Guest Blogging Tips – How To Pitch A Guest Post


Guest Blogging Tips

As you are reading this, I know that you are interested in making money online. You’re interested in increasing the number of followers you have, you want clients, you want subscribers, and perhaps you’re selling an e-book. No matter your specific end goal, right now you want to figure out how you can connect with influencers and specific bloggers to help you magnify your voice and/or brand.  Well one of the best ways is to use guest blogging tips and write for other sites.

Guest blogging is a great way to promote yourself and your website, but before you worry about how you’re going to benefit, you must consider the wants and needs of the person/site you will be pitching your guest post to. Aligning your brand strategies and complementing what those bloggers hope to achieve will leverage the biggest return on investment for everyone involved.  By adding value and credibility to their blog, each person in the relationship wins.

Here are 4 guest blogging tips to help you pitch a guest post for you to consider:

4 Guest Blogging Tips

1. Target Your Guest Post At The Right People

Be smart from the get-go. If your blog/product is about “Self-Help”, don’t contact a blogger who is known primarily for “Dog Grooming”. An off-topic pitch will sink you quicker than you can say “outreach fail.”

Also, your initial approach when reaching out to a registered nurse or teacher, for example, will be different than if you’re contacting someone who owns a marketing blog and is business-savvy — they’re motivated by different things. A nurse is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and teachers want to make an impact on the next generation, so your pitch should outline how what you have to offer them helps achieve those goals.

A marketing blogger, on the other hand, might be more driven by how collaborating with you will elevate their visibility and draw more traffic to their site. Further, a mommy blogger will be interested in “lessons learned”-type content, as well as how a particular product may help ease some of the challenges associated with parenting.

2. Know Who You Are Pitching To

Guest Blogging Tips

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Mass emails are spammy and repellent, don’t send them. Any blogger who has reached a modicum of success will see through a boilerplate message of “Hi, I want to use your forum to launch my own business!”  There is nothing wrong with reaching out and emailing bloggers, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

Take the time to research each blogger’s strengths, voice and areas of influence. Does your voice complement or clash with his or her voice? Some bloggers prefer to have a harmonious tone to their online voice; others like to have a lively discourse and forum where lots of ideas are presented. Define whether or not if there is an underlying theme, motif or perspective that informs the blogger’s voice, and be sure what you’re offering them works with that.

3. Follow Submission Guidelines

Most bloggers have a specific section that states their parameters for submissions, so it’s simply common courtesy to honour them. Have your ducks in a row as it relates not only to your post, but your author bio, photo and other elements specifically defined.

Some bloggers explicitly state that they’re not interested in pitches of any kind. Some allow you to include external links in contributed copy, some don’t. Other blogs might be a little more lenient when it comes to soft selling yourself or the brand you represent in your writing. Make it your business to read any guidelines they’ve outlined, and if there aren’t any, ask for specifics.

Check out some of the things you should NOT do in our ‘How Not To Get Your Guest Post Published‘ guide.

4. Comment On Their Content

Without necessarily becoming the blogger’s No. 1 fan, do simple things to show some appreciation. Follow him or her on Twitter. If (s)he has a Facebook page, like it. Engage them by re-tweeting content or messaging them. Ask them what their favourite moment was at the recent 140edu conference they attended, or what they thought about The New York Times article that weighed the pros and cons of new technology in the field of medicine. Simply put: get involved.

Take the time to read their stuff. Comment where relevant without promoting yourself. Thoughtful, insightful comments will get you on the blogger’s radar and will, hopefully, remind him/her of your interest when you do eventually pitch them. Engaging their community will pave the way for you to ask, and make it easier for them to say yes.

Have you used some of these guest blogging tips successfully?  What other guest blogging tips would you recommend?  Please let us know by leaving a comment below!

