15 Ways Your Website Could Be Earning You More Money INFOGRAPHIC


If you run your own website or blog, then you will probably want to know how to make money with it.  There are many different ways to monetize a site.  SO many in fact that you don’t have to rely on only one method, you can use as many different ways as you want! Following on from the success of our ‘30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging!‘ post, I wanted to put together an extensive infographic for you all.  That’s why I commissioned this money infographic to be created for the site and I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

I hope you find this money infographic to be useful.  If you do, then please feel free to share it on your own site or give it a like or a Tweet on your social media network.

Money Infographic

This ’15 Ways Your Website Could Be Earning You More Money INFOGRAPHIC’ was sponsored by Conosco.

If you found these 15 tips to be useful, remember to check out the full 30 tip list over at ‘30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog & Make Money Blogging‘ for even more detailed information on each method of how to make money with your site.

Alternately, if you would like to learn more about infographics and how they can be used to boost your website/blog traffic, check out our ‘How To Use Infographics To Attract Traffic‘ post.  I’ll try to get more infographics made for the site in the future (probably by the same people who created this one for us), so stay tuned for those.

Do you use any of these methods already to monetize your own site?  If so, which have you found to be the most successful?  Will you be trying out any of the other suggestions on the list?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Arup Ghosh

    All in one earning guide for every one. just rocking:)

  • This is awesome Matt!

    • Cheers John! I’m pretty pleased with it myself.

  • Not bad Matt. I think you forgot one more about online learning or e-learning. However, setting it up is a hard thing to do though. Got any resources that may help?

    • I think I mention that on our more in-depth list of ’30 Ways To Monetize Your Blog’.

      Yes, it can be difficult to set up, but if done right it can be a great way to monetize a site.

  • Great article! I’m trying to start my own website and have read a lot of your articles – all really informative and great stuff!

    But I was hoping to ask you a question regarding the eBook? I love writing, but I was wondering if I wrote a story about, for example, Batman, would I need to get the rights to use him from DC first, or can I just write about anything without worrying about copyright? The legalities of copyright can get really complicated (for me at least) so I was hoping to find out more about it from you.

    • Now I’m no lawyer, but generally speaking you can’t publish anything like that without proper permission. If you were writing a completely unique story (i.e. Squid Woman) then you would be fine. But as Batman is somewhat of an internationally well known character, you wouldn’t be able to.

      Basically, you CAN publish anything that is unique. You CAN’T publish anything that already exists. At least not commercially.

  • Alan Dingwall

    This is a great post Matt! 🙂 One thing I would add is that if you have a high traffic blog or Youtube channel or both that have high traffic then people could make a small fortune on Google adsense if they show ads on their videos.

    The best part is now everyone an monetize their videos even if they don’t have much followers so this is a great advantage. If people are looking to make money online I feel that they should be working on Youtube as well as their own blog in order to make money with adsense.

    I think the best way to make money online via your blog or website is to sell advertising space and create a product for their customers to help them with a specific problem. I also feel that if a single blog post concentrated on 1 tip or 1 problem and used the PWSS technique (problem, reasons why your customer is having a problem, step to over come that problem, overall solution with additional steps) then they could provide much more value.

    This is a great infographic and while some websites and blogs can make a fortune with some of these money making techniques not everyone does so I think that people should concentrate on one money making technique to see if it works or not and then move on to the next or add a second income stream.

    This is definitely something that people should not rush into because if they do then they may not make any money online at all. They should take it slowly like someone would in the real estate investment market. They build up their real estate portfolio over the course of a number of years.

    It won’t take that long to make money online via 1 strategy, but if you’re using more than 5 strategies to make money with your blog or website then it is most likely going to take a few years before you’re making all you can from each income stream.

    I suggest to new bloggers to not think of a income stream at first until their blog is at least 4 to 7 or more months old and stick to that one stream of income for at least 2 to 3 months to maximize their chances of making more online.

    • Hi Alan,

      One of the reasons I love blogging is that it can be approached in the same way as a business. There are lots of different ways in which you can monetize your site/content to generate different income streams. The best bit though is that as your site grows over time, so does that income.

      You are right in the fact that new bloggers will find it tough to make money in the first few months, as a site needs to grow to a certain level before any real money can be made. Just like a business, you can’t expect to sell any products without having customers. That’s why time should be spent focusing on growing the site when first starting out.

  • Nasim Khan

    Awesome post Matt..
    Really helpful For newbie like us..
    Thanks for sharing such article…