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Google Alerts

If you still haven’t heard of the cool Google Alerts service by now, I strongly urge you check it out as soon as possible.

You can easily drive traffic to your money site by using Google Alerts. It’s one of those simple tricks not many new and experienced internet marketers are using today.  If you’re an internet marketer (I assume you are) and ignoring this service, you could be missing out on something big here.  Basically, Google Alerts is a simple and straightforward service which delivers you information by sending you an email about a particular keyword (could be anything).

Now, it even gives the opportunity to sort the information by type: “everything“, “news“, “blogs“, “video“, “discussions“, “books“.  Then there’s the possibility to change the frequency you’ll receive the emails: “as-it-happens“, “once a day“, “once a week“. Also, you can select the volume: “only the best results” or “all results“.

You see, it’s very simple and easy to learn to use Google Alerts. Yet, don’t discard it as “too-simple-to-work” and move on to the next traffic strategy.  You really need to discover how to utilize Google Alerts to find untapped traffic sources. How to spy on your competition and even know what your competition is doing right now!

How To Setup Google Alerts

As you see, there’s not a ton of different options in Google Alerts itself, but that is the most interesting part.

Who said you cannot be creative?

Well, here is the way I set up the Google Alerts service for best results, without a lot of “junk” in your email account.

Google Alerts Setup 1

If you’re in a very popular niche like “internet marketing“, then you may want to better select the type of information to be received to your email to only “blogs” or “discussions“.  But know that this depends mostly on the keywords you choose.

The more general the keyword, the better the choice a particular type of information.  Why?  Because you don’t want your email account to end up looking like a “garbage can” filled with spam.

If you look for more specialized and less frequent information, you can be brave and go for the option to select “everything“.  Then, I like to select “once a day” and “only the best results“.

Set-up Alerts For Traffic Rich Sites

As you now sense, you can choose any keyword you want to create an alert for, but why put in random words?

If you are creative and want to feel a little bit like a spy, then you could create Google Alerts aimed at certain people, perhaps your competition?

You can easily create alerts for any person you feel is in competition with you, for example any experts in the same  niche as you.  Really, if there are any huge authorities or people who earn lots of money in your niche, then create an alert for them.  It’s that easy!

If your niche is “internet marketing” and you do affiliate marketing there are tons of experts you could literally spy on. I have set up Google Alerts for many internet marketer’s like Ryan Deiss, Anik Singal, Perry Marshall, Mike Filsaime, etc.

If you don’t know how to find expert internet marketers online, then check out – ‘List Of Internet Marketers

There are many pages of great internet marketer’s to look through and create some Google Alerts for you.

Of course there are many other ways you could utilize Google Alerts.  If, for example, you are very thirsty for some free traffic, you could create an alert for the keyword “free traffic“.  Though, I would advise to select only “blogs” to avoid those hundreds of sales letters every day pitching you, offering free traffic opportunities.  Not saying that all of them are bad, but you cannot humanly absorb all that sales letter material every day.  Nobody reads those alerts!

Blogs are great because you get a much greater chance to receive quality “free traffic” information.

How To Get Traffic With Google Alerts

Now, you might be still wondering how exactly these Google Alerts work to get you some precious free traffic.

As you see, Google Alerts itself isn’t a traffic source.  It’s more like an indirect free traffic source.  That doesn’t mean you cannot get some new visitors to your website with this free service.  You can find many traffic opportunities using Google Alerts by using different keywords.

Here are just some of the ways you could use Google Alerts to drive traffic to your website:

  • Set up an alert using your competitors’ names as a keyword, then see what traffic strategies they are currently using.
  • Set up an alert for all the internet marketing gurus you admire or like and then replicate their traffic tactics.
  • Set up an alert putting in the keywords you try to rank for on Google.

After that you select the type: “blogs” and now you receive all the new blog posts.  You can visit each blog and leave a comment, with a link back to your website.  See how easy this is!  You can simply relax and wait for backlink opportunities to be sent to your email address.

Google Alerts Setup

Also, set up an alert for yourself based on your own ‘name’/’business name’/’website name’.  This way you know exactly when someone writes about you, or comments about your business/website online.  You are able to track who is sharing your content or links back to your site.  BUT, the best part is that it works as an amazing credibility and relationship builder.

This is when someone comments about your content elsewhere online, and you get an email alert telling you abut it, right?  Well, why not then visit that website and write a short reply to that comment saying thanks?  If you haven’t tried this one, you cannot imagine how powerful this is to build relationships and get new customers.

Other Useful Ways To Use Google Alerts

  • Go to Clickbank, click on the Marketplace and set up an alert for the name of every big product launch. Simply browse though each big category on the Marketplace.
  • Utilize the email lists you are on. There should be people they promote in their subscriber lists. You can set up an alert for every person which has a product to promote. There’s a big chance that they know how to drive traffic to their sites.
  • Set up an alert for your name as a keyword and the type: “Discussions” and you get all the comments about you or your product on forums. This way, if someone reviews your product and says it’s a scam then all you have to do is head over to that forum and say: “No, it’s not a scam because I’m using it and it gives me these benefits…”
  • Set up an alert for keywords like “guest blog post” or “guest post” to find out where you can get guest blogging or guest posting offers. If they have a “write for us” or “guest posting guidelines” page, then use that. If they don’t, then simply contact them in a friendly way and say that you would like to write a guest post for them.
  • Set up an alert for “free traffic” or “free traffic sources”. Now you get all the new traffic tactics on a silver platter.

I think you’re starting to see the point of using Google Alerts and how powerful it can be to drive traffic back to your money site.  Definitely check this little traffic tactic out and see for yourself what I’m talking about.  Bottom line – you’ll receive many fresh expert traffic tactics to your email daily.  And, if you don’t quite know where those internet marketing “gurus” are getting their piece of the traffic “cake”, then I definitely strongly recommend you check Google Alerts out now.

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