CommentLuv vs Disqus – Why I Don’t Use CommentLuv!


Why I don't use CommentLuv

Some people have been telling me that I should switch to using the ‘CommentLuv’ comment system.  However after taking some time to look at it and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of using it, I came to the conclusion that I was better off not installing CommentLuv!

I recently redesigned the OnlineIncomeTeacher site and when I did so I looked at different ways that I could improve the site.  When I told people that I was working on redesigning the site, some people suggested that I install and run the CommentLuv plugin for blog comments.  So with their recommendation I started by looking into and researching what benefits CommentLuv would give over the current Disqus system that I was using.

Here is what I thought about each.

CommentLuv vs. Disqus


CommentLuv vs DisqusFor anybody that doesn’t know what CommentLuv is, it is a comment plugin that enables people to leave a link to their latest post underneath their comment.  If you are an avid commenter, I’m sure that you will have seen this on many sites.

The big draw is this ability to leave a link to your latest post under the comment that you leave.  This encourages people to leave a comment as they can promote their latest content.

On face value, this single feature is a great way to encourage more people to comment on a site.  As I say, I was currently redesigning the site, so I was seriously considering installing and using this as a way to get more comments on my posts.  But no matter how good it seemed, I always had this nagging doubt that wouldn’t go away!

I started to research which other sites were using CommentLuv and I can tell you that there are a lot!  The sites that do use it do seem to get more comments on their posts.  Again, this all sounds positive.  However, when I really thought about it, many of these sites were very similar.

The majority of the sites using it were of the ‘blogging/internet marketing’ niche, which were of small to medium size.  This makes sense, as these types of sites are attracting visitors that are website owners themselves and due to their size, want to build up their traffic by encouraging comments.

Interestingly, when I started to look at much larger ‘blogging/internet marketing’ blogs, many were NOT using the CommentLuv plugin.  Sites like Problogger, CopyBlogger, Entrepreneur, etc. all did not use CommentLuv.  This seemed strange as surely they would be after more traffic and commenters themselves.  Why were they not taking advantage of the benefits that CommentLuv were offering?

Well, when you think about it, it all comes back to why websites want comments in the first place! Comments are an important part of any blog.  These not only let readers express their opinions about a post and ask questions, but it opens up a communication channel between the readers and blog writer(s).

Many of the large sites realize that they are after genuine comments from people, rather than simply encouraging people to leave a comment in exchange for a link.  Most of the time, this will lead to attracting spam comments from people who are only interested in leaving a link.  I don’t just mean spam links to dodgy sites, as plugins like Akismet can filter out many of these.  Spam links can be viewed as people only leaving a comment to get a link, which tend to be very short of vague about the post itself.  Having hundreds of comments on a post may sound good, but if they are all simply “thanks!” or just “great post!” then is it worth it?

You also have to consider that these massive sites spend vast amounts of money researching and developing their websites.  If they thought that CommentLuv, or something similar, would genuinely benefit them, they would implement it straight away!

Advantages of CommentLuv

  • Link to latest post under comment.
  • Encourages site owners to leave comments.

Disadvantages of CommentLuv

  • Only really beneficial to other site owners.
  • Attracts spam comments.


CommentLuv vs DisqusDisqus is another popular comment system that can be used on your blog.  I’ve been using it for a while and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with it.

The big draw of Disqus is that it is a proper professional comment system, with lots of different features.  This is all despite the fact that it is free!

Disqus launched a newer version of their system, the aptly named “Disqus 2012” that improved on many of its previous features.  One of the major changes was that Disqus now works as a real-time basis.  This means that you don’t have to refresh a page to check for new comments.  In fact, you can effectively have a conversation within the Disqus comment section, just as you would on Facebook or MSN.

It also has an inbuilt ‘community’ box that displays all your top commentators, as well as other posts with latest comments.  This makes it easy for people to see, not only who is commenting on a post, but who is commenting across your site.

People can share a comment (yours or someone else’s) or even an entire comment thread on Twitter and Facebook, and see what reaction a post has got on Twitter. This makes a site feel much more like a community that people can get involved with, rather than just a way to leave a comment.

One criticism some people give about Disqus is that you have to jump through a few hoops before you can leave a comment.  They are referring to the fact that you needed a Disqus account in order to leave a proper comment.  This is NOT the case ANYMORE!  Yes, in past versions, you did need an account to leave a comment, but the new Disqus 2012 makes it easy for people by letting them sign in with one click with their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account.  The benefit of signing in is that Disqus will keep track of all the Disqus sites that you leave a comment on and notify you of any replies that you get directly in your ‘My Disqus’ tab. You can also follow other Disqus commenters and keep up to date with all their latest comments. This tab is available on any Disqus site that you are logged into, so you will always know if you had someone answer that question that you asked, or got a response on another site, etc.  Of course, you could just leave a comment without signing in!

You can’t display a link to your latest post, but you can also set it up so that when people click on your Disqus name, it links to your website or blog, or whatever link you want.

The biggest benefit though is that many big sites use the Disqus comment system and when I say big sites I mean; CNN, The Telegraph, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, IGN, Entertainment Weekly, etc. and many, many more!

Advantages of Disqus

  • Real time comments.
  • Sign in with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Disqus.
  • Share comments & comment threads on social media.
  • Community features.

Disadvantages of Disqus

  • No link to latest post.


I don’t have anything against CommentLuv, in fact I comment on plenty of sites that use it.  I just feel that CommentLuv offers one advantage to its users, whereas Disqus offers a whole lot more.

Yes, the fact that CommentLuv allows you to leave a link to your latest post is a good feature that will attract more comments from people with their own site, but what about the people that don’t have their own site?  I’m much more interested in attracting genuine comments from people.

I think that people will leave a comment on my posts if they genuinely want to, whether they get a link to their latest post or not.  In fact, the thought that someone wouldn’t ask me a question, or seek advice/help just because of the lack of a link is counter intuitive.

Blog commenting is an important part of running your own site, but if you put too much emphasis on the link rather that the comment, I think you are missing the point!  After all, you are commenting on the post, not commenting for a link.

But that’s my opinion, what do you think?  Which comment system do you use?  Do you only look to comment on blogs that use a certain comment system?  Let us know your views and opinions by leaving a comment below!

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Andi the Minion

    You have convinced me, next week when I get time I think I will look at swapping to Disqus. Comment luv has worried me as you know, with all these people leaving comments with links would Google look at your site as a link farm or directory and penalise you for it.

    Is it fairly straight forward to install like most plugins or do you need to do a bit of jiggery pokery in the background?


    • Well that’s one converted! 🙂

      Like I say in the post, I don’t have a problem with CommentLuv or sites that use it. In fact if that system works for a site then good luck to them. I just found more reasons to stay with Disqus rather than switch.

      As for switching, yeah it’s pretty straight forward. Go here and click on ‘Sign Up Free’. Then just follow the instructions. There are plenty of tutorials as well on switching between one another.

  • Hi Andy,

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this post. You make a lot of good points that, quite rightly, should be considered when assessing which system/plugin to use.

    I like the fact that you say CommentLuv isn’t just about getting a link back. I wish more people thought this way and didn’t promote it as that being it’s only draw. I have to admit that when I came to consider whether or not to switch from Disqus to CommentLuv, I got put off by a lot of people online claiming that that was it’s main benefit.

    I personally think that the CommentLuv plugin is a very good one, but perhaps it’s message has been distorted by some of the people using it.

    You make a good point that just because some people use it for spam, that doesn’t mean that everyone uses it for that purpose. The spam filters can filter out a lot of these, though there will always be the odd few that slip through. The same happens with Disqus and all other comment systems.

    I have to admit that were you allowed to make a plugin for Disqus, I would definitely use it on this site. Add your unique feature to the Disqus features that they offer and I think that would be an unbeatable team!

    Again, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on this post. Your points help readers to make up their own mind, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

    All the best

  • Both Disqus and CommentLuv can help attract comments for a site. A lot depends on what you are looking for. As long as that system/plugin works for you, then that should be the one you use. That’s the main reason why I chose to stay with Disqus, but I’d never rule out switching in the future if I felt that it would benefit my site.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • canonlensesreview

      Yes, Matt. It all depends on what someone wants to achieve. This will determine which strategy (Disqus or CommentLuv) will be more effective for someone. Each has its own pros and cons. This also depends on how much traffic one is getting already..
      Cheers, Paul

      • Yes, no system is perfect! Each will have it’s positives & negative for an individual sites, so it’s important to make that decision yourself. For me, I felt Disqus was the best option for this site.

        I’d be interested to hear why you think traffic is important for choosing though?

    • Hi Matt. May I ask what particular sites or themes in wordpress perhaps that allow such plugin, and which plugin is this please? Also, have you ever encountered any problem in using Disqus and commentluv at the same time? And , how long have you been using these. Sorry for these many questions. I appreciate your help 🙂

      • Hi Matt! You can’t use both CommentLuv & Disqus at the same time, they aren’t compatible with one another. It’s a shame because they would work great together.

        I’ve been using Disqus for almost 2 years now and I’ve never had a problem with them. I find it very easy to use and looks great on the site.

        • Great to know you have that positive testimony about Disqus. Must be using it with my sites too. I have another question though. How do you avoid the spam comments. And how do you respond to them? Do you report it right away?

          Thanks so much!

          • You can set up Disqus to filter out a lot of the spam that you may get. It has an inbuilt filter and it is compatible with Akismet.

            I set it up so that I have to approve any comment that leaves a link. That way 99% of the spam I get stays off the site. The few who post links to genuinely helpful sites, I approve myself.

            I have found this to be great however on rare occasions I have found a couple of genuine comments have been marked as spam when they weren’t. I just had to keep an eye on what is being marked as spam and approve the ones that slip through accidentally.

  • Hi Robert,

    CommentLuv is still growing, I’m sure as their popularity increases (which it is), they will add more features in the future. I’d be interested to see how they grow over the next 12-24 months

    • Do like the latest post and premium feature of social like to leave other posts. Have a great day Matt!

  • Hi Ehsan! I didn’t expect everyone to agree with the post, in fact I expected more to disagree to be honest. That said, like I say in the post, I don’t have anything against CommentLuv. In fact I often recommend to clients that they check it out to see if it will work for them.

