel linked to it. This’ll allow me to start afresh as I cannot delete my existing channel while it is linked to my profile. Moreover, I want to do this to get a new URL as I cannot change my existing channel’s URL. I dont even remember when I set a URL for my current channel.

    • Matt Smith

      Hi Akshat,

      I’m not sure you need to do any of that. You can create as many channels that you want under your profile and delete the ones that you don;t use any more.

      • Akshat Khanna

        I dont know how to do that though. I’ve tried almost everything possible.

  • Larry

    I have a YouTube channel with Adsense and I want to create another channel under the same Adsense account. How can I do this?