Content Schedule – How Often Should I Post On My Blog?


Content Schedule

I get asked often by my readers, “How often should I post on my blog?”, and I always give the same answer – “It’s up to you!”

There is no definitive answer because it often depends on the individual and the type of blog that they run. For example, someone who runs a blog in their spare time about their hobby, may only have time to write a single post per week. They may have other commitments that take priority, or they may just enjoy posting now and again when they feel like it.

But what if you run a full time blog?

Well, again there is no definitive answer to that, it depends on you! I’ve read many articles in the past about this subject. Some suggest you should be posting every day, whereas others say a couple of times a week. In my opinion both are right and both are wrong, let me explain…

Positives & Negatives Of Posting Everyday

Posting Regular Blog Posts

If you are planning on creating a successful blog (or website), you need people to be able to find it and the best way to do this is to get search engines to list you. The more pages your site has, the more likely people are to find it! Now, that is a very simplistic way of looking at it as it’s not that easy, but larger sites do tend to rank higher than very small sites with only a handful of pages.

Of course, posting everyday requires you to write everyday! You will need to have a different subject to write on everyday and keep churning them out on a consistent basis. You need to make sure that the quality of your articles is maintained, whilst being interesting to your readers.

I’ll be honest and say that posting everyday is very hard work. It can be a great way to promote your blog, but often writers get fatigued and the quality of posts slips. But if you can do it, then hat’s off to you!

Positives & Negatives Of Posting A Couple Of Times A Week

Blog Posts A Few Times A Week

Regular readers of this website will know that I like to post a couple of times a week. I find that doing it this way enables me to write better quality posts that my readers will find helpful. I do this by writing posts that are quite lengthy, usually around 1000 words, and packing more quality information into them, compared to posting short posts everyday. An added benefit of this is that longer posts can be optimized for search engines using more On-Page SEO techniques.

Only posting a couple of times a week does mean that your site will take longer to grow and get established. Traffic may take longer to build up initially, but if you make sure that your posts are of a high enough quality, then people will find them.

I use this method because not only does it allow me time to plan out my articles, but I’m able to dedicate time to actively promote my site, which is something that everyone needs to do to attract visitors.

Content Schedule

Choose A Time and Stick to it!

As I say, I don’t believe there is a right way and a wrong way to how often you should post on your blog. It depends on you, the time that you have and the way you like to work.

However often you choose to post, I do suggest planning out a content schedule and sticking to it. If you intend to post everyday, then stick to it! You will only end up loosing visitors if you post every day for a month and then once a fortnight after that. You need to think about your readers, they will come to expect daily posts if that’s what you have been supplying up until that point.

Similarly, if you choose to post a couple of times a week, commit to posting on certain days of the week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s every Monday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday. Not only will your readers come to expect new articles on those days, but it will motivate you to getting your article finished for your deadline.

You could even take it one step further and set a deadline time that you publish at. I tend to publish my posts at between 5-6pm UK time. This is because people in the UK are just finishing work and people in America are just waking up, so its a prime time for people to get online and visit my website. Whether or not that actually makes a difference is debatable, but it works for me and I like working to a deadline.

How often do you post on your blog? Let me know below, and leave any questions and comments and I’ll try and answer them for you.

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Anonymous

    I just started my blog about 2 weeks ago and i have managed to post quality articles 2 times a week. I would love to write more cause i already have at least 30 topics waiting to be written, but i work as software developer on a day job and spend a lot of time trying to get traffic to my blog and its so time consuming.

    • Posting twice a week is great, like I said in the post I only post twice a week and it works for this site!

      Don’t worrry, you have only been up and running 2 weeks. It takes time for a website to start recieving any traffic. Carry on producing your content at your own pace, twice a week is great, and slowly build your site from there. It won’t happen over night, but as your site grows and you yourself learn more about blogging, you will start to see results.

      Just remember, every blogger has been where you are right now! It’s just the beginning.

  • I’m currently aiming for 3x a week MWF but would like to eventually do 5x if my nebulous blogging/self-publishing endeavor pays off. I need to get ahead with posts so I have a back-up for those days when the writing doesn’t get done…

    • Posting 5x a week yourself would be tough, but if it works for you then go for it!

  • Zack Richards

    I’m definately for posting only a few times a week. This is something that a lot of bloggers want to know. It’s nice to see that this method works for you and enables you to build a successful site.

    • It certainly seems to be working so far (touch wood). I’d definately recommend only posting a couple of times a week for people who are just starting out. There is so much to learn when you’re new that you need time to get to grips with everything, not spending all your time writing posts.