    I just felt that Disqus offered me and my site more benefits than CommentLuv. In fact Andy made a good point above, that CommentLuv is a plugin, whereas Disqus is a fully fledged comment system. The two shouldn’t really be compared, however many people do as they are 2 of the most popular systems/plugins that people use on their blogs. For me, the added features that Disqus offered was the reason why I chose to stick with them.

    But if CommentLuv works for you and your site, then great! I know many people that do use it and rave about it. I just wanted to give my own personal opinion.

  • Michael Shepherd

    Thanks again. I read this article immediately after your one about keeping track of reading and commenting. Disquis 2012 sounds ideal for me.

    • I’d definitely recommend that you try it out. I’ve found it to be very good for this site.

  • vinodh

    While I accept with what you say(disqus vs comment luv) we have to see from the perspective of commenters as well. they want something in return. that need not be seen from negative perspective . many blogs use comment luv and earn good reputation as well. Most the bloggers that use commentluv want to share their success with their community.

    • Hi Vinodh, Yes certainly! Commenter’s should take priority when picking which comment system to use. I know many sites that have had plenty of success with CommentLuv, but I also know many sites that have had success with Disqus as well.

      Both make it easy for people to leave a comment on a site, but personally I felt that Disqus gave me and my readers more options.

  • To answer your questions, yes Disqus stores your comments on their servers, which makes it faster to load them all on each of your pages. You can also export easily export comments to another site if you need to.

    Glad you liked the post and I’m glad it helped to answer your questions.

  • Walter

    Matt, awesome post here. Unfortunately, it is true that most people use CommentLuv to get backlinks, period. I also totally agree with Andy that there are many great benefits of CommentLuv. There are also top blogs such as Kikolani (one of the very best blogs out there) that uses CommentLuv with DoFollow links regardless of the fact that it is a PR5 blog. Read through it and you’ll get very useful comments and great related articles to get different perspectives on. I consider these 2 equals. Thanks for the post. I love this blog.

    Question: How do you insert your titles into photos? Kindly respond on this if you can.


    • Hi Walter! I suppose sites like Kikolani demonstrate that you can use CommentLuv effectively for comments, but I still believe that Disqus offers other beneficial features that you can use. It all comes down to personal taste I guess.

      To answer your question, I design my own images to use that feature the post title. I find that this is effective on some posts that are harder to find a picture with a meaningful metaphor. These are really easy to make, all you need is some photo editing software like Photoshop, or GIMP. Just add your title as text and play about with it to make it look visually interesting. (Hmm, this could be a good topic for a future post…)

      Glad you like the site Walter and thanks for the comment. 🙂

      • Walter

        Hi Matt,

        Yeah, it all does come down to personal taste. I use neither in my sites but I’m greatly considering doing so.

        Great to know that you design the photos. I’ll be considering that for future posts. I also noticed you redesigned the site. It looks great. I checked out your site worth in siteworthchecker and it shows you are doing great.

        All the best.

        • Yeah, not doing to badly at the moment. 🙂

          Glad you like the re-design, I spent quite a bit of time working on it. I’m happy with it, but it’s good to hear that others like it as well.

          Why not take both Disqus & CommentLuv out for a test drive. Try both for a short time and see what you think. As well as a new comment system, you could be able to write a post about your experience with both.

          All the best Walter 🙂

  • Great post, Matt! I came here after a random search. I totally agree with your conclusion that I want people to comment on my sites because they want to comment, not just because they want linkbacks or because it promotes their content.

    I would also say Disqus is a friendlier system. By logging in, I don’t have to enter my information into every site I visit.

    • I totally agree! Disqus IS more friendly, but there are still people that suggest otherwise.

      Being a blogger, I have to comment on lots of different sites to build connections with people. That said, I don’t look for sites that only use one type of comment system. I’ll comment on sites with good content.

      That unfortunately is not the case with some, who are only after a link. It’s a shame really because I don;t think they truly understand the benefits of blog commenting. It’s about building relationships!

      Thanks for the “real” comment Dan 🙂 Glad to hear there are other people online who share the same principles. All the best

  • breadcooper

    It is the best alternative for learning commentluv and disqus and then going for new one.

  • AndreaNaomi

    Excellent post Matt…Just like Daniel I arrived here after a random google moment and I really enjoyed your honest discussion about the differences between these 2 comment plugins. I agree discuss is more user friendly and the benefits are a lot more diverse! Thanks for your post!

    • Hi Andrea! I’m glad you liked the post. I wanted to give an honest opinion of the two and state why I chose to stick with Disqus, as a lot of people had been asking me to switch.

      I’m happy with Disqus, but hope that the post shows that both have their advantages. It’s just a case of picking which one works the best for each individual site.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Is there any way currently to use the two together?

    • Unfortunately not, though I wish that you could. I think the owner of CommentLuv wants to create a plugin for Disqus, but they don’t want it at the moment. Perhaps they are working on their own version, we will have to wait and see.

  • Cool Only but u cant add links in Disqus 🙁 thats a downer

    • Hi Ashish! You can add links in Disqus, it’s just that most sites (including this one) change their settings to mark comments that include links as pending. This helps stop people spamming links in the comments section. But if you leave genuine links to related information, your comment will get approved.

      • NO like i mean As u click on the name u get their website

        • You can set it up to do that! Click on my name and you will see the URL for this site.

  • Arup Ghosh

    Previously I was using comment love to drive more comments on my blog but with passing time I realize that people comment on my just to build backlinks more over Commentluv does not offer any features without commenting , So I started using DISQUS

    • That is the main reason why I choose to stick with Disqus. CommentLuv is a great idea, but I think it attracts the wrong sort of people to leave comments. They are only after, like you say, a backlink to their own site, which kind of defeats the point of what comments are designed for.

  • Would it be ironic of me to talk about my CommentLuv sites list on my blog? Only joking – I have only really tried this comment system and have not really tried any of the others. I have seen some great ones around though, so who knows I may make the switch one day. I like it though – and it suits my blog at the moment.

    As for spam comments – yes I get tons. But – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.


    • Hi John! CommentLuv can be great, my only issue is that it “can” encourage people to leave a comment for the sake of it. Some are only interested in getting a link.

      Disqus, in my view, is much better as it is more of a whole system than just a plugin. They have also recently added a new feature allowing websites to earn money! Most of though, it gives me a lot more control over how I manage my comments.

  • Interesting article. I’m currently using disqus but was thinking of changing to comment luv. After reading this article I think I’ll stick to disqus for now. The majority of people in my niche (petite style blogs) are using disqus.

    Most of my commentors also add their website details below their comments which I think is less in your face than “check out my latest blog post” etc statement that comment luv allows you to add.

    • Hi Carol! Depending on how you use Disqus, you can let people include links if they want to anyway, so it’s not much of a problem. I find that the fact that many other popular professional sites that use Disqus is a HUGE advantage, as it makes it so much easier for people to leave comments.

      • Thanks for your message Matt. I’ve just discovered how to add links to my comments recently and have noticed that a lot of other people do this as well.

        • Yes, it’s pretty easy to set up and then you can comment away on any site that uses Disqus without worrying about it.

  • I think the Disqus platform includes various features, such as social integration, social networking, user profiles, spam and moderation tools, analytics, email notifications, and mobile commenting.

    • Disqus does all that and more! One of the more recent developments is that Disqus allows you to earn money by displaying ‘Recommended Links’ to others sites. Though still in it’s early stages, this could turn out to be a great feature.

  • Gray Wolf

    I’ve been up in the air about upgrading to the $97 commentluv thing because everyone says it’s the greatest thing but I had the same reservations about the quality comments and return traffic I want for my site. Your article convinced me to just install disqus instead so thanks for that.

    • I would imaging that the majority of people who have been saying it’s the “greatest thing” are affiliate marketers who want you to upgrade using their link. That said, CommentLuv does have it’s benefits, but as I say in the post, Disqus has MANY more features that you can use. You can even earn money by using Disqus now!

      • how to earn money via disqus? do you have any succuss with it?

        • Disqus has a relatively new feature called ‘Discovery’ where it displays links from other sites in your comments (see end of post). Not only does this send traffic from other sites to your blog, but when people click on links to other sites you get paid!

          As I say, it’s still a relatively new feature, but I have made a bit of money from it. Nothing to get excited about yet, but as the feature grows and more people start using it, then it should earn me more.

    • makemyblogmoney

      GrayWolf- I’ve been using CommentLuv Premium for about 9 months now and the new features of CommentLuv are pretty spectacular. They have added about 5 plugins into one with this including ReplyMe, ThankMeLater, Comment Redirect, and I believe comment notification as well, oh yeah, and GASP, something like Askimet.

      These ARE worth the money you spend on them, but even getting my blog nominated to the Top Ten Social Media Blogs of 2013 didn’t prove much positive results for interaction. It’s just a soap box for people to shout their posts from.

      I wouldn’t get it.

      • As good as the CommentLuv premium plugin is, I still feel that Disqus is much better. Disqus is a whole comment system that has tons of features that will help boost interaction on your site. Plus, Disqus is completely free!

  • dadblunders


    I have considered CommentLuv several times. I love the idea of the link and I love the engagement that it “could” cause. Like you, I currently comment on a variety of sites including ones that use CommentLuv. Thus far, I have choose to stay with Disqus.

    One of the main reasons is because of the engagement and amount comments I currently have through Disqus. I like they are currently displayed and I still receive comments on my older posts. What happens to the 1000’s of comments I currently have on my blog….I haven’t been able to get a definite answer but I don’t think you can transfer them to CommentLuv.


    • Hi Aaron!

      I think you can transfer them, though I’m not entirely sure how?? Something to do with where your comments are stored on your website.

      I think the “idea” behind CommentLuv is a good one, I just prefer the overall system of Disqus. It’s a shame they can’t be used together really.

  • I’m using disqus and still loving it!

    • That’s great Winson! Disqus is great for blogs to use

      • But disqus is harder to get people to comment as there is lesser incentive

        • I disagree. If people need an incentive to leave a comment, they aren’t using comments properly. This is exactly the reason why I don’t use CommentLuv, as people that are only interested in leaving a link won’t leave a genuine comment of worth.

