How ‘One Step Checkout’ Can Improve Your eCommerce Website


eCommerce website

Working hard to drive traffic isn’t the only factor to improve your eCommerce website. Millions of websites are following this strategy and only a small minority are getting any success.  Why? Well, apart from setting up your online store and attracting visitors, you need to make it easier for customers to shop and offering high-quality products are of paramount importance.

This article is all about how to simplify the process of customers that purchase products from your shop and how to get them to keep revisiting. Having said that, I have to bring to your consideration common frustrations experienced by many shoppers when buying online! Knowing this will give you a clearer idea on how to improve your eCommerce business to convert more leads to potential sales.

Shopping Cart Dilemma

One of the nightmares confronted by most eCommerce website owners after setting up an online store and driving in enormous traffic, is shopping cart abandonment. After investing a lot of time and money, if your business isn’t bringing in revenue, it would hurt a lot.

The main reason for shoppers abandoning their shopping cart is when they have to fill in tedious forms while placing orders. Customers don’t want to waste their time doing this sort of thing, especially when we all seem to be living more hectic lives.  To overcome this issue and convince the customers to convert them into potential buyers, you need to streamline your checkout process.

Magento ‘One Step Checkout’ Extension

eCommerce website

Magento is a  scalable eCommerce solution, designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. Over 150,000 businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands, use them for their eCommerce business.  Magento is owned by eBay Inc., giving it access to world-class, branded capabilities, including; eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, GSI Commerce, and others.

Well, Magento has come up with a specialized extension to put an end to miserable shopping cart abandonment. Their ‘One Step Checkout‘ extension could do wonders for your business. Learning the features and benefits of implementing this extension in your website would offer a great deal of insight and allow you to improve it. In a nutshell, it is an effective extension that has the ability to simplify the shopping cart process. The following features would clearly suggest why it is vital to implement this plugin in your eCommerce website.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Multi-language support
  • Geo-IP feature to locate countries and cities
  • Allows adding multiple products
  • Simplifies checkout page to single page
  • Supports default Magento options
  • Allows comment option before order placement
  • Automatic shipping rate updates
  • Address book option to save addresses
  • Option to edit checkout page title and description, etc.

Improve Your eCommerce Website

The check out process of an eCommerce website is by far the most important part to get right.  Implementing the one step checkout extension would be a good way to prevent customers leaving your page and keep them engaged. Instead of directing your customers to different pages to fill in forms, you streamline the whole process by allowing them to enter everything on a single page. By implementing this on your website, conversion rates will be significantly improved (up by at least 25%), so making it easier for the customers will help to increase conversion rates.


So, to maximize your profits, you need to minimize the drop-out percentage. Each and every customer means a lot to a business and allowing customers to enjoy trouble-free shopping is the only way to up your revenue. I hope everyone who has read this article would have developed a better idea of what one step checkout is all about and how to use the tool effectively for improving your online eCommerce website.

Do you run your own eCommerce website?  Have you made changes like this, and if so, did you see an improvement in your conversion rates?  Have any of you had experience with Magento?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  • Catherine Holt

    I am certainly not at the point of having a system like this on my blog, but in premise this all makes a lot of sense. There have actually been a few times that I have gone to buy something and the checkout process has been so ridiculously long, that I have not bothered to complete it. If I can’t buy something online quickly and easily, then i will not bother as I find it far too frustrating. It makes me laugh at sometimes how difficult it is to ‘give people money’!!

    • Hi Catherine,

      Yes, it’s surprising how some sites seem to make it very difficult for customers to give them money. I know I have given up on a few sites because they wanted me to jump through seemingly endless hoops before I could buy from them.

  • Clair Trebes

    Hi Matt, this really couldn’t have come at a better time for me! 🙂

    We are looking at checkout options right now for our print ecommerce site, and as you can probably guess this is a seriously big can of worms to open.

    Am 100% going to be checking this out seeing as it’s come “recommended” via your site – this might well be the answer we are looking for!


    • Hi Clair,

      I guess that was just good timing 🙂

      Though I know you use WooCommerce, I thought that had one inbuilt. Magento seems like a good plugin to use though. You’ll have to let us know how you find it.

  • Andi Leeman

    This looks excellent, owned by eBay who also own PayPal so you know it is going to be top quality and well built. I do not have an eCommerce site myself anymore, I used to and if I do go back to those days then I would consider this. I am going to pop and have a look to see more and learn how it all works fully. With those two giants behind it I believe this is one I should be recommending if anyone asks me.

    As we all know, sometimes we just need to buy and go, giving us too many steps and too many options can just make us want to give up and stop the purchase which means sites lose sales. Anything that stops people leaving mid purchase is excellent in my eyes.

    • Magento genuinely seems like a decent plugin to use for a site. Anything that makes the checkout process simpler and easier for customers is a good thing. And like you say, with the backing it has, it should be pretty good.

  • iLoveMage

    One step checkout is one of the powerful module to enhance your customer experience by making your 6 steps checkout into 1 single step. Best Selling one step checkout for magento community, professional and enterprise version



    • Any way to make the checkout process easier for customers is well worth the effort.