Why Free Traffic Is Much Better Than Paid Traffic!

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An online business can only be considered successful when it gets large amounts of targeted traffic. That’s why driving traffic is so important. You need to use various methods like; On-Page & Off-Page SEO techniques, guest posts, backlinking, etc. to drive organic, targeted visitors who are actually interested in your site.

Having said that, many website owners take the easy option and buy traffic for their site. In this post, we are going to look at some negative aspects of buying traffic for your blog and why ultimately you should NOT be buying traffic to your site!

Non-Targeted Traffic

There are many sites online (I’m sure you’ve seen some) that offer traffic to your site in return for payment. The problem with this method is that many of this ‘paid traffic’ is from non-targeted visitors and in some cases even bots! This non-targeted traffic is useless as these visitors are not interested in your content at all. For example, if you are selling baby toys and the ‘paid traffic’ visitor is a college student, then they are not going to be interested in purchasing from you. Ultimately, that visit is not going to achieve any sales, so you have to think “Was it worth it?”

You want to be getting targeted traffic to your website, as these are people who are interested in your content. So, if we use the previous example of baby toys, that site should be focused on new parents, young moms, single dad’s, etc. You should be aiming for a specific demographic that are interested in your products, as they are the ones who are more likely to buy from you.

Another disadvantage of ‘paid traffic’ is that this has a higher bounce rates that organic traffic. This means that the visitors to your website will not visit any other page related to your blog or website, but will only visit one page before navigating away from your site. These people are not interested in your service or product, as they will only visit the page that they are getting paid to visit.

Insignificant/No Sales

‘Paid traffic’ may get you more initial traffic to your site, but you have to think about why you want that traffic in the first place. If you sell products on your site, will ‘paid traffic’ result in more sales? Well honestly, no! These ‘paid’ visitors visit thousands of websites to get a small amount of money. Therefore the chances of them buying a product or service from you are very low.

You should not waste your time on such insignificant measures if you are selling a service or product via your website. You’re better off spending money on advertising campaigns like Facebook ads, Google Ad Words, etc. or better yet SEO implemented content, rather that non-targeted ‘paid’ traffic.

No New Subscribers

If you run an email marketing campaign on your site, then you should not be buying traffic for getting email subscriptions on your landing page. This is because most of these visitors will not convert into subscribers. Instead, you should provide quality content to your readers and aim to get them to subscribe because they value what you are producing. These targeted subscribers are much more likely to convert into future sales, rather than paid for traffic that aren’t interested in your site.

Paid Traffic Is An AdSense Violation

Many websites are created by webmasters on the basis of high CPC (Cost Per Click) paying keywords. Traffic is either generated from PPC advertising or bought from other websites. This is considered a violation by Google AdSense and is also an issue with other advertisers like Yahoo Publisher Network. Your account will get banned by AdSense if you are buying traffic for your site. Therefore you should report to AdSense if someone sends paid traffic to your website or blog.

Since many businesses are not able to work online in a major way, they go for the option of buying traffic for themselves. Many websites online offer paid traffic to a business blog or website. This may enable the business to initially reach a greater number of people in the short-term, but long-term you are better off focusing on attracting organic free traffic.

But what do you think?  Have you ever bought traffic for your site?  If so, was it worth it?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

About Matt Smith

Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Nice Post Claudia. I am agree with you that we should not buy Paid Traffic. Its useless. As you told its full useless who are running there Email Campaign. Thanks for the nice tips.

    • Hi Amit! Yes, ‘paid traffic’ is useless, total waste of money. You are much better focusing on getting organic free traffic to a site instead.

    • Hi Amit! Yes, ‘paid traffic’ is useless, total waste of money. You are much better focusing on getting organic free traffic to a site instead.

  • Great post! I agree – way too many people get suckered into buying paid “traffic” which are just people in India getting paid to visit or bots. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads have their merit though for things like products, membership sites, etc. However for niche sites, authority blogs, etc. I would just stick with organic search traffic, referral traffic, and direct traffic.


    • Hi Thomas! I can kind of see why people pay for traffic, as it sounds like an easy way to get visitors to a site. But when you start to understand how it works, you’re definitely better off saving your money because organic traffic is much better!

  • Great post, for me the best thing about free traffic is that it is FREE! 🙂 Just one thing I would like clarifying, you say Google AdSense does not allow paid adverts to the site? or the AdSense? I don’t use paid ads but Google will not allow ads to squeeze pages or make money online sites, they want sites full of content, but what if you have a site full of great content about a topic and you want to use paid adverts to drive traffic to the site but have Google AdSense? Is that not allowed?

    Great post though, got me thinking

    • AdSense doesn’t like websites that pay for traffic. To them, it lowers the value of the adverts that they are displaying because you aren’t getting organic traffic to those pages. It could also be seen as you are paying people to click on those AdSense ads, which ultimately will lead to you being banned.

      As long as you are producing genuine content and attracting organic traffic to your site, you should be fine using AdSense.

  • I can’t say I know of many people who use Adwords much these days, we do a bit but then we are not sending them to blogs with low paying adverts on them. We send them to a Google friendly squeeze page, well we did until they changed their rules again lol.

    Thanks for the interesting post Claudia

    • It’s annoying that they keep changing the rules, isn’t it! I don’t use AdWords at all as there seems to be much better ways to attract traffic.

  • I don’t know who in their right mind buys traffic these days, but I know people do. I use to use adwords when I first started my online collaborations, I soon learned that free traffic, although was much harder to get, but was definitely worth the effort. I tend to use Facebook ads for promotions only these days, but as far as paying for traffic in general it’s a no, no for me. Wonderful post Claudia, thanks for publishing this Matt, hope you’re well mate 🙂

    • Hi Fabrizio! Yes, free traffic may be harder to get, but it is definitely the better option. It’s always better to put the hard work into doing something properly, rather than trying to take the easy way, no matter what it is you are doing.!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Free traffic remains when you have no money at all. Paid traffic always need more money from yours, it’s just too greedy 🙂

    • Hi Robert! Great point – free traffic will continue to navigate to your website, whereas you need to keep paying for ‘paid traffic’.

      Great comment Robert!

  • Nelsonchigbu

    Ok Matt. The world is moving very fast and free traffic is the order of the day. Let me see how this will affect my internet business.

    • Hi Nelson! Free traffic is definitely the way to go. Much more effective to drive traffic in this way, rather than pay for it.


    have bought paid per click with not much success

    • It’s much better to try to build up your traffic naturally than relying on paid traffic. PPC ads can work, though they can be expensive for very little return.

      Concentrate on optimizing your site for SEO, social media, publishing fresh content and guest blogging. Over time, you will begin to see your traffic start to increase.

  • Ollie Swagger

    Well there are different opinions on this.I tried free traffic-seo is a headache with the everchanging google updates,Free,does take a lot of effort & time-its not free(you pay with your efforts & time)do you have the time to answer forums etc all day?

    On the contrary you see paid traffic ppc campaigns like facebook ads,pay-per-click gets you the targetted eyeballs you need and sales much faster-ask all the “gurus” of online marketing-all of them use paid advertising(they wont tell you where they advertise of course)
    Now the thing about paid traffic which many people fail is-you’ve gotta know what you’re doing or else you burn your pocket.Thats why with paid advertising you’ve got to get them through a funnel,warm them up see if the product is a match.There is never such a thing as everyone will buy but there are ways to increase conversions.