          Comments should be used to get involved with a community and interact with the blog owner. They are great for increasing your exposure, as people will see and read the “valuable” comment that they left.

  • makemyblogmoney

    I have a predicament, and I hope you can answer it. I am one of those bloggers that has been using the CommentLuv Premium plugin for about 9 months now. I recently started seeing popular sites (as you pointed out) like Social Media Examiner use this feature. It really provides more interaction on the commenting I think.

    Here’s my question: Can I switch from CommentLuv to DISQUS in mid-stream? In other words, will I lose all of my comments from over 200 posts just because I want to jump ship and try DISQUS? Can you point me in the right direction with this? I have contacted DISQUS but they haven’t replied yet.

    • As far as I know, yes you can switch. CommentLuv is only a plugin for WordPress that lets people link to their latest post. Their actual comment is stored in your WordPress comments folder as it would be were you not using Disqus.

      When you install Disqus, you can import all your existing comments into Disqus so you won’t lose any. Here is a what they say on their website:

      Let me know how you get on. I think you will really like the Disqus system.

      • makemyblogmoney

        Thanks for the reply, I will check the link out and get back with you.

  • kinngabhay

    Today I have also install disquss>>

    • That’s great! Let me know how you get on with it. I’m pretty sure you will like it.

  • Do you have to put the related comments above the comment box? (Also do you have to show links to other people’s sites? What if you don’t like the content on the other sites?

    • Hi Rick!

      Having a quick look at my own Disqus settings, I can’t figure out how to put the related posts above the comment box. Mine is after all the comments below, though I’m sure there is a way of switching between the two.

      As for showing links to other people’s sites, you don’t have to if you don’t want. You can chose your own ‘Discovery Level’ to suit yourself. There are 4 options; Maximum increased traffic and revenue (shows both your internal links and links to other sites), increased traffic and revenue (the same as before but not as many), increased traffic (shows just your own links) and just comments (no discovery box at all).

      You can also blacklist certain sites from showing links in your discovery box if you don’t want. You’d have to do this manually for each site, but it does give you that option.

  • Hi Matt,
    I believe that more than 90% of the people who leave comments on CommentLuv powered websites are only interested in building back-links They do not have any genuine interest in the post and they spend more time crafting comments containing the same recapitulated ideas. All these efforts..just to build back-links. Huh!!

    I love DISQUS. At-least it attracts few genuine comments rather than 100s of obsequious comments from link-builders. Great post!

    • I completely agree Abhishek!

      Disqus is a much better platform for getting genuine comments. CommentLuv, though a good plugin, does tend to attract people for the wrong reason.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Google issued an update that marked sites down who used CommentLuv. After all, they are trying to crack down on Spam. It only takes one update.

  • In my opinion, Google should target CommentLuv blogs because they are offering links in exchange of comments!!!

    • Although CommentLuv sites do, in one way or another, encourage “links”, these tend to be nofollow. For that reason, these links aren’t seen as spammy, as no link juice is being passed.

      If on the other hand all CommentLuv sites were offering dofollow links, then Google (I would expect) would shut them down pretty sharpish.

      There is nothing stopping Google (or other search engines) making updates that do address these sites that offer links in return for a comment though. That’s one of the reasons I chose Disqus!

      • I just installed CommentLuv Premium and I must say it is way better than Disquss simply because of the shear number of features that it has other than giving backlinks to commentors!

        I would strongly recommend CommentLuv Premium now after evaluating it personally (and yes I was a Disquss fan before testing CommentLuv) !!!

        • CommentLuv Premium does have a lot of great features that can benefit a site. I think a lot comes down to what features a site is looking for.Disqus has a great set of features itself, so I think that they are pretty similar.

          For me though, it still comes down to the issue of offering links to encourage comments. Think CommentLuv sites still tend to attract comment’s for the wrong reason.

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  • Another thing you should put on the disadvantages of Disqus is how buggy it is. I’m having severe issues with it. Like when someone views my blog on a mobile phone, all the comments show up as made by me….

    • That is VERY strange Dan?!? Can’t say that I have ever had a problem with Disqus myself, certainly not what you are describing anyway. You should get in touch with Disqus directly, sounds like a problem with your site.

  • DavidCrowell

    I own 68 sites and maintain about 30 customers sites. When I see comment luv on a blog I am reading I think yay free link and hurry just to say something to get my link. Then for some reason I just move on forgetting about the blog in general. However when I see Disqus I know normally I am entering a conversation and what I say will be read at the very least by the article writer. So I go over the blog again and ask any questions I may have or add my experience with what the article talked about. A lot of the time I get a reply. So what commenting system is on all of my blogs and customers blogs Disqus because I want to know what people think and my customers are surely there to know what people think..

    • Hi David,

      Wow, that is a lot of sites!!! I find running a couple tons of work, so you must be like a super hero!

      I use Disqus for similar reasons. I find that generally (not in all cases) the comments left on Disqus sites are of a higher quality. I think many people see CommentLuv as a quick and easy way to get links, so they will just leave lots of small comments that don’t really add anything to the conversation. This is why published lists of CommentLuv blogs are so popular, as people use them to spam links.

      Now, I do stress that I have nothing against CommentLuv. I just feel that it attracts people for the wrong reasons. I comment on blogs that use CommentLuv all the time, but not for the link. I comment if I have something to say about the post that I have just read. That is the best way to approach blog commenting.

  • I love Disqus simply for its reliability and the neat interface. It’s provides a unique community environment around your discussions. Another advantage is that you get instant notifications when someone replies on your comments. Having disqus in a blog makes it more professional and attracts only genuine comments.

    • Yes, one of the big advantages of Disqus is its interface. Works perfectly across different devices and it’s pretty reliable. Also love that I get notifications when someone replies to one of my comments (either by email or in the Disqus section of ANY website that uses it).

  • I totally agree with mr. Andy. If you think that the comment was not appropriate with your topic, you can delete it on the admin dashboard.

    • Hi Eve,

      If people use CommentLuv right and, like you and Andy say, delete inappropriate/non-relevant comments, then that is fine. Many sites do do this and it can work pretty well.

      Having said that, I still see many sites that use CommentLuv leaving comments up for the sake of it. You will often see “great post” or “I enjoyed this” with nothing else offered up to the conversation. These people tend to solely be after a link, which negates the point of having comments in the first place. Blog owners don’t want to remove these types of comments as they will reduce the ‘number of comments’ count that their article gets.

      This just seems pointless to me.

  • Hi Matt,

    First off nice article
    I’ve read though most of the comments and I am awed by the intensive genuine quality comments.
    I just started using disqus today I must admit that the main reason to why I use Disqus is because of it’s free service. Hopfully my blog’s comments will one day be much more interactive like this.
    Of course Writing good article Getting genuine reader and keeping it interactive is better than unnecessary backlinks building.

    • Welcome to Disqus!

      It can be tough to get any comments on a site when you first start, no matter what comment system you use.

      The best advice I can give is to try to follow up on all the comments you get. As your site grows, people will see that you are a helpful, engaging person, making it more likely that people will comment. It certainly seems to be working for me, and I’ve had no spammy links left by commenter’s to worry about 🙂

      • Thx for the advice Matt. Yeah is tough Still working hard on it haha. Well lets see how it goes..nw I am concern with whether disqus promoted discovery feature will affect page ranking.

  • Yes, I love that feature as well. A few of my favourite blogs also use Disqus, so it’s great to be able to see updates on my site whilst browsing their’s.

    I personally feel that Disqus does make a site look more professional. The simple design and amazing functionality makes it one of the best plugins that I use on this site.

  • Kyle Jones

    Thanks for the information. I was considering changing my own site from Disqus to CommentLuv…until I read the above. You presented a great argument and backed it up with information to substantiate it.

    • Hi Kyle, glad you found the post helpful.

      I always think that it is easy to present an argument, but trying to backup what you are saying is where the work needs to be put in.

      • Kyle Jones

        Thanks, again. I’m curious – however – and am going to try Commentluv for a few days. Not to backtrack what I said earlier – but only for my own social media curiosity. lol!

        • Let us know how you find the difference. I know Disqus are looking to make some changes to their system soon as well

  • Hey Matt as usual you always share good and informative information that is helpful for any marketer, blogger or business professional. For me personally, I see a ‘link’ to your recent post as a good way to share additional information when other people are commenting on your posts. However, with that said, when you get large amounts of comments as you have on this post, a link to a recent post can get lost in the shuffle.

    I use CommentLuv on my one blog and use LiveFyre which does have ‘editing’ features including html so you can link to your blog post, articles or videos. I think the more we can share the more social we become and people will notice that. That’s my two cents for what it is worth.

    I’m looking forward to sharing this article Matt, thanks!

    • Hi Lynn,

      That is certainly a big selling point of CommentLuv and what I actually like about it. That said, it “can” attract spam comments from people who are purely interested in the link.

      I’d like to see sites only allow someone to leave a CommentLuv link after they have made X amount of approved comments. That way, it would discourage the spammers from leaving short, generic comments for the sake of it.

      Actually, you are an interesting one to ask on this subject Lynn. Didn’t you used to use Disqus on your site (if I remember rightly)? What made you switch?

      And the end of the day, I suppose it comes down to personal preference. I know a lot of sites these days use neither and just stick to the basic WordPress comment structure.

      • Yes Matt I think many sites want to keep it simple, easier experience for the reader so they will leave comments. I use a plugin that blocks all ‘spam’ and short verbiage comments. I get hundreds per day, but it is easy to do one click to delete them!

        • Is that ‘akismet’ that you use? (think I have spelt that right). I use that and think it is fantastic. Helps cut down a lot of spam for this site.

  • srcloud.

    Agree, agree, agree. I’m going to give CL the boot. Thanks for clarifying things for me.

    • Not a problem! Glad the post helped you 🙂

    • The Vet Is Jack Reacher

      To my NB friends.

