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Designing eCommerce websites can be pretty challenging, there are many aspects involved in it. For instance, the web designers who design such sites have to take care of a lot of factors such as; the target users’ preferences, presentation of the products, usability and much more. However, designing a successful eCommerce website is not something that is impossible; there are many tips, which help designers create visually appealing, functional and most importantly, successful websites.

So, if designing eCommerce websites is what you do for a living, practicing these three designing tips given below, will help you create a successful eCommerce website.

3 Design Tips For An eCommerce Website

1. Focus on the Product Description

Products are the heart and soul of eCommerce websites. After all, these websites are created to sell products; hence, you must focus on the products, particularly the product description above everything else. For instance, you can work on three main areas of product description which are:

  • Product images: Using high-quality images for your products is a must. It is the images, which will help users decide whether or not to buy a particular product. Therefore, you must use high-resolution images of products taken at different angles, which will give them a better idea about the product. For instance, if your website sells shoes, you can display the top view, front view, side view of the shoes. Also, you can show images of different people wearing the shoes. This will give them the perfect idea about the product and they will proceed to add it to their shopping cart.
  • Details about the product: Describe the products on your site in detail. For instance, if your site sells women’s perfume, give details about the brand of a perfume and any other information, which will help customers take a decision in the favor of the product (they’ll either buy it or add it to their wish list).
  • Review/Ratings: Offers users a review/ratings section on your website for the products. This is something, which benefits you in different ways. For instance, you will get customer feedback on a particular product and depending upon their feedback, you will be able to categorize the product as ‘bestselling’, ‘most viewed’, ‘top rated’ and so on and so forth. Don’t forget the fact that many users buy products based on the ratings and reviews posted by other users. Also, a review will trigger discussion among the users, which is good for your site as it will help drive organic traffic to the website. 

2. Use Widgets to Help Your Customers

Many eCommerce websites use widgets to display things like ‘Recently viewed items’ or ‘Related items’ or ‘Products you may like’. This helps users take a quick decision particularly when they are confused about buying a product for someone else. For instance, if a customer is browsing through gift items for a newborn baby, then the ‘Related items’ widget on your site will display products like ‘mobiles’, ‘baby toys’, ‘baby gift sets’ etc. So, if he/she is not sure about what to choose, then he/she might choose a product from the widget and purchase it.

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3. Make it Easy to Navigate Products

An eCommerce website is always about online shoppers and the products, which they are going to purchase from the site. They are on your site to shop, and your site is there to provide them the products, which they are going to purchase. As simple as that!  So, you must make it easy for them to browse and select various products. For instance, you can use a search box, large sized drop down menus, breadcrumbs (horizontal navigation system, usually below header area) and intuitive buttons and links. 

In Conclusion

These above mentioned tips are not the only ones which you can use to design your eCommerce website and make it successful. In fact, you can think of many innovative features such as – an easy checkout process, multiple payment options etc. and use them on your website. In short, keep trying different things, till you succeed!

Thank you to my Guest Post Author: Albert Vang

Albert is an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Application developer with PLAVEB and has worked on numerous eCommerce websites. He has an interest in water sports and also likes to research and write on various topics related to Custom Web Application Development. You can read his write-ups on various guest-blogging websites.

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