Rome Wasn’t Build In A Day: 4 SEO Tips For Newbie Bloggers



Firstly, I’m not even going to suggest for a second that I’m an SEO expert and I won’t try to pretend… BUT, I have been in the game long enough to have made my fair share of mistakes and realise what works and what doesn’t (especially after the Panda and Penguin updates last year).

I have identified 4 key areas, which both new and experienced bloggers need to focus on, to ensure they make the most of their SEO campaign. While these are not technical points, I’m sure you will appreciate the simplicity of these tips which will help you now and in the future.

SEO Is Not A “Set & Forget” Strategy

If you’re after 2,000 visitors per day starting from tomorrow, you’re not in the right place. SEO is a long term strategy which needs a foundation to be built before the benefits can be reaped. The reality is, what you do now and over the coming weeks might not have any obvious impact on your blog, but I assure you, you will see the benefits down the line.

For example, as part of any efficient SEO strategy, you need to have fresh content posted on a regular basis. A good friend of mine had been writing for his blog consistently for over 18 months and he got a bit of traction via social media here and there. Just last week, one of his articles was cited by TechCrunch, now that’s link juice for you! If he stuck to a short term strategy wanting immediate results, I guarantee his work would not have been picked up by TechCrunch.

I understand newbie bloggers want immediate results with their SEO campaigns but the days of cheating Google are over! If you want to last, you have to do it right and this requires consistent effort just like any offline business would.

Perform SEO For Your Visitors, Not The Search Engines

I still see so many bloggers position their content for Google as you can easily pick up that the article is targeting a keyword. There is nothing wrong with keyword targeting as long as your content is natural and provides your visitors with a pleasant experience.

You need to produce content which is informative to your readers and provides value – the ranking will take care of itself. By producing engaging content, you will attract targeted readers as opposed to working hard for a single backlink which is great for your backlink portfolio, but what else have you achieved?

If you place more emphasis on the search engine algorithms, you can run yourself to the ground as Google and other search engines will keep releasing new you really want to be playing catch up? Stay focussed on doing the basics right and produce content which your readers will enjoy!

There Are No Shortcuts To SEO Success

Psst…do you want to know the ultimate secret to SEO which will guarantee you top spot in Google within 2 months? Sorry…there is none! There is no underground secret which allows you to bump your site to the top of Google and remain there, and if you ever come across an advertisement such as the one below, RUN (or close the email).


Don’t believe adverts like this! No company can guarantee ranking like this.


Firstly, does this person even know what niche you’re in? What if you were targeting the term ‘weight loss’ – do you really think they will get you to page 1 and keep you there? Of course not! Many new site owners fall into the trap of these sales pitches and end up forking out a lot of $ with little or no results.

Building Links Is Not Seasonal

When Summer comes, it’s time to bring out the shorts and bikinis and Winter signals the start of sweaters, scarfs and gloves… but building links is not something you do for a set period of time. Link building needs to be performed consistently throughout the life of a website.  You might reach a point where you’re satisfied with your position, but believe me,  if you take your foot off the pedal, you will regret it.

Each day that passes where you avoid any link building, one of your competitors is gaining a step on you. Depending on your niche and keyword, there may be thousands of blogs trying to unsettle you from the top spot and if you stop, you’ll find yourself on page 4 or 6 before you know it.

So keep up the guest posting, blog commenting, link baiting and if you’re interested in learning more about link building, read my post on what I believe will be the key link building strategies this year.

As mentioned from the top, most of these tips should not be foreign to you, but I believe these 4 strategies help to best summarise what any newbie blogger needs to follow in order to sustain their online success.

Would you agree? I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether there are any other points which need to be included.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

About Kapil Jekishan

Kapil is a financial professional who loves to help aspiring bloggers. He runs his own site Latest Crunchs which offers blogging advice, SEO strategies and social media advice. You can learn more by following him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

  • Andi Leeman

    Hey Kapil it is great to see you writing for my second home 🙂 Great post by the way, I love the seasonal analogy, even though Google are going to look into guest posting I believe that it is important that you carry on writing excellent posts for other sites and carry on blog commenting, it can be hard work but very worth it.

    I write what I think these days and don’t focus on keywords much, occasionally I do but as you say competition is very fierce for many terms, Weight loss was a great example. I think the best SEO trick for this year is to become a brand, that way you become the search term. Keywords certainly have their place but Coca Cola probably do not worry about keywords.

    There are no short cuts to SEO, as you say it is a long term game.

    • It will be interesting to see how ‘SEO’ develops over the next year or two. I’ve got a feeling that search engines are starting to lean more towards social engagement. Maybe we will all start having to learn about ‘SMO’ (Social Media Optimization) instead!

      • Andi Leeman

        Yes very interesting, SMO could be the way forward for a few years then when it is saturated and no one is doing keywords and people are fed up of SMO not giving them the results they want and turn back to searching with keywords I shall ride in on my big ‘keyword’ rich charger and clean up! 🙂 Well it’s a nice thought anyway.

        • I can see that happening. Maybe a few years down the line, people will be talking about SEO as though it’s brand new. It’s the circle of search 🙂

    • Kapil

      Thanks Andi for your kind words. I’m glad I’ve been given a taste of your second home 🙂 Like you, I pay little attention to the keyword and produce content for the readers only and I know both yourself and Matt have the same approach too.

    • Think site branding is becoming more influential these days (though you shouldn’t neglect keyword optimization). The more recognizable your site is online, the easier people will find it to come back to your site. That could be done by the type of web design you use, writing style, subject matter, blog title, or better yet all of the above!

  • Clair Trebes

    Hi Matt & Kapil,

    This is a really great post, as someone who is really starting to learn about SEO in more depth, I really do find the posts and writers (notice I’ve not said GB) on OnlineIncomeTeacher so valuable to me.

    When I write it tends to be off the cuff so to speak, so to make my posts more SEO friendly is a new skill for me … but as someone once told me “all skills are learnable” I certainly am learning how to reign in my words to benefit my own SEO whilst keeping my readers happy!

    And for ANYONE who thinks that this IM, Blogging, Online world is a BREEZE and “easy” I would probably say to them to stand in my shoes for a day or so ….. whilst working online gives you freedom, none of us can ever “rest” for there is always something that needs to be done – and SEO is a fine example of that!

    Clair 🙂

    • That is one of the reasons I love my job! There is always something new to learn, each day is different. I don’t think the same can be said for many other careers. Hard though it may be, it’s definitely worth it.

      Though keyword optimization is still very important, there are other aspects that we bloggers should focus on. One of those being social media as that will probably be the way forward.

      Thanks Clair!

  • Catherine Holt

    If only Rome was built in a day, then we might feel like we had a chance of doing it with our blog….Lol. But in seriousness, SEO is a long term thing, and whilst it would be lovely to have that magical solution, the solution = long hard work! It’s a good job it is fun work!! Building links is something that I need to focus more on, I think a lot more Ezine articles need to be coming from me!

    • Yes, I suppose it is a good job that it’s quite fun!

      Kapil summed it up pretty well in his post, SEO is a long term strategy. There are no shortcuts in life, if you are going to do something, may as well do it the right way.

      I think, as well as writing other posts, you should aim at image SEO for your party planning site Catherine. Sharing images that you use on sites like Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram would be an excellent way to drive traffic (videos too if you can). Your site is very visual, which many people find appealing. Concentrating on that visual aspect could help you in the long run!

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