      Mother124 banned me from Newsbusters. I have done a couple hundred hours of research over 8 years in smacking trolls with the truthstick. Did a few more just the day before. Once again, I drove a lying troll into a troll frenzy. He went about flagging a bunch of my comments then piffle replying to about six of my comments in a row. Too much for poor little Mother124 to be bothered with. A troll goes into pure trolling mode walking around with a “Ban Me Now” sign. Ah, who cares. Let’s boot The Vet.

      I never did post anywhere else to any degree. So if you don’t see any more of my posts, you will know why.

      • gwdisqus

        I was lucky to follow you, so I get you in my DISGUST home feed. I always saw you as the premier troll buster at NB. I’ll miss you there and see what all the kerflufle was about.

      • Angelfire4280

        I read your back and forth with the troll, Vet. Banning you was un-called for and I am sorrry to see it.

        Right now there is someone over there pointing out how NBs has become a little clique of sycophants to the mods. I tend to agree. I have noticed that unless every Conservative is in lockstep with the mods and with each other, they must pay a price of some sort – banning, scolding, etc. That’s why I only post once in a while.

        Your bona fides are unquestionable.

        NBs has become a little weird, to say the least. Merry Christmas and many blessings for a Happy New Year to you and yours.

      • The Vet Is Jack Reacher

        Mother124 –I gave him and one other a 48-hr. time- out for conducting a personal flame war in the threads.

        Whether he returns is his choice.

        1. Bull. I don’t do anything “personal” with a troll. I was flagging a troll for being exactly that, a troll. Personal, my tush.

        2. Bull. I am still banned 5 days later. Still getting the blocked notice. 48 hours, my tush.

  • Matt,

    This post is great! I am in the process of launching my site and this is a debate that I was having with myself also. In my humble opinion, it seems like I may be better off while in the growth stage with CopmmentLuv because I need more comments in the beginning. Then switch once I have more of a following. Thought?

    Also, I would love to know who you got each page on here to look like a blog roll. How did you do this? I thought blog posts could only be sent to one page? Could you shed some light on this for me? I sent you an email also.

    Thanks Matt! Love your site!

    • Hi Brandon,

      I think many people have this very debate when launching a site. Comments are a vital part of any site, so getting the right comment platform is important.

      I started using Disqus from day 1 of launching this site and it hasn’t affected how many comments I got. If you choose to go with CommentLuv, that’s fine, but don’t think that one will net you more comments than the other. That’s a misconception that many people have. Quality posts will always get comments, no matter what comment system you use.

      As for how to set up multiple blog rolls, simply create as many different categories as you want (WordPress Dashboard>Posts>Categories). Then add them to your menu bar (WordPress Dashboard>Appearance>Menus). Every post that is assigned to that category will appear in the separate blog roll pages.

      Just checked my email and I haven’t received an email from you. You want to send one again via our contact page.

  • Janet Rossi

    Well, I abandoned Disqus a while back…now it appears that once you link up with it again, they want you to have an account with them so here I am again. The problem with Disqus is that you do not own your comments – they do. I would abandon Disqus and keep your own comment stream as that is valuable information. Take a serious look at the comment stream system with Jetpack. It is stellar! Not to throw a monkey wrench into all your analysis. But the Jetpack commenting system has been tested and tested and tested and found to be a superior commenting system. That’s the buzz from WordCamp. 🙂

    • Hi Janet,

      Not sure what you mean by “you do not own your comments”? I could switch to a different comment system at any time and still retain all my sites comments, as they are hosted here.

      As for the ‘Jetpack Comments’ plugin, I have read a lot of things from people complaining that they were having problems with it, specifically with it slowing down their website. Jetpack is a pretty heavy resource using plugin for a site. Disqus on the other hand is much quicker as it is managed off of your site by Disqus themselves.

      I’m happy with Disqus myself, but if you’d rather go with something else, then I’d recommend just sticking to the default WordPress comments.

      • Jan Rossi

        I use the Facebook comments sometimes on sites, too, depends if the site is heavy on social media traffic. Being able to leave a comment quickly is helpful. I think Disqus poses a barrier and you might have had twice as many comments but people don’t want to sign up.

        on another note – if I delete my account on Disqus, don’t all my comments disappear? Including the ones here? that’s what I meant by – you don’t own the comments…at least it was like that a few years back. Perhaps things have changed.,

        Don’t mean to be “Debbie downer” on Disqus – I know you like it – was just trying to understand a bit more about it. Thanks.

        • Jan again

          ok – clearly it let me post as a guest this time…so I believe it has improved!! Jan

          • I’m slowly winning you over (maybe) 🙂

        • Hi Jan,

          I think I know what you mean about “…Disqus poses a barrier” as I could understand people not wanting to sign up, but no one has to sign up if they don’t want. You can still leave a comment as a guest, or alternatively sign in with Twitter or Facebook to post a comment. I’m sure there probably have been people that have chosen not to comment for the reasons your raised, but most comment systems require some sort of information input.

          You raise a good point about what happens to your comments if you were to delete your account. As far as I can tell, they would still remain on the site, but your picture/name link would be lost. The actual text of your comment would remain, as that is stored on my website server. This means that I could switch comment systems at some point in the future without losing any of my comments. You’d just lose all the added benefits that Disqus brings.

          Likewise, if I had been using CommentLuv and wanted to switch to Disqus (or something else), the comment itself would remain, but your CommentLuv link would be lost.

          Your not being a “Debbie Downer” (I like that phrase), it’s always good to get other people’s opinions. That’s one of the reasons I love blogging 🙂

  • Hi “Skunk” 🙂

    I wouldn’t say that there aren’t any top quality sites that use CommentLuv, as I know of a few good ones (you know who you are) that use it. But like you say, the vast majority of top sites don’t use it and that has to tell you something.

    I would disagree though when you say Disqus “…won’t grant too many additional visits.” One of the great things about Disqus is that you can get notifications in your ‘My Disqus’ section on ANY site that uses the system. I’ve been on other Disqus using sites when I have seen that I’ve had a reply to a comment on a totally different site, which has encouraged me to go back to the post. When you leave as many comments as I do, that feature becomes very useful!

    I’d definitely say give Disqus a try. If you don’t like it, you can always switch to something else.

  • Sacramento Web Designer

    Backlinks can adjust the strategy for blogging. If Quality Backlinks may improve your site ranking after that bad along with poor back-links can spoil your almost all efforts along with hardwork into vain

  • Just went through this same debate myself. I like the pros of Disqus more than Comment Luv. I have found that there are a lot of errors not on the commenter end but on the owner end. There is this API error that I see on a lot of sites. If you don’t install it correctly it’s not benefiting visitors at all. 🙂

    • Hi Pamela,

      Think you can get errors on most systems if the owner hasn’t installed it correctly. I’ve seen the same issue myself on a couple of sites, but like you say, there isn’t much we can do about that.

      Think many have this debate when looking for a comment system to use. Hope it helped you decide. 🙂

  • OK, I’m really late to the party here but I had the same realization about CommentLuv on my own site a few months ago and wound up removing it. It never attracted conversation and, what irked me even more, it slowed my site down. That wasn’t acceptable. Now I’m heavily debating the Disqus move over native WordPress comments.

    • I hadn’t even thought about what effect it would have on site speed, though I guess if it is having to look at the latest link of each of the commentors sites AND things like grabbing their Gravatar image, you can begin to see why.

      Disqus probably slows down a site as well, though this site runs pretty quick and I haven’t had a problem with them so far (touch wood). Personal preference really. The native WordPress comments can look really good, but you may have to add other plugins if you want to add any additional features to them.

  • Thanks for this post Matt!

    I was just doing a quick search and it seems more and more websites are turning to Disqus over CommentLuv. I used the latter for an old blog some time ago but I figured that I was a ready for a change for my current one. Disqus gave me a fair number of login problems a few years back but I suppose things have improved quite a fair bit since then, huh?

    • Hi Calleigh,

      Well I can’t lie, Disqus can have its problems now and again, but for the most part they are pretty reliable. Think there benefits far outweigh the negatives that you can use for your site and it helps to build a proper community around your blog.

  • amrush

    I have been using Disqus for a few years and I was thinking that I should see other options. As we might have a new contender. Thanks to this post, I’m pretty sure I am gonna stick to Disqus!

    Great post 🙂

    • Hi Amrush,

      Glad you found the post useful. Big fan of Disqus, plus they keep releasing lots of new updates that add even more features to a site.

  • rochellebarlow

    I was just looking at Commentluv and had the same concerns you posed. I had a few complaints about Disqus and people saying they didn’t like signing in and all that. I switched it so guests could comment and it seems as though my comments have gone up since then. But honestly, once you sign in once you’re good to go on any site. I think I’ll stick with Disqus If I ever do decide to switch I might just go with regular Jetpack comments.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      Can’t say I have ever had a problem with signing into Disqus. Once you’ve logging in once, that’s it, no need to log in to any site that has Disqus, as my info is all ready to go.

      You may not have to log in to other comment systems, but you do have to enter in all your details each time – name, email, website. Can get a bit annoying at times.

  • john


  • Good posting! Im a fan of Disqus myself 🙂

  • Great classification, Matt 🙂
    was ruing all these days that I couldn’t afford to spend more to install commentluv plugin. But this dissection makes me feel better now.
    Also, I have been using disqus for about 3-4 months now and am very very happy with it on the site 🙂

    • Hi Jigar,

      Glad you found the post useful. Am a big fan of Disqus as it makes it so much easier to connect with real people, rather than people who are only really just interested in getting a link.

      Feel free to stop by again 🙂

  • Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing this write up. Sorry been late to this.

    Now what I worry most using CommentLuv is that bloggers tend to link out a lot. This makes your website looks like a ‘link farm’.

    Now I am only wondering if there’s an option to disable the external link out. Another thing is…does CommentLuv have automatic nofollow rule? (I know there’s a DoFollow option though).

    Just want to make sure.

    • Hi Reginald,

      Yes, CommentLuv does allow commentors to link out a lot, but that won’t make your site look like a link farm (not to the search engines anyway).

      As far as I know, by default all links that are left are nofollow. Only the site owner can change them to dofollow (or set it up that they are automatically made into dofollow), so you don’t have anything to worry about there. I “think” you can only do that if you use CommentLuv Premium anyway, so if you are using the basic version you’re also fine.

