How To Attract Guest Bloggers To Write For Your Site


Guest Blogging

If you run a blog, you know that you need to be consistently producing quality posts for your regular readers and to help attract new traffic to your website.

That shouldn’t be news to anyone, as that is what’s required of a blogger! However, producing these regular posts takes time, time that you could be using to improve other aspects of your website. This could include; social media marketing, increasing brand awareness, identifying potential new affiliates to incorporate on your site, etc.

What if there was a way to free up your time from writing so that you could spend time improving these other aspects of your website? Well there is and it is called ‘Guest Blogging’!

What Is Guest Blogging?

For those that may not be aware, ‘Guest Blogging’ is when someone else (a guest) writes an article for your site for you to publish.

But why would someone want to write for me? Well they may do this for a number of reasons. Guest blogging can be an excellent way to promote yourself/business and get your name heard by other people. Some people use guest blogging as a way in which to improve their writing, perhaps to increase their chances of getting hired as a professional writer.

Primarily, people who ‘Guest Blog‘ are bloggers themselves and they do this for one reason specifically, and that is to get a link back to their website. It is generally accepted that when you write a guest post for someone, you are allowed to link back to your own website either within or at the end of the article. That way, when people read the post and like it, they have the option of navigating to your website to read more.

The added benefit of these ‘links’ is that the more external links that you have pointing people towards your website (i.e. links on other websites), the more you improve your SEO enabling you to drive more traffic to your site via search engines.

How Do I Get Guest Bloggers To Write For My Site?

So, now that you know how guest bloggers can help you, how do you attract them to write for you? Well, a lot depends on your blog and what niche you specifically concentrate on. For example, a website that publishes tips for fellow writers will naturally attract more people who may be willing to write for you, compared to a blog about skin care. But don’t be put off, there are still ways to attract guest bloggers to your site.

Probably the best way is to simply advertise on your site that you accept guest bloggers. This way, when people visit your site, they are aware that they could write for you. I have found this to be extremely effective on this very site, as I get a number of people every week getting in contact with me via the ‘Write for Us‘ page wanting to write a guest post submission.

We Accept Guest Bloggers

If you choose to do this, it is important that you outline some rules for any submissions that you get, such as; minimum word count, article topics, language, etc. This helps to make your life easier, as otherwise every individual writer will want to know what you accept via email, or alternatively submit an article that is totally unrelated to your site.

Another way to attract guest bloggers is to simply ask them! You may follow other blogs within the same niche as yourself, why not ask the author to write a post for you. The worst they can say is “No”, but generally bloggers are more than happy to write guest posts. They may ask you to write a post for their site as well, which only helps to drive more traffic to your blog!

If you are just starting out, then it may be a little harder to attract guest bloggers. In this instance it may be better to reverse the roles and approach sites to write for them. If you get your work published on someone else’s site, ask them if they would like to write for you. This is how many bloggers start out by building contacts within their chosen field (I started this way!).

Doing a simple Google search can find you many online forums, social media groups, community websites, etc. where potential guest bloggers hangout. Here you can ask people if they want to write for you. You are bound to get some interest from these, though I generally find that the quality of writing is better from bloggers who approach you directly.

Lastly, and probably my best piece of advice, is to forget about attracting guest bloggers and just concentrate on your own website. Work on making it the best that you can and producing the best quality posts that you can write. You will find that as your site and your authority within your niche grows, people will start approaching you and asking if they can write an article for you.

I hope you found this post helpful. Do you have any other ways of attracting guest bloggers to write for you? Please leave your comments below!

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Darrel456

    Very helpful post matt! Getting guest writers for a blog is very important these days, these tips are great ways to help attract them to write for a site. I’ll be using them for sure

    • I see guest blogging as an integral part of my business, both by attracting guest bloggers and me writing for others. It helps to spread the word about your site and you get to make a number of new contacts through the process.

  • pooja

    the information which u have given for is very useful where i can follow this tips dialurdoctor

    • Glad you found this post helpful 🙂 Thanks for the comment

  • Pablo

    Great post.

    • Thanks Pablo! I hope it helps you to attract guest bloggers for your own site

  • Guest posting is a challenging yet effective link building strategy. You really have to be patient when it comes to contacting the blog owner, and complying to the requirements.

    This post is a big help to those who wish to attract people to write an article for their site.

    • I definitely think that it’s important to comply with a blogs guest post guidelines. I know from personal experience that I discount submissions that I get sent who don’t match my own guidelines.

      Thanks for the comment!

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  • Hafiz Mahmud

    All I can say is, this post is very helpful 🙂
    Thank you

  • kimsea

    It is a useful tip, I just set the guest post page on my website but it still no one write for me now. But your tip make more sense about how to get the guest post done. Anyway, thank for sharing

    • Hi Kimsea! It can take time to get your first guest post writer, but once you publish your first couple of guest posts, that should encourage more writers to get in contact.

      This is what I found when I launched this site. Once I had got my first few guest posts published, I found more people got in contact who wanted to write for me. I now publish quite a lot of guest posts on the site and I’m getting at least 2-3 submissions a day. I literally have to turn many of them down now because I am getting so many, and anyway, I only want to publish the best posts on the site.

      Keep up the hard work Kimsea and it will pay off in the long run.

  • Gloria

    do you have any advices on how to attract people to right in a company blog?

    • Gloria

      sorry!!! to write

    • Hi Gloria,

      That’s a good question! I know that when I first allowing guest posts, I struggled to get much interest from people, yet now I turn down more than I allow simply because I get sent so many.

      Firstly, you need to make it clear on your site that you accept guest posts. You should have a ‘write for us’ link (menu or footer) on all of your pages that people can find. This should link to a page that clearly lays out all of your article rules/requirements and include a contact form. That way, you don’t need to include it in every email.

      Next, you need to be patient. People will only really begin to email you when they see that you have multiple authors on your site. Took me a couple of months before things really took off for me. Try asking employees, colleagues, clients, etc. to write for you just to build up some different authors.

      Lastly, try getting a link to your site on some of the ‘sites that accept guest posts’ articles that are online. There are plenty online, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one.

      Failing that, go and ask people yourself. Find guest authors who have written for other sites and get in contact with them (via social media, email, etc.) You are bound to find plenty that way.

  • Thanks for sharing..! Actually, I have built my blog as buddypress community and allow some guest author to write for the community. However, I have only one author now. I want to find more contributors. Thanks for sharing..! this really interesting article to me

  • Hi Matt. Thanks for the great tips. Will definitely be implementing and testing a few of them.

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  • Hi Matt, i really like your tips and i started applying on my new blog. thanks for it.