    • Christian

      run a website called Advice For A Teen, I think as well as thinking of what’s best for yourself you should also consider what your niche is doing, for example teens have a lot of time spent on the computer so I post everyday to try and keep their visits, but someone who loves to work on cars is t going to able to finish a project on their car every night so it would only make sense to post a couple times a week.
      Just my thoughts on the topi

      • Hi Christian! You make a good point. You should write for your audience just as much as you should write for yourself.

        Whether you choose to post everyday or a couple of times a week, you need to be consistent and stick with that schedule. This is the best way to grow your reader numbers, as they will know how often you publish.

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  • Jaycee

    I’m posting 3 times a day. I was doing it 4 times a day, but needed to cut because of time. What am I doing wrong? Is this too many times. My posts are normally a couple paragraphs since I read where posts should leave enough room for comments. If I say everything there is to say, then I may not get many comments. My site is also of a sexual nature… many topics there.

    • Hi Jaycee!

      Posting 3 times a day is great if you can keep producing the content on a regular basis. The only thing I’d say is that your posts need to be of a high quality. Posting a couple of paragraphs for every post may not be interesting enough. It may look good that you are posting so much content (x3 a day), but if people don’t value what you are writing, then they won’t stick around for long.

      I publish 3 posts a week and this site has been steadily growing every month since starting (and I only started with 2 posts per week)! I make sure that every post that I publish, whether by me or a guest post, is of a high quality that my readers will value and get something out of reading it. On average, my posts are about 1000 words long, and still leave the opportunity for people to comment on after reading.

      So I’d recommend focusing on quality rather than quantity. 1 great post can be just as effective, if not more so, than several short posts. They don’t have to be as long as 1000 words, but long enough for your readers to appreciate.

      I hope that helps! Let me know how you get on

  • milan

    i’m posting once a month but am now turning to once a fortnight. is this ok? i dont want my bloggers to unsub and get frequent emails from me because i know that they are subs to other bloggers so i think once a forthnight is ok. any comments feel free to email me on thanks

    • Hi Milan,

      Increasing how many posts you publish is a good idea. Once a month can make your site look as though it’s not very active, at least once a fortnight is better. If you can, try once a week, as then people will be more likely to keep coming back to your site and checking out your latest post.

      I now publish 3 times a week (sometimes 4) which helps draw in traffic. Visitors keep coming back to the site to check on the latest post and search engines like sites that post regularly.

  • Sheldon Blake

    Nice article Matt. I just started a new online magazine and i’m posting once per week, then overtime steadily increase the days. The most important thing is writing quality post and being patient. The traffic well come.

    Thanks Matt, Awesome post.

    • Hi Sheldon,

      You’re doing the right thing. It’s much better to start slow and build up your posting schedule as you go along. The key is being consistent so that your readers come to expect a new post every week (then 2, then 3, etc.)

      Let us know how you get on with your new site

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  • Olga Benson

    I usually just write a medium length(3-4 paragraphs) but in the beginning stages of my blog I wrote shorter ones from previous posts.Then I realized that wasn’t working.If it were me would I want to read something too long that would go on and on.I guess it just depends on the subject and you opinions.You want people to keep coming back and enjoying what you write.

  • I usually follow a posting style which includes planning ahead and posting quality content. Posting sub-standard content in a rush just don’t help. I’ve tried it. Great advice here though mate! (:

  • Writing everyday is certainly tiresome, and it will make quality posts lose value by not letting those posts blossom for at least a few days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Emma Hå

    I usually post my large quality posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, but since my blog is very personal I fill out the other days with less lenghty posts and beautiful pictures =)

  • my website is download website is it ok to posts 31-50 posts per 24 hrs?

  • Mykal Ward

    My blog is inspirational/motivational, and I had recently been wondering if two blog posts a day was too much, or just right for what I am trying to do. Thanks for this post. I think I’m going to stick to daily posts, but just one per day. My posts are relatively short, in most cases.

  • Oma Okolo

    when I first started blogging…my posting was sporadic…so very random! I have only just begun to post ‘daily’ (for about a week now)…however I ‘hope’ to post ‘every other day’ – will see how it goes. At the moment…I am having fun!!

  • I’ve learned that the consensus seems to be that, unless you already have a decent readership, less is more. Posting weekly, then twice weekly, then weekdays and then, if your ‘buffer’ is high enough, 7 days a week.

    Starting in advance and having posts scheduled means you can publish daily without actually writing daily. I post weekly at the moment (cos my blog is new), and I am approximately 2 months ahead of myself.

    • NetWorthNegative

      This is a great idea! I have just started my blog and I have decided to only post once a week. Im practically writhing with ideas on what to write about next but I’m making myself wait. With your idea I can go ahead and write now and post later. Genius! Can you tell I’m brand new? Lol