  • I like disqus, why i dont like commenluv is that your site will get infested by link spam and all.

    • Hi Muhammad,

      I wouldn’t say “infested” as there can be some genuine comments left by people, but yes, I do think it encourages people to leave comments for the wrong reasons.

      • Yes, there are people who stop by your article and read the whole thing, and leave their genuine opinion.

        • I comment on a few sites that use CommentLuv, not to get a link but because I like their content. You will always get a handful of genuine comments from people.

          Similarly though, I get plenty of spammy comments left here on Disqus, but I’ve set it up so that I have to approve the ones that leave links. That makes it much easy to manage.

  • I was just asked what the differences between the two systems were, a quick Google and there’s your post. Fab! Shared. Thanks!

    • Thanks Kate! Glad you found it useful 🙂

  • AKZMeDesigns

    Great post I’m debating switching from Diqus to Comment LUv. I hate the sign in process even sign in through social media most people don’t want to link up their world just to leave a comment and if you aren’t a heavy blog reader and familiar with Disqus , it seems cumbersome compared to traditional comments and comment luv. The other thing I like about the premium version of comment luv is it encourages people to subscribe to you site and follow the post. To me that’s a good trade off for a bit of spam that akismet will likely filter anyway.

    • A lot of people have the same issue with Disqus. Thing is, you don’t have to sign in at all, Disqus offers a “Guest” option that lets people leave comments.

      As for encouraging people to subscribe, again, Disqus offers the same thing. You see the star in the top right corner (of the Disqus comment section), click that and you will get notifications for that post. You can even subscribe to different comment authors and sites, where you will get email notifications of all the top discussions on that site.

  • Music Business Resource

    Awesome post. Have you found that your disqus comments are getting index by Google? There aren’t a lot of blog posts addressing this topic in the past year or two. Just wondering whether you have found these giving you backlinks.

    • Not that I know of, no. As far as I’m aware, no comment system gets indexed by search engines, though to be honest it’s something that I hadn’t really thought about.

  • Definitely prefer disqus. Once logged in you can remain logged in forever until you logout of that system.

    Nice tool to interact with multiple platform users….Comment Luv one thing i hate the most is sharing of your last blog post…

    • Hi Sonal,

      Yeah, I really like the whole ‘not having to log out’ feature. Makes it really easy when switching between sites (that use Disqus).

      I quite like the feature of being able to share your latest blog posts (wish Disqus allowed that), it’s just that the feature gets abused by a lot of spammers.

      I only leave comments on posts that I feel deserve one, or I have something to add to the discussion. If I get to get a link, then that’s a bonus. That isn’t the main reason why I comment though. Unfortunately a BIG part of the CommentLuv community are only interested in the link, which is a shame. There is a lot more to get from leaving a genuine comment/interaction with someone, than just “Nice post – LINK”

      • Yes i also feel CommentLuv link method can get abused and hence i don’t like that feature (my view). We can still get a link by having the name linked to website…

        • Yes, can still add a link in Disqus. When people click on your name, they will see your bio with your link (if you added one.)

  • You left out another feature I just found out about Disqus, they also have Promoted Discovery and Ecommerce affiliate linking. I have already earned money from it and it definitely works well with posts that get a lot of comments. I’m sure you know that already though.

    • Yes, Disqus introduced that feature after I wrote this post. Think I have mentioned it further down the comment section somewhere.

      I really like that feature and have made some money myself with it. Admittedly, not a lot, but as more people (hopefully) switch to Disqus, the better it will be for everyone.

  • Hello Matt,

    I agree that commentluv would promote massive spamming and its not worth it for a couple backlinks. I’m into my first day of disqus and love it so far! I can’t wait to see my blogs interaction increase.

    • Hi Bill 🙂

      Glad you are liking Disqus so far

  • 91techz

    nice comparison that you shown, we should first consider our audience then decide what to use.

    • Exactly! There may be an even better option to use for comments, it all depends on what your audience wants.

  • PetePrestipino

    I was a former CommentLuv users and also noticed that the SPAM was nearly uncontrollage. I’ve since switched to Disqus and am loving every minute of it. Do you have any experience with LiveFyre?

    • Can’t say that I have Pete unfortunately. Why? What do you think of LiveFyre?

  • Hi Matt! Thanks for great review and I agree with you.
    My blog’s niche is Blogging, SEO, WordPress Tips. I have used Comment Luv 1 year and it help my blog has almost 80 comments on mine posts. But, I am very very stress and tired on their comment because their do not want to discuss with me, they want a backlink even nofollow.
    Then, I just changed to Disqus and it okey, I love Disqus.

    • Hi Pham,

      I know a lot of people feel the exact same way that you do with CommentLuv. Yes, it may result in a site getting more comments, BUT that is of no real value when the comments are not engaging. It is far better to have comments that actually feel human and have an interaction.

  • “It is like the finger pointing to the moon; if you concentrate on the finger, you will miss the whole scene”
    (so said Bruce Lee )


  • MalikaBourne

    I appreciate your insight.
    Friends have been encouraging me to get Comment Luv. My admin, my son the geek, has hesitated. I am now in a blog challenge and people would like to see their backlinks.
    After reading your post, I see my son’s wisdom. I will not add CommentLuv.
    I have issues about my blog being for the ordinary people who do not write blogs. sure, I need to earn extra money, but my blog is NOT about the money. Never has been and never will be.
    I want to be cautious about making the regular people having to jump through the hoops. So, I read your post to my son. We decided to install Trackback.
    As you suggested we are looking into Disqus.
    thanks again.

    • Hi Malika,

      Sounds like you have a smart son!

      Glad to hear that you are focusing on building a quality site for your readers. Making money via a site is fine, but your readers should always come first, no matter what. That is the best way to make a site.

      Haven’t heard of trackback before. May have to check that out at some point.

  • Jaime Huff

    My issue with CommentLuv is let’s say I leave a comment on a blog with CommentLuv and I mess up. I can’t delete it and redo it! Annoying

    • Hi Jaime,

      That is a very good point that I hadn’t thought of. It’s easy to make a mistake in a comment or forget to add something that you wanted to include. At least you can edit comments in Disqus.

      • Jaime Huff

        Exactly! It’s a bit annoying. I learned this the hard way when I commented on the wrong post and looked like an idiot, lol

  • Hi Matt,

    I just want to thank you for this great post, I had been considering CommentLuv for a few weeks now and had been saving my pennies up to purchase it today.

    I decided to give it another shot! of the reviews & then Alternatives this is how I found your blog and I am glad i found you.

    After reading through your post and quite a lot of your reader comments I am finally convinced CommentLuv is not for me.

    The features it offers Doesn’t compare to what Disqus has to offer especially as Diqus is free.

    So I would like to thank you and your readers for I have saved a huge amount of much needed money. So thanks people.


    • Hi Wayne,

      Glad to be of service! Nice to know that both the post AND the comments here helped you come to a decision. Think that shows the power that Disqus can have.

  • Guest

    Hi! This is so very relevant to me right now because my CommentLuv plugin is causing issues with my current theme. I’ve been looking for good alternatives for about an hour now and I just stumbled upon your article. Great post! Switching to Disqus now.

    • I have heard about some people having issues with CommentLuv and their website theme. Not sure which one you are using, but Disqus seems to work OK with all themes as far as I can tell.

      If anyone has heard differently, please let us all now.

  • This article rocks. Thank you so much for the information. I just installed Disqus on my site and so far (all 10 minutes) it seems to work great. I’m not sure exactly how it worked, but after I did the install my site download speed dropped from 4.25 seconds to 2.61 seconds. I didn’t make any other changes, so I’m going to give Disqus credit.

    • Hi Amy,

      Your site probably sped up due to the fact that Disqus is cached. That means none of them are loaded until people reach them at the end of the post. Can make a big difference at times. This page would certainly load MUCH slower had all of the comments been loaded straight away.

      You may be able to speed up your site further by checking out this post that I wrote –

  • Tech Rotation

    Hello there! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very technical but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Many thanks

  • Hi Matt !
    To be on a safer side from being penalized by Google , i removed commentluv plugin from my blog and installed disquss. I love the fact that i don’t need to install gasp or akismet anti-spam plugins along with Disqus as i had to do with commentluv .

    • Hi Pramod,

      Welcome to the Disqus brethren!

      Though you don’t NEED akismet, you can install it to run alongside Disqus to really protect you from spam. That is what I do and 98% of it gets caught.

  • Thanks for sharing this write up. Sorry been late to this.

  • I too have Disqus on my new site, but I had just commented on someone’s who had CommentLuv, and thought hmm? I guess that’s how I found your post. At the end of the day we want authentic interaction, not just “hey, look at me!!” I appreciate your strong stance.

    • Hi Robb,

      Hopefully it wasn’t that “strong” 🙂

      It’s an opinion I have, though hopefully I look at it from both perspectives. There are a lot of positives to using CommentLuv, just more (in my view) that are offered by Disqus.

      • It was perfect. And… if it wasn’t for posts like this, so many of us wouldn’t have these types of perspectives to filter through.

        • That’s good to know. 🙂

          Let us know how you get on with Disqus for your site Robb. Am sure you will love it after using it for a while.

          • So far so good. But I did just get an email from a gal today, who said she doesn’t understand how to comment on it. [bummer]. I’m going to walk-her-thru-it, but she may have been a little intimidated by it. (I’ve heard that’s happened to some too).

          • That’s strange, never had any emails from readers like that before. Honestly don’t know what is not to understand. If they can work out CommentLuv, they can work out Disqus (…surely?)

  • Hi Matt !

    Disqus looks cool and provides integration with social media 🙂 But , it doesn’t let people leave there latest post links . So, many site owners only tend to comment in commentluv optimized sites since they get backlinks and traffic from comment. If disqus introduces that, then DISQUS IS THE BEST ! 🙂

    • Hi Sourav,

      I think you missed the overall point of the post. It is BECAUSE Disqus doesn’t allow people to leave links to their latest posts that make it the better system to use.

      Commentluv can encourage people to comment for the wrong reasons, whereas you really want people to be commenting and joining in with the discussion because they want to.

