10 Tips For Using Affiliate Programs On Your Website


Affiliate Marketing

We have mentioned a number of times how Affiliate Marketing can be used to generate income for your site. In today’s post I wanted to give a few tips to get the most out of Affiliate programs, for use on your site.

What Are Your Readers Looking For?

You need to consider your audience that visits your site. Why are they there? What are they looking for? Are they shopping for specific items?

Understanding your audience and why they are viewing your site, can enable you to promote affiliate products that are relevant. There is no point in promoting weight loss supplements if your website promotes car accessories!

Promote Quality Products

You should only be promoting quality products! Everybody is the same, we all like to make sure that we are getting good value for money. Promoting products that are rubbish, just because they offer a better commission for you, won’t work. Respect your readers and promote quality products, with good reputations, that they will find useful.

Your Own Recommendations Work Best!

There are countless products and services available online for you to choose from, to promote on your site. However, generating money from them isn’t as simple as merely adding a link. You need to actively promote and recommend the product itself to your readers.

On a daily basis, people keep returning to your blog because they trust what you are writing about. You need to maintain this trust by being open and honest about any product that you promote. The easiest way to loose visitors is to promote affiliate products that you clearly don’t use/isn’t relevant to them.

The best results that I have had from affiliate programs is when I give an open and honest review of it. One of the most successful programs I have been involved at on OnlineIncomeTeacher.com is with the email auto-responder, AWeber. I refer to it a lot in many posts when relevant, because not only is it a tool that I use to distribute my FREE eCourse, but it is a tool that I recommend to other bloggers and website owners to build their own email list with.

Link Positioning

There are many places on your site pages to place Affiliate Links, but some work better than others. Think about where your reader will be looking on screen when they are viewing your website.

Blog posts are a particularly good place to include text-link ads, but also above and below each post is a good position to include advertisement banners.

Your website header is a prime location for adverts, as this is clearly visible to everyone that visits any of your pages. In comparison, adverts placed lower down on your pages towards the footer area, won’t have the same impact.

Contextual Advertising Works Best

The best thing about contextual adverts like Google Adsense, is that when someone is reading a particular post on your blog and they see an advert for that same product, they are much more likely to click on it, than if they had seen an advert for something else.

Affiliate programs work best, when they are used in this same way! A link or banner ad to a general homepage (e.g. Amazon), wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective as multiple links placed throughout your blog article that advertises products that are relevant for your readers.

So, for example, a blog post about hand-held gaming consoles might include a review of the new Nintendo 3Ds product. The most effective affiliate program that you could link to within that post would be one that links to a page selling that Nintendo 3Ds model.

The Amazon affiliate program is great for setting these links up, and I use it myself to promote products on my sites. It can be a little more work, but I find that it is well worth the effort.

Don’t Put All Your Affiliate Eggs Into One Basket!


Treat your website/blog as a business! Diversify your income streams, so that you are not relying on one affiliate program. There are plenty of products out there to promote, so there is no need to just concentrate on one.

Think about all of the different things that your website focuses on. Try to find numerous products that are relevant to each of those and promote when relevant.

Build Other Revenue Streams

There are many ways to earn money online, you don’t solely have to rely on affiliate programs. I find it fun to build up my business and find new ways of monetizing my websites. Affiliate advertising is one of the best methods for generating income, but it is not the only one. Try to incorporate different methods and experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

Check out our post on ‘30 Ways Your Website Can Earn You Money!‘ for some methods that you may not have originally thought of.

Don’t Fool Your Readers

Don’t try to trick your readers into clicking on links that will make you money. The only thing that you will achieve by doing this, is that you will loose readers!

Tracking Your Affiliate Link Results

The majority of affiliate programs include some type of tracking or analytic statistics package, which will allow you to see which links are working. These tracking tools are very useful and will allow you plan future affiliate strategies.

Traffic = Money!!!

You can have the best links, promoting the best products, located in the prime positions on your pages, but if there is no one visiting your site then you won’t make any money!