About Erica Moss

Erica is the community manager for Nursing@Georgetown, Georgetown University’s online master’s in nursing program, as well as running her own blog 'EricaJMoss'. Away from work she enjoys TV, pop culture and and cured meats. You can learn more by following her on Twitter or Google+.

  • Hey Erica!

    Guest blogging, I love. It can drive more traffic, exposure, build a brand, get clients and do a lot more. It is very important to target the right blog.

    And, I’ve seen some people who first write articles and then submit them on random blogs. But, I first target a blog and write an article, exclusively for that blog. It is very important to get published.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment, Koundeenya! I am also a big fan of guest blogging, and when done right, it can offer many benefits. I get a lot of pitches for my own blog as well, and like you said, sometimes people try to submit something they’ve already written, without getting the green light from me first. Writing something that speaks to that blog’s specific audience is key.

      • Hi Erica!

        Thank you again for this great post. I’m sure many people will learn from reading this.

    • Hi Koundeenya!

      I totally agree. It’s much better to write a blog for a specific site (once having got the green light), rather than writing a post and trying to get it published anywhere. From a publishers point of view, I much prefer it when a writer gets in touch with me about some ideas, before they write it. This is what Erica did and the post turned out great! 🙂

  • Andi Leeman

    Hi Erica, this is an excellent post, I have had some great success with guest posting and most of that is because I email the people naturally without some generic email template that just reads spammy. The pitch is very important, some people have difficulty understanding that asking to put a post on someones website is like asking to make a sandwich in someone’s house… you can’t just be rude and vague, you must show respect.

    The best way to show respect is to follow the guidelines to the letter, it shows you have taken the time to read them, commenting on their other work and networking before you send any guest submissions is a very respectful act and a great way to be noticed too.

    • I personally think that submission guidelines are very important. Making sure to follow them is, like you say, a matter of showing respect.

      Now I get sent a lot of guest posts from people who want to get published on this site and I’d say only about 10% of people bother to follow my guidelines. As you might guess, the other 90% tend to go straight in the trash can.

      Getting published on another site is not only about the post that you send in, you have to demonstrate that you want to be published on that particular site. If you can’t be bothered to follow a sites guidelines (or in some cases even read the guidelines) how can you expect the publisher to read your post? It works both ways.

      What about you Andi? Do you get a similar reaction from the people that send you posts?

    • LOVE the sandwich analogy, Andi. And thank you for the kind words!

  • Clair Trebes


    This is a great post by Erica – showcasing some very important tips for those people who are interested in Guest Blogging.

    It can be quite difficult in knowing exactly how / where to start, and often people misunderstand the art of it – you should want to bring something quality to the table rather than an indirect sales pitch. If you get the post right you will receive the traffic that can eventually turn a prospect into a client.

    I view Guest Blogging as very much a “Service” you only really do it if you can bring value to the blog in question, the benefits that you bring to yourself are the added bonus – and i think if you approach it in that manner you will end up writing in the right vein.

    I want to make a point of doing more guest posting – but for me Time is my biggest constraint at the moment!


    • That’s a good analogy Clair, guest blogging is a bit like providing a service. If someone approaches it in the right way, then they will easily get their post published.

      I should put together a post with some good and bad examples of pitches that I get sent – and believe me, I’ve been sent some stinkers!

    • Guest blogging is definitely a hefty time investment, but I truly believe it’s worthwhile in the long run. And what you said bears repeating, Clair: You should want to bring something quality to the table.

  • A huge differences i got when i started doing guest post. BTW I know the tactics to convert our Visitor to sale and Guest Posting really helps me a lot.

    Thanks for this awesome Post Erica Moss.

    • Cheers for the comment Amit 🙂

    • Sounds like you’ve got a great system going, Amit. Thanks for the comment!

  • Very useful info. Guest blogging is quite a useful way to piggyback off someone else’s traffic and drive users to your site when you’re just starting out.

    • Guest blogging can be a great way to build your reputation up and gain a bit of a following. The more popular places you can get your name, the more you will be recognized

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