  • John Els

    Hi Matt. Great post!

    I was debating this exact same issue in my mind. Do I go with WP’s native commenting system only, use CommentLuv, or something else like Disqus or Intensedebate. In the end I went with WP comments, but with CommentLuv added to it. I enabled the option to let commenters create their own account on my site. Mistake! Within a couple of days I had 137 registered accounts, many with bogus names, and as I discovered later, multiple accounts from the same person. So I shut the account creation part down.

    Since then, the only comments I received were vague comments that didn’t even say anything about the topic of the post. This is what happens when people comment merely to get a link back! Like you, I am not interested in that. I want real people making real comments, or else I’m perfectly happy with no comments.

    So CommentLuv goes today! And I’m seriously tempted to give Disqus a shot. Thanks for making a solid contribution to this debate in my head 🙂

    • Hi John,

      Sorry to hear about your experience with bogus accounts. Unfortunately I have heard similar stories from many other website owners before.

      Like I say in the post, on the face of it CommentLuv looks great – a simple plugin that can encourage comments. This “encouragement” though is its downfall as it attracts people to leave comments for the wrong reason.

      I’d definitely recommend giving Disqus a try. I certainly haven’t had any bad experiences with it in the (almost) 3 years of using it. Having said that, WP comments are a good bet as well. Test them out and see which you prefer. At the end of the day, it is what you feel most comfortable with that counts.

      • Hi Matt,

        I think you summed up the problem nicely with, “it attracts people to leave comments for the wrong reason.”

        Since making my comment here, I have looked at all that Disqus offers and I really like it. CommentLuv is gone, and I implemented Disqus. So far I am very happy with it.

        • That’s great to hear! Will pop over to leave a “quality” comment for you 🙂

  • Al_Murphy

    I have a suspicion about DISQUS. They won’t post any of my Chinese Anti-Communist
    comments anymore in context to China-Japan tensions???

  • I’m currently using disqus on my site which I love, but I have been curious about commentluv so I found your post helpful.

    • Glad you found it useful Stephanie 🙂

  • Srinjla Jangra

    currently I’m using google plus comment system on my blog and I’m thinking to change it with disqus comment. My question is if I change google plus to disqus, will I loss my all google plus comments?

    • Hi Srinjla,

      Quick answer: Yes & No.

      Yes, you will loose your G+ comments if you switch, in the fact that they won’t be displayed under your post any more. G+ comments are different to traditional comments as they are all based on the social network, not the website.

      No, you won’t “officiallly” loose your comments as they won’t actually be deleted. Like I say, G+ comments are stored on the social site itself, so those comments will still exist on your G+ page. They just won’t be visible on your post.

      There is a way around this though and that is to simply have BOTH. Disqus is essentially an upgraded version of your traditional WordPress/Website comments. You can have those turned on and still have G+ comments enabled for people to comment on. There are a lot of sites that do this.

      Personally, you are probably better off picking one or the other, as otherwise you are dividing your comments between the two systems. So why not try out BOTH for a while and see which you prefer?

      • Srinjla Jangra

        thank you so much for detailed answer Matt

        • My pleasure Srinjla. Let us know how you get on and feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions, am always happy to answer them for you.

  • Hi Matt,

    How to link your disqus profile with a website? The popup which we get when clicking someone profile is the disqus profile, and that is not considered as backlink.

    • Hi Noel,

      You can’t, you can only add a link, like you have said, is via your Disqus profile. No where in the post do I state that you can get a backlink, but it is possible for people to still find your site this way.

      This goes back to the whole ‘commenting purely for backlinks’ debate. Whilst CommentLuv allows this (in some circumstances), it can attract people for the wrong reasons.

      Disqus is actually one of my biggest traffic referrers and that is purely by people following the link on my profile when commenting on other Disqus sites.

      • Yes! I got your point!

        Thank You! 🙂

  • My question is if I change google plus to disqus, will I loss my all google plus comments? I was surfing net and fortunately came across this site and found very interesting stuff here. Its really fun to read. I enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information

    • Hi Friv,

      If you check 2 questions below (asked by Srinjla Jangra), I actually answer this very issue.

  • DISQUS has long supported signing in via multiple common IDs, but perhaps this feature was less prominent prior to the 2012 redesign. DISQUS tweaked itself again recently. I’m a long time DISQUS user and last time I advised on creating a blog I insisted they use DISQUS, that was 2009 I think. Now the landscape has changed a lot. Native WordPress comments are better, some big sites are using the bloated Facebook plugin and even CommentLuv might make sense to a new blog just starting out.

    DISQUS and a couple other plugins have helped me survive being bombarded by Russian spammers. That along with content/bandwidth theft and general foot in mouth disease are the three biggest risks/worries of being a blogger. Comments are nice, but some people will never leave them, they’ll contact you via email and ask a question that way, but they don’t want their name and face on your website.

    • Hi Muskie,

      I would agree that there are some advantages of using native WordPress comments on a site, but even with the latest Disqus changes, I still feel it offers benefits over the other comment systems.

      At the end of the day, any comment system is better than none at all. Each site/individual will have their preferences on which to use, but it’s always good to give people the option to express their opinion. Have had plenty of people get in touch with me via email as they didn’t want to leave a comment, but then it works the other way around as well.

  • adryen nashley

    When i want to thanks for this good article, I needed recently been contemplating CommentLuv for some weeks at this point along with was conserving our money around buy the item nowadays. When i chose to offer the item yet another shot! from the testimonials & after that Choices this is why I stumbled upon your website along with We are pleased i discovered a person. Soon after going through your own article along with lots of your own reader feedback We are lastly persuaded CommentLuv isn’t for me personally. The particular capabilities it includes Does not assess about the Disqus offers especially because Diqus will be cost-free.

  • adryen nashley

    After that, the only real comments My partner and i been given ended up imprecise comments which don’t actually claim whatever in relation to the topic of the publish. And this happens any time people thoughts merely to obtain a website link again! Just like you, My business is certainly not considering which. I need real people producing real comments, otherwise they Now i am flawlessly very pleased with absolutely no comments.

    • Hi Adryen,

      From what I can tell (as your comment is a bit tricky to read) you are complaining that you haven’t received any comments since switching a couple of weeks ago. I’m sorry to hear that, but that isn’t necessarily because of Disqus.

      It doesn’t matter what comment system you use, people will comment on posts when they feel like they have something to say. Also, it takes time to build up an audience when you first start a site, I know it took me a few weeks before I started getting people commenting on my posts and even then some posts were better than others in getting comments.

      The best advice I would give is to concentrate on building your traffic and look at producing content that sparks debate. Ask for people’s opinions on your posts, write controversial articles, add a call to action at the end of a post, etc. That will help to encourage people to comment as you build up your traffic.

  • Well I’m not sure how old this post is..but I just saw the new update to Disqus (and read this post) and decided to not switch to commentluv after all. I mean seriously, now you can feature comments? So fun AND helps motivate readers to write quality comments!

    Thank you for your detailed post about the pros and cons! It is nice to get a lot of comments, but then again…who wants to respond to “great post” comments that are pretty much there to get the back-link?

    • Hi Amanda,

      It’s amazing how many people value the number of comments a post gets, but, like you say, if all they are posting is “Great post!” to get a link, then there isn’t much point to it.

      I have always felt that the best way to run a blog is to create a community around it and comments are at the heart of that. You only need one or two quality comments to get a debate going, or better yet, to make a lasting connection with someone. I’ve met and keep in touch with many people who have left a comment on my site (or vica versa) and that has all been done with Disqus.

  • Matt, thanks for this pros / cons approach. As a new blogger, I had considered comment luv but leaning more toward disqus now. Am I correct in thinking that blogs could be penalized for these kind of backlinks with the new google ranking updates going forward in 2014?

    • Hi Matt,

      Backlinks in general have been penalized for a while now. Sites really need to be careful what they are linking too as anything unrelated to the content “can” be viewed as spam.

      That said, CommentLuv generally doesn’t allow the links that people leave to be “dofollow” (unless the site owner allows it), so you wouldn’t get punished for them.

  • agata

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  • Apart from attracting spam comments on my system, Disqus simply proved to be more beneficial because of its multi-platform support.

    CommentLuv keeps me stuck with wordpress. There is no easy way to migrate comments to another platform if I change my blogging engine. Of course, I could perform a migration on the db end but that would take a little bit of my time which I don’t intend to.

    For disqus, it was extremely easy. I just had to use the data mapper stuff and all comments from my old WordPress blog were seamlessly migrated to the new Rails app and work natively out of the box.

    So, I always prefer Disqus to CommentLuv.

    • Hi Shouvik,

      Yes, I still get the odd spam comment left in the Disqus section. Thankfully most of those get filtered out as I set it up that I need to approve all comments that have links included within them. Plus, you can setup Akismet in conjunction with Disqus to further reduce spam.

      I hadn’t actually thought about the process of transferring comments over to a new site. If Disqus makes that easy to do, then that is yet another big tick for them in my view. Thanks for letting us know about that.

      • You just have to change the pattern of your URL and viola!
        Then, you can have a Disqus thread id to track individual comment threads so that even if you do change the url of your blog post, the comment thread remains intact – this is what WordPress does and now native on my CMS.

  • graywolfsurvival

    I started off with commentluv because I thought it would be better to get a lot of comments. I was wrong. If you pull out the formatting and the link back to the latest blog post, you can easily tell the difference in the comments. The comments left on sites with commentluv are 99% self-serving comments that are essentially thinly-veiled spam. At best, they a give sycophantic “great post” with a few sentences to sell it but when you filter all those out, what’s left are about as many actually beneficial comments as you’d have with Disqus. I also actually get about 1500 pageviews/mo extra just from the Disqus platform.

    I’d rather have one good comment on a blog post that I can constructively respond to than have 100 BS ones from other bloggers trying to promote their crap sites.

    • Hi Gray Wolf,

      I think your comment is a perfect example of why I decided to go with (and stick with) Disqus.

      Your experience with CommentLuv sounds very familiar as I’ve had plenty of emails, comments, conversations with people in the same situation. What CommentLuv offers, on face value at least, IS very appealing, but in reality it tends to attract more spam than genuine comments.