Traffic is key to making money online. The more visitors that see your affiliate links, the more likely it is that one of them will make a purchase. Constantly work to attract more traffic to your website.

Please leave your comments below & feel free to ask any questions.

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Zack Richards

    Great post Matt! I agree that its best to build other streams of income from your site & not rely on affiliates alone πŸ™‚

    • Totally! Like I said, it’s best not to put all your eggs in one basket. Look at any successful business and you’ll see that they have more than one revenue stream.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome post Matt! Glad that I ran across it in my research of “How to go about affiliates”. I’ve been following you for awhile now, but haven’t had the opportunity of visiting your site until now. This post was very helpful. Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned here with us. πŸ™‚

    • No problem Deeone, glad you found it helpful.

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  • Jade

    Thanks a lot for the great post. really enjoyed reading it πŸ™‚
    I’m relatively new to the whole affiliate marketing thing and have only been using google adsense on my blog. I’ve got a few questions that I really hope you will be able to answer for me:
    Can I use other affiliate networks (such as online dating affiliate networks) with google adsense without getting banned or anything?
    Can I use more then one affiliate network (such as googles affiliate program and an online dating affiliate program) with my adsense without getting banned or anything?

    My biggest concern is getting banned for something I did without realizing it would be a problem.
    Please help!!!


    • I’d be happy to try and answer your questions for you πŸ™‚

      1) “Can I use other affiliate networks (such as online dating affiliate networks) with google adsense without getting banned or anything?”

      Yes! You can use as many different affiliate programs on your site, without the fear of getting banned. I think the only risk would be if you were displaying ‘Adult’ adverts along side others, but I’m sure you weren’t planning that anyway..

      2) “Can I use more then one affiliate network (such as googles affiliate program and an online dating affiliate program) with my adsense without getting banned or anything?”

      Yes! You can safely use as many affiliate programs as you want. This site promotes a few alternative affiliates along side adsense, and we have never had a problem.

      I would however say don’t over do it with the amount of affiliates you promote. Stick to products/services that are related to your website niche. Your visitors will be more likely to click through to these, as they are linked in some way to the content on your site. They may get put off if you start promoting other products/services that are totally unrelated.

      I hope that helped in some way Jade. Feel free to ask me anything if you are unsure, I’m more than happy to try to answer all your questions.

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  • Great post, I think following these steps you can not go wrong. These steps are very clear I will try it my self. I think building traffic is the hardest part. I think selling other peoples products are rewarding and the big money is where the affiliate products are sold.

    • Yes, by far the hardest part is driving enough traffic to your site, but if you can do that then affiliate marketing can be a very effective way of making money online.

  • Multidecks

    Affiliate programs are helpful to get earning form your site. Most of the loggers use various programs for affiliate marketing to get more and more. This post is good idea to learn and knwo the tips for it…

    • It’s definitely a good idea to diversify and not rely on just one single affiliate program. Promoting various different affiliates linked with your site niche can help to earn more money.

  • Hello

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you really know what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We could have a link exchange contract between us!


    • I’m very happy that you found this information useful! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

  • Hello..

    thank you for sharing on your thought . its a nice thought all of you really know what you are talking about bookmarked ..!!

    • Thanks for bookmarking! Hope you find the tips we suggest helpful.

  • Aweber ROCKS! Thanks for the tip…

    • No problem Robert! AWeber does indeed ROCK, such a great tool to use to grow your targeted email list.

  • kwasi kisiedu

    Great post.. How do you promote more multiple affiliate links within the same niche on a blog?

    • Hi Kwasi! You can sign up to as many different affiliate programs as you want. This means that you can promote multiple affiliate links on your site at the same time, there is no limit.

  • Nice tips I have been doing affiliate marketing for over a year now but this will help more! your right I have seen traffic=money in action nothing like passive income!

    • Hi Matt! Yes, traffic is SO important to making money online. Like I say in the post, you can have all the affiliate links you want but if you don’t have enough traffic, no one will click on them.

      All website owners should make driving traffic their number one priority as that is the best way to create a profitable online business.

