Tips To Write An Effective PPC Advertisement Copy

PPC Advertisement

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Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers online. Among the many useful methods used in Search Engine Marketing, PPC advertisement (or Pay Per Click) is the most effective way to develop your business. Ads that appear on social networks, on the sides or at the top of search engines, will only be charged when there is a click on the advertisement. In other words, you only have to pay when users land on your websites.

These days, one has to be on their toes in order to do their marketing well or impress users. PPC advertisement is no different in this regard. The activity has its own challenges when it is initiated practically.

To help you effectively write your PPC advertisement copy, here are some great tips. 

PPC Advertisement Tips

1. Keywords In The Ad Copy Has A Big Role To Play

Even though this is a well-known fact, there are several ads that do not include anything that is similar to a user’s search query. Adding keywords in text-based ads will trigger ads quickly and more frequently. It would be great if you can use the keyword in the display URL in addition to one more appearance of the distinct keyword. 

2. Let Your Ad Be More Relevant To The Destination Page

No matter if it is a website page or a landing page specific to a campaign, the ad ought to be relevant to the destination page. When a reader goes through the promotion, benefit and any kind of offer in your text-based ad, they expect to see more details as they click it. Hence if you can ensure that the destination page is more relevant to the text ad, it will help you improve quality scores, bounce rates and conversion rates big time. 

3. Make It Easier & More Effective

Here, you can take the short and sweet way by directly inviting your customers by using phrases like “Reserve today”, “Learn more” and “Order Now”. You can avoid longer phrases like ‘Click here to buy’. This might sound strange, but it is proven that such methods grab a visitor’s attention more. 

4. Using Number Details Is Crucial

Numbers are sometimes catchier than words. You can include details like percentages, pricing or dates. The more specific your ad copies are the better. Numbers help you be more specific.

5. Design Your Ads With The Smaller Ad Groups In Mind

Never use too many keywords in a single big ad group. Rather try to make smaller and more targeted ad groups. Again the keywords come into play. Make sure you do not adjust your write-up to match with the keywords. Rather, make them appear in the most natural way. This will ensure better CTR (Click Through Rate) or overall quality scores. 

6. The Quality Of Your Content Is Always A Huge Factor

There is nothing much to explain on this factor. Spelling and grammar errors are no longer tolerated in the online industry, more so in an advertisement of 25 to 35 characters. Every now and then we come across many websites that tend to show minor typos, grammar and spelling errors. We tend to think that they are not quality sites. Imagine these errors in short write-ups like advertisements.

7. Maintain A Balance Between Emotion & Promotion

It is important to make a balanced mix of promotions with words that provoke feelings of emotions and that will help you hook your audience better. Remember, an overdose of any of these factors can backfire. The key is to think from a buyer’s point of view. Just ask yourself ‘What would I expect as a customer?, Is this advertisement exaggerated for my liking?, Are there enough promotions to impress myself?” This will definitely help you improvise your business.

To sum up, everything goes down to the basic rule – study, practice and then execute. You will be doing wonders by studying how advertisements in the past have succeeded and more importantly, why advertisements in the past have failed to succeed.

Remember, no ladder can be climbed with your hands in the pocket. So work hard and your will taste success. Good Luck!!

Thank you to my Guest Post Author: Nathan Brown


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  • Andi the minion

    Very fascinating read, PPC advertising is something many people shy away from and with good reason as people have lost a lot of money doing it. They usual did it wrong and these tips will help people realise that there is a skill to it and that they should not rush in blindly.

    Nathan says it well when he says… ‘study, practice and then execute’ I think I am going to tweet that quote separately. That comes in for so many things these days.

    People really do need to study and practice with PPC, things such as the destination page can be a nightmare when dealing with Google but once you know what you are doing it can be very beneficial, people still use PPC ads to blow their business profits through the roof.

    • Andi Leeman

      One of these days I will get the right Disqus login when commenting on sites!! 🙂

      • I always wondered why you leave comments when signed in/not signed in 🙂

        • Andi the Minion

          I think it’s a combination of faulty memory and simply being dumb lol

    • Yes PPC can be a slippery slope if you don’t know what you are doing. That’s why I was happy to publish this post from Nathan that gives some genuine advice to people.

      I like Nathan’s quote as well. Might have to tweet that myself at some point.

  • Nice tips here – really like #4. Didn’t think about it, but it make sense…which sounds better as a headline? “Make money online” or “Generate $1000 Online in Your 1st Month” Definitely the one with specific numbers.


    • Hi Thomas! Yes, it’s only really when you think about it that it makes sense. Including something as simple as a figure can give a lot more credibility and create more interest from readers.

  • From my experience in PPC you must split test too! Run several ads to the same page and track each ones copy. That way if you don’t get the return you wanted you may have lost some money but at least you have some data!

    • Very good point John! Split testing is a great way to cover your bases and like you say even if they don’t work out, at least you get some useful data to use.

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