      Like you, I’d much rather have 1 quality comment from someone rather than a mass of self-promotional spam. Hopefully this post shows that you can get plenty of comments by using Disqus. 🙂

  • Matt , great post, thanks !!!!!!!!

    lol gotcha! I do believe if commentluv ordered blog responses by vote/popularity ala youtube’s method, the spammers my dry up quite a bit… or at least I hope they would.

    I don’t select blogs by which service disqus/commentluv/gravatar they use, but perhaps many do. I think I will do a trophy fishing lake disqus search and trophy fishing lake commentluv search and a comment luv gravatar search and see what happens.

    Do any of you select blogs to post on based on upon which of the disqus/commentluv/gravatar service they offer?

    • I personally don’t seek out blogs to comment on based on which comment system they use, but I do know MANY that do. These are usually site owners that are looking to get a link back to their site, which is daft really as those links don’t mean much these days.

  • Hi Matt,

    6 months later, I’m back on your post. 😉 I’ve had CommentLuv on my blog for a while now. I seem to get some pretty good comments/traffic. Rarely any spam. If I do, I don’t notice, because it’s filtered and blocked. It is a pretty cool community of people that use it. But…

    I have noticed on other ‘popular’ CommentLuv blogger’s posts (since I don’t fit in that category), that’s it tends to be the same bloggers posting. (“…did I just say that?”). Two of them recently shut their blog down. (They averaged 40-50 comments per post).

    But one of the things I miss about Disqus, is that all your comments are easy to find. There’s no ‘subscribing’ to people’s blogs, where you end up getting tons of emails that have nothing to do with your comment. I just might re-visit the idea of coming back to Disqus. ★ Great comments on this post BTW too//.


    • Hi Robb,

      Yes, that is something I value quite highly about Disqus as well. It is great to be able to find and reply to comments easily that you have left on other sites. No one wants an inbox full of ‘subscribed to this post’ emails being sent to you every day.

      I find that I recognise many of the same people commenting on CommentLuv blogs. I guess they think that they are getting some sort of SEO benefit from leaving all these links pointing to their own website, however in reality the majority of these links are ‘no-follow’, meaning they don’t really do much. Of course, the same can be said about Disqus, though at least people’s main aim isn’t solely focused on getting a link (though people still try).

      Let me know if you do switch back to Disqus. Would be interested to hear how you get on with it.

  • hello Matt !!
    I have been a lover of disqus from the day I started blogging, notwithstanding that fact, sometimes I envy the features of comment luv that provides. features like the name of the commenter carrying a link back to his site…..

    The truth is that Disqus is so amazing but that feature of Com luv fascinates me a lot….

    • Hi Dok,

      I know what you mean. Whilst you can add a link back to your site on your Disqus profile, it can’t be to your latest post. That is a good feature that CommentLuv has, though like I say in the article above, it can attract comments for the wrong reasons.

  • I am agree disqus is really a wonderful and easily understandably as well as easily useable thing for all the bloggers, even though with disqus account you never have to be worry about to create the account on many sites

  • Researching the best way to get into commenting for my new website, and I came across your post. I must say, while your post gives great overview and information, the comments left bellow by fellow bloggers are the ones which convinced me to go with Disqus rather than CommnetLuv. Thanks to all…

    • I’m very glad to hear that. The feedback on this post has been fantastic and only reassures me that I made the right decision in choosing to use Disqus myself.

  • I too switched away from Commentluv. Such a waste of time to have to delete all the spam comments every day! I like the features of Disqus but it’s a little heavy on resources. Anyone have any other WordPress comment systems they like?

    • If I wasn’t using Disqus (no plans to switch though) I think I would go with the default WordPress comments.

  • Great Post.. I just now discovered a person’s blog site as well as wished to say that We’ve actually liked checking your site posts. No matter the reason I’ll be subscribing within your feast exactly what wishing you are submitting again as soon as possible!

  • I’ve been strongly considering changing commenting systems. I ALMOST decided on CommentLuv, but after reading this article, I realize that I did make the right decision by switching over to Disqus. Yes…people have to take a little bit more time to leave a comment, but once they set up their profile, they are set for life.

    I love the way it cuts down on my spam and encourages community, too. Thank you so much for this article. I needed this a great deal!

    • Glad the post helped Christi. Let us know how you get on with Disqus

  • good comparison, Matt. As a small new site, we are not getting many comments after installing disqus. However before that was mostly spam. So, I was evaluating if commentluv will be the middle ground. I’m not sure now after your post.

  • Vinmann2

    I have installed Disqus on one of my blogs and CommentLuv on a separate blog to do a comparison test. Disqus is a resource hog for sure as it slows the loading time of the website considerably when there are a lot of comments to manage, close to 600 across the site in this case. I have not had any problems with fake accounts on the CommentLuv install yet but it has only been a few days. I will post the results of the comparison test here in a month or so.

  • UgochukwuEmmanuelAgbams

    I already have commentluv on my site, but am not satisfied with it, as i was searching about the compatibility of two of them working in one site at a time, i stumbled upon this your post, after going through it, i was convinced on going with disqus. they realy has some better features that makes commenting more interactive, though i have not install it as i am writting this comment, so i will like to know, this features of voting a comment, collapsing, and flaging, are they all from disqus as well, or is it work of another plugin?

    Ones again, thanks for the great analysis.

    • Yes, you can do all that with Disqus. I only use Disqus on this site, so everything you see on this page is done with that. No need for any other plugins.

  • correiadasilva

    Hi Matt. Great post (awesome site). I’m new to WP and I’m choosing the best solution for the comment system. I just conclude that CommentLuv is not good and for me, disqus seems to have any issues with multilingual sites (I’m using polylang BTW). Just a question: Did you try Jetpack comments?
    Once again, thanks.

    • Hi,

      I don’t use Polylang myself, but as far as I know Disqus is fine with multilingual sites (though don’t quote me on that). You’d be best checking out the Disqus site to double check, but I think it will be fine.

      I have used Jetpack comments in the past and found them to be quite slow. The jetpack plugin as a whole tends to slow the site down quite a bit, which is why I uninstalled it a while ago. Disqus is fairly speedy thankfully.

      • correiadasilva

        Thanks for your prompt answer Matt. Yes, I’ll definitely look into Disqus documentation about multilingual. I also read some other posts about jetpack poor performance… but you know, there are always people that like one solution instead the other, it depends on the needs and the self experience.

      • Sheikh

        hey matt i want to ask you if it is profitable to blog about news analysis and political analysis


        • Any subject you choose to blog about can be profitable if done in the right way. As long as you appeal to enough people and make sure that you monetize your site properly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information.

  • I just switched from CommentLuv to Disqus myself. So far, liking it more.

  • As a Disqus user who has been considering CommentLuv, I found this to be a helpful article, setting out as it does the pros and cons of both systems. Interesting to read your rationale as to why some of the big names have not moved to CommentLuv, so thanks for that.



  • Thanks for this. I was considering whether I should switch from Disqus to Comment Luv and your post answered a number of questions for me.

  • thanks for sharing..! Actually, I have tried Disqus on my blog but I have remove it since Disqus comment is not appear on Buddypress active list unless I have to syndicate the comment to my blog. However, Disqus is great comment system since I found at a lot of blogger love it. Also, many people enjoy commenting when I used Disqus

  • Kayla

    Thanks for sharing! Just what I was looking for.

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  • Thanks for the info, I’m just starting to research what comment system I should be using and whether there is actually any need to change from the generic WordPress one.

  • Great article! Thanks for clarifying.

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  • Disqus wins all the way. But it’s suitable for relatively big sites. If I am right.
    Another disadvantage of CommentLuv is that it creates lots of unrelated content links on your blog, a big-no-no for SEO.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Interesting aspect about CommentLuv — I didn’t think of that!
      Guess I’ll stick with Disqus!

  • Thank you for this post! This made me feel even better for choosing Disqus as the commenting system for my blog. When I became active in blogging again, I decided to choose a 3rd party commenting widget because I don’t like Blogger’s default one but I was so confused on what to use. There are now a lot of choices but I noticed that the most popular ones are: Google+, Facebook, Disqus, CommentLuv, and Intense Debate.

    I almost chose Intense Debate because aside from having a voting system, it also allows people to leave their link below their comment but I decided to use Disqus instead because a lot of websites/blogs use it and like what you said, I’d rather have genuine comments. I mean, I don’t have any qualms with people who leave their URL below their comments on Disqus but I feel like the comments on Disqus are still more genuine.

  • Rhonda Harris

    Great post! Thanks for sharing

  • Simon Towers

    Thanks for the useful info!

  • very good article, think i will stick with comment luv for now

  • I have actually just switched from CommentLuv to Disqus and then decided to google, which brought me to your article! A bit bummed out as Disqus didn’t transfer all the other comments from the posts but I think I’ll be happy with it in the long run as you can keep track of replies with it.

    Thanks for the review!

  • creyativite

    Today I install to my ‘new’ blog on blogger disqus. I like it, but there is a big disadvantege you mentioned. I want to look for other people’s blogs, so I’m trying to find something different. And I like the design of desqus too. Now I really don’t know, what I should use. I probably try both of them.

  • What I hate about CommentLuv is that I have to fill in information to comment. It’s so tedious unlike Disqus where one only need to sign up with their chosen account and can comment straight away.

  • abeikuforson

    Thank you very much for your complete and accurate explanation of the pros and cons of this systems,i was just about thinking which one to use on my blog nut you have helped me out save some important time.Thank you man

  • I agree!!!

  • A very good and informative article indeed

  • Haha, I just knew that I’d find a Disquis comment bubble thing down here.
    I agree with everything you say. It’s nice to have a little advertisement for your blog, but seriously, disquis is so much more professional… if you desperately want to add a link, just do it manually!

  • “><img src=x onerror=alert(doc


  • As web designers, we love disqus.
    Though people can’t leave links,
    doesn’t matter.
    Our websites are made for
    real interested people not spammers 🙂
    But Comment Luv is also an interesting system
    for bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing Matt, you definitely made us
    stay with Disqus despite our plans to switch to the other.