  • MaryJale P Wong Hong Kong

    Hello, Matt I read about your article here Online income Teacher so amazing your tips and advice are helpful. I

    • Glad you found the post helpful Mary!

  • Marie

    Great post. Earning money as an affiliate is not an easy task. These tips will surely help.

    • Hi Marie,

      You’re right! Affiliate marketing is not easy, but it is doable. When I first started, I barely made anything, but now that my site has grown and I know more about it, I have a steady income stream from it.

  • i like website.
    Traffic = Money always right

    • As long as you have monetized your website properly πŸ™‚

  • Y8 Games

    onpage good. more social, maketing, and backlink backlink is king. and will get more traffic = money

  • A Great Danes World

    Matt I love it but I think I went the wrong way I had a huge Great Dane site that was a small blog that people fell in love with my Clawdell. I have information on anything Great Dane google adsence Twitter two Facebook pages follow all the rules with affiliate links youtube ranked 1 on Google bing yahoo if you use Clawdell or a Great Danes world. I post new pic all day videos everything up a year low clicks made 6 dollars ADCENCE and 11 cent on YouTube what am I doing wrong thanks todd

    • Hi Todd,

      Just checked out your site & social media profiles. I think there are a few aspects that you can focus on.

      BLOG – Your blog should be the most important part of your site as that ultimately helps to bring in traffic. From looking at just a few of your posts it is clear to see that they are far too short. Posts need to be, at the very least, 300 words long as that it the cut off point for search engines. Shorter posts don’t tend to get crawled, which could be why you aren’t getting as much traffic.

      SOCIAL MEDIA – Checking out your Twitter/Facebook/Google+ pages, no where are you using #hashtags. #Hashtags are vital to help reach the people interested in your subjects. Most of your updates tend to be purely self-promotional. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but it can be good to mix it up a bit and engage with your audience. Ask questions, post dog facts, links to other dog related posts that you have found interesting, get involved with other dog based profiles, etc.

      If you are still having problems reaching enough people, you may want to think about expanding your niche to all dogs and not just great danes. There are a lot of dog owners out there, it is just a case of finding a way to entice them in.

      • Ashley Kimler

        Another great social media tip that I just learned – when replying to a tweet, instead of just using @twittername, place a period in front of it: .@twittername

        This way, all of your followers and all of their followers will see the conversation.

        Also, use links in tweets as they’re more likely to get clicked on.

        For Facebook, it seems to me that videos are trending since the autoplay update – within my friends group, I’m seeing an extreme rise in the amount of likes that videos receive.

      • Todd

        Wow I bel you hit it on the head thank you so much.I have changed my site a lot because if you would you please if you have time revisit it and I have another question I have an inside blog I want to make a Google outside blogger called pits best consumer but it will link all back to Molly’s for affiliate pick the top three testing each company myself with delivery time customer service price etc. what do you think

  • nickjamesbitch2

    Great article! When you talk about using multiple affiliates, are those programs that you’re trying to refer people to through your site or programs that you’re using to promote goods for example, that Nintendo you talked about?

    Is there one specific affiliate company that you use for all of the goods and services that you promote that are not affiliate programs themselves?

    I’m trying to figure out a strategy for a financial blog that I am starting and don’t know how many, or what the point is of signing up for more than one program, or what affiliate programs to sign up for.


  • Munna

    Great article! I found some useful ideas at a glance. But I have a question, is there any restriction of how many times can I use my one affiliate link on website? If so what is the standard quantity?

  • Sinto

    Hope, it’s not too late for me to get you here, since I’m really a fresh newbie. This site is really beneficial and hopefully will guide me to a better ending described here. Gratefully and thanks a lot, Matt.

  • Olga Bulkina

    Hi Matt. Thanks for the useful information. Have you ever work with insurance affiliate program? What can you say about globelink program, is it good?

  • I’ve heard from both my main affiliate programs that using both links in posts can sometimes cancel out cookies. Is this true? Or is this there way of encouraging me to use one single platform?

  • ayumipiedotcom

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