What Makes Your Blog So Special?

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It’s a serious question: What makes your blog so special?  I mean, you have a blog.  You want it to make money for you.  You want new customers, affiliate or personal product sales, conversions, and ad clicks.  You want the social media giants to find, read, enjoy and share your posts with their multitude of followers.  Hell, you want anyone to share your content! You want exposure and, of course, you want it for free.

Why do you want these things?  Because you’re writing epic stuff here!  You’re pouring your heart and soul into every damn piece of content that is published on your blog. You deserve it, right?  Well… maybe not!

As a blog writer for hire, I make it a point to study many blogs and sites around the net.  I want to see what attracts me to some blogs and totally turns me away from others.  What makes me subscribe?  What makes me follow links and delve further and further into the realms of blogs?

To me, and to lots of other people it comes down to one thing:  Does the blog that I’m reading have attitude.  Does the content let me know that there is a real person, with real frustrations and successes writing the words and trying to offer something back to make life easier for me?  Is it colorful and lively?

What Kind of Tone Does Your Blog Have?

This is where I kind of break off from the pack when it comes to the definition of what “killer content” really is.  For me, it has got to have some level of pizzazz! The writer has to be emotionally vested in his content and, in return, he or she has to get me to invest emotionally in it.  All other content fails, in my opinion.

Let’s try a small experiment.

Read any article on eHow.com or About.com and try to tell me that you got nothing out of it, or that you didn’t learn a thing.  I don’t think you’ll be able to.  Those articles and “how-to’s” are well written and informative.  But do they entertain?  No.  They’re bland.  They’re robotic.  It’s like reading a military field manual.  (That’s how I feel, anyway.  If you disagree then please let me know in the comments section below.)

What Makes Your Blog So Special?

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On the other hand, though, let’s look at some blogs that cover the topics of internet marketing, making money online and blogging that actually do have some voice and tone.

I’m not kissing butt here, but one of the reasons I like Matt’s blog here at ‘Online Income Teacher‘ is that he has a true passion for making money online and teaching others how to do so as well.  The same goes for Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income.  Pat truly enjoys what he does, is grateful to his readers and is constantly in teaching mode.  You want real tone and voice?  Go read Johnny B. Truant.  You’ll get all the attitude and voice you’ll ever need.

These are the bloggers that are truly and emotionally vested in their online endeavors and passionate about the profession of blogging.  Many people confuse “making money online” and “blogging” and they eventually start to muddle the two into one kind of act.  Nothing could be further from the truth, though.  First comes the blog and then comes the part about making money.

Too many bloggers try to start a blog and write robotic “how-to’s” and information articles that are full of all the right keywords.  Sure, Google might find you.  Heck, people might come and read.  But, I’m betting that they won’t come back much after that.  Why would they?  If they wanted that kind of content then they could just go to the eHows, Abouts and Wikis of the world.

When people arrive at your site, you should give them something worth reading, staying and coming back for.  Just think about meeting new people.  Ever come away from a chat with a new acquaintance saying, “Wow, that person was dull!  Smart, yes, but booooring!”  You might go back to that person if you needed some information on a particular subject but would you stop by his or her house when you just needed to be entertained or get lost in a good conversation for a while?  I doubt it.  There’s nothing special about that person to bring you back.

And that’s the key to making money online.  Return visitors who are vested in your site and want to come back for more.  They can’t wait until your next blog post, video or podcast.  They like you and they get a bonus because you’re also informative and making their life easier and more enjoyable.

So, what makes your blog so special?

Thank you to my Guest Post Author: Ken Muise

Ken is a blog writer for hire.  His blog, Content 4 Blogs has a lot of attitude.  Please feel free to visit him there, or follow him on Twitter!

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  • Voice is a hugely overlooked aspect of blogging but a very important one. Having voice not only makes your posts more entertaining to read, but it also lets the reader connect with you more and like you. And, people who like from you generally buy from you.


    • Yes, I find that I keep revisiting sites that have a clear and unique voice. Nobody likes to read boring, drab posts that drone on without any personality in them. Lets face it, blogging is not the most exciting subject in the world, but a good writing style can make it seem more interesting.

      And like you say, it helps readers connect with you more.

  • Andi the Minion

    Interesting post, I am not sure what people think of my blog when they leave, probably ‘smart, yes but booooring! ‘ lol. I hope not. I believe I have a distinct voice and was recently told that it also shows in my newsletters… I want to know if that is a good thing.

    I had a recent discussion with a well known blogger about writing articles that were keyword rich and I said I try not to flood them otherwise the articles themselves become unnatural and as you say robotic which can only do one thing. Put people off and send the packing never to return. Not a good plan in my eyes.Cheers

    • Well I certainly don’t think your posts are boooooring! lol

      I always remember learning (I forget where) that you should write as if you were talking to someone that you know. Not a close relative but someone else, perhaps a friend. This is useful when trying to explain complicated or dull subjects, as you wouldn’t just drone on to a friend. Write clearly, but talk to them as a person not a robot, and of course if you can try to include some humour.

      I think you do exactly that in your posts and I agree with who ever said that you had a distinct voice in your newsletters. Hey, if I didn’t think that, you wouldn’t have had all those posts published on here. 🙂

      • Andi Leeman

        Thanks and I look forward to writing more, working on a couple of corkers that are growing nicely into typical Minion Novels 🙂

  • Hi Syed! Glad you like the site. I use a premium theme from WooThemes which I have customized heavily myself.

  • Blog with a passion and you get all the attention. I find that every blog is unique in its content delivery. This uniqueness comes from the topic handling in a creative manner. You are right in pointing out the fact that robotic style of writing is not for a blog. The blog content is distinct because it is a kind of story telling.

    • Yes, I suppose blogging is a bit similar to story telling. You need to produce interesting content that will captivate your readers and engage with them. Boring or robotic content will only put off readers and cause them to go elsewhere.