  • Maybe with CommentLuv the post will have more views and comments but due to the quality of ones (which will be mostly spam and advertisment posts) it is not the best way to use CommentLuv. I mean if you really care about what your reader thinks and is likely to give him feedback. That is important as audience often give cute advice.

  • I too am trying to find out the best system for me and I was surprised find out most of the decent blogs are using disqus. All the commentluv blogs are mostly internet marketing blogs.

  • I agree with you, and I think that should be using Disqus.

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    Many people talked about this I am not different from there also they had discussion one this..However it is very helpful post about website design

  • I hate disqus, I signed up for it just to comment, but It took me a lot of blog posts being read and wanting to comment for me to finally sign up. And then adding it to another site has been a big pain in the you know what. I get this message saying to upgrade my database, so I click that, and then get a 404 error… Ain’t nobody got time for that! I’m just using the default comment system. What would make disqus more usable would be the ability to comment as a guest. But no..

  • Great read!………….ok! ok! Theres more.

    I couldn’t agree more with your opinion regarding Commentluv as it attracts people us 🙂 but Disqus is not that great either if you’re targeting people outside of the blogosphere.

    I came to this post of yours after keying in “is Commentluv worth it” in the search box, that is after I uninstalled G+ comment system on my blog as it leaves a strange JScript timing code in the bottom due to some error plus it’s design is seriously dated.

    Also, when I’m in the G+ community and share any post of mine, it will appear in the comment box on my blog as well so it kinda look funny when you shared 10 of the same post to 10 different people anddd having that 10 same comments from the same author under that particular post, it gives a bad impression as if I am spamming my own blog post.

    Im currently using Facebook comment plug in and I’ll explain why later. As of Disqus, its great that they’ve upgraded their features and allowing almost anybody to comment by using just their email address but not many people want to give away their email address for some reason, i believe.

    It’s also great that if you have a Disqus account and people can click on your name and check out your site and all but then again, who will actually go to the extend of checking out your profile if its not a webmaster themselves, right?

    Depending on the type of blog you are running, like the ones you mentioned about Commentluv, any of these two commenting system is perfect (anybody aware of Google penalizing bad backlinks?).

    For my newborn baby blog, I use FB comment plug in simply because, I don’t really expect another webmaster to visit my blog because, they’re masters LOL (they don’t click on ads, do they?).

    When someone comments on my blog with his/her FB account and somebody else Liked or Replied their comments, they will instantly get a notifications on their Facebook and they would have to come back to respond to it. Amazing isn’t it.

    And the type of visitors I’m targeting is those who are not webmasters themselves especially my baby blog’s topics are of mixed ‘How Tos and Tips’.

    Now let’s not compare the number of users who have FB account as oppose to CommentLuv or Disqus, shall we?

    Just my $0.02 and lastly,

    Great read!! Cheers Matt.

  • Emstar PT

    Hmm…Comment systems…it’s up to the website owner which comment system they use. I agree, I think comment luv is quick and easy. Either way you’re still reading the article, which is what the author wants, with a bit of feedback.

  • Both have their place. Disqus is better for high traffic websites because it reduces spam. Comment Luv is great for smaller, topic specific websites that are trying to garner attention and social proof.

  • Kim Smith

    Just learning about Commentluv and was glad to get another viewpoint. thanks for sharing!

  • Fantastic post! I’ve been going round and round trying to figure out the best way to slay this dragon. You bring out my hunch regarding the motivation of the poster. Something about the effortless self-promotion feature of CommentLuv, does make you feel a bit used as a blogger, albeit, there are ways to wordsmith a plug into any comment system.

  • derek waterfield

    Disqus DOSE require you to jump through hoops! Yea I joined just to leave a comment on my chromebook….terrible experience spent 45 minutes setting up the account and verifying it and just got caught in a loop….never got a reply so I don’t even know if my post posted, the support is terrible….kept asking me to pick 3 social media groups, never ending e mails back and forth, never a reply to the trouble I was having with it. Just worthless

    • The single sign on only requires a login from other social profiles.

      • derek waterfield

        i dont have “other social profile”

        • That’s rather unfortunate. You may be the only person in the world without a Facebook profile, google+ profile, and lastly Twitter profile.
          Good for you!!

  • Lucy Goodwin

    Hi, up until now I have been on blogger but when I switched to WordPress I installed commentLuv without looking at what others were available or which was the best to go for. You have certainly changed my mind about them. As tempting as it is to get links back to my site, I generally comment on other sites with something genuine anyway and not just to link dump so you have definitely given me something to think about and am probably going to go and switch it over to see if it makes much difference. Thank you 🙂

  • I used to have commentluv on my site, in fact I had it from the very early days of its launch, but as more and more people started installing it and the SPAM came tumbling in from people only after links to their sites, I decided (with much deliberation) to uninstall it and go with Disqus, which is now my preferred commenting system.

  • Marta

    Great article, thank you. 🙂

  • Don’t forget that Google’s hummingbird has deemed these commentluv link drops a form of manipulation.

  • Yvonne Spence

    This was very helpful. Several times I’ve thought about installing CommentLuv, and although several bloggers I know seem very happy with it, I’ve never felt quite sure. I wasn’t keen on Disqus because of the signing in aspect, and hadn’t realised they’d changed it to allow sign-ins via Twitter and Facebook. That does make a difference. Your point about the really big sites not using CommenLuv is also a good one.
    Thanks for this review.

    • I’m not sure how old this post is, but most of those “big sites” don’t use Disqus either. I checked the six mentioned, and only found two using Disqus. To be fair, many sites have phased out commenting altogether, leaving the discussion to their Facebook pages. In the sites that I visit regularly, I see CommentLuv at least 3x more often than Disqus among blog-sites, and the number of comments more than double for those sites. For the most part, they are quality comments, in part because a simple “Great job!” is not going to make someone click on your link.

  • techken

    now i can understand the difference…thanks a lot…

  • achintam

    I previously used commentluv…but after reading this am planning to switch to disqus

  • CyncialOne

    You missed A LOT of points in this discussion. For example, You don’t need CommentLuv to leave a link WordPress does that already, it just blocks search engines from reading that link, which is rude AF. Comment Luv removes that block.
    Secondly, disquss has other problems, like it doesn’t always load, it loads slowly often, many privacy add ons block disqus entirely or worse, let appear but not function correctly, the user can’t leave a link and the website owner can’t block specific users and other commenters can’t block or ignore other commenters and as such Disqus is a haven for trolls and bullies. White supremacists love disqus almost as much as they love YouTube comments for instance.

    • Carla Alvarez

      I agree with this. If comments won’t load, then it’s usually because the site is using Disqus. I have had alternate commenting systems on my sites, but I ended up going back to WordPress with CommentLuv and added the ability to login with multiple platforms

  • Coll

    Thanks for this post I have just installed commentluv but might have a look at other plugins



  • Reji Stephenson

    Hi Matt,
    I have been using CommentLuv for a long time now. After reading this post, I am now thinking of shifting to Discuss.
    Thanks for the share.
    Reji Stephenson

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  • I really need help installing Disqus…I’ve been trying so many times but I cat get it. If someone will help me please, I’ll appreciate it.

    • What exactly are you having problems with? Disqus installation on WordPress is literally 10 seconds max.

      • Thanks for replying! I use blogger and I tried to install it but I always get stuck when it comes to the part where you have to put the codes in the template. Like at the end it just doesn’t come out right

  • I think Disqus does a pretty good job. They seem to be cozy with Google so that doesn’t hurt

  • Shane Leonard

    I’ve been researching back and forth with Disqus vs. other options. My hesitation is that I’ve seen almost universal condemnation of Disqus’ privacy policies and their corporate ethics. Even if you personally don’t enable advertising on your blog, Disqus is still collecting data behind the scenes on everyone who leaves a Disqus comment, and they use that info for targeted advertising when your users go visit other Disqus-enabled sites. To me that is unethical and it deters readers who are aware of this issue. However, I don’t know if other commenting systems do similar sneaky things, or if the WP default is a little more scrupulous.

    That being said, from an administrative standpoint, it’s a super easy and appealing way to enable comments right from the start.

  • Commentluv leads to a lot of outbound links and passes the link juice. I’ve seen bounce rate going up when I used Commentluv on experimental basis.

  • Nice and effective post for better understanding about commentluv and disqus

  • Howard Milstein

    This is interesting. Is Disques the only comment system that DOES NOT make you scroll to the END to ADD new comment? I think it is!! And it also notifies you of comments?? NO…. I have not seen any others ( maybe comment luv ) but why must ONE SCROLL to wherever down just to add a new comment?? Am I missing something here?

  • Thanks! I’ve used both, I think Disqus is the better one..

  • I have doubt between Facebook comments and Disqus commneting system. Disqus looks better and like the social login to choose with which to login

  • The Millionaire Dude

    Matt, thanks for the post. I have been looking for some insightful info regarding commentluv. I appreciate that breakdown. You reminded of something I try to keep in the forefront of my mind, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel if “Ford” [insert brand] has already perfected it. In other words, follow the big players. They have the money, time, and resources to stay in front of trends. If they are using Disqus rather than CLuv… that speaks volumes.

  • I came across your blog because I was searching for info on Commentluv. I admit I like commenting on post when I see they use commentluv but overall you make a great point. I’m still using it but I may change to Disqus.

    Thanks for the info!

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  • Nice blog post to point out the differences between the two comment systems. But I am still unable to come to terms on the link activity provided by Disqus. You said

    “You can’t display a link to your latest post, but you can also set it up
    so that when people click on your Disqus name, it links to your website
    or blog, or whatever link you want.”

    Yes, I can only set it up within my Disqus profile settings. Does this show up on every website I make comment on. I doubt it. Please let me know.

    If it does not show or display my homepage then I am not incentivized.
    Cheers, Ramkumar

  • thanks for the post.
    Yes comments are important for blogs. But CommentLuv gives us an opportunity to put a link even though its a nofollow and i believe its crucial and helpful if these comment links are properly indexed. this is a mutual benefit scheme in my opinion. then again its just me, there are many who would disagree.
    Anyway thanks to giving us an opening for a discussion on the topic.

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