Should I Make An Infographic?



Every blog has them, every blog needs them, every blog wants them. What am I talking about? Infographics!

What are Infographics?

Infographics are not new and have been around for many years. The term Infographic, (short for Information Graphic) is basically a term for a graphical visualization or a representation of data. I bet you have seen many of them going about your day to day business, whether your work be online or offline.

People in the online industry tend to be familiar with them and in fact some people probably think that is where they evolved from. Wrong!

Think about your nearest subway (not the sandwich firm) but your underground infrastructure.  How is that displayed? In all stations – usually with a map of each line and each station. Whilst it is not a to-scale map with distance it does give the traveller clear idea of the station order and information.


The London underground map is a great example of an infographic

Whilst I do not want this post to be a history lesson, it is important to realise that Infographics were not invented by social media buffs on Pinterest last year. You could argue that ancient cave paintings could be considered as early Infographics, but they are definitely not new.

So, Should You Make An Infographic?

Well, if you have a post that you are thinking of writing that may be better portrayed as an Infographic then the extra work involved is well worth it. Not only do people tend to prefer pictures they are also way more socially engaging, meaning they get more likes, shares, comments (generally) and so on.

It can actually be easier to get your message across in an infographic.  People tend to waffle on a bit if there is lots of data to dissect.  A good tip when making an Infographic is to try and keep it simple. Get your message across and that is it.

The great thing about infographics is that they can be created for free!  All you need is some interesting information to create an infographic about.

Six Tips To Use When Making Infographics

  1. Use Eye Catching Images – If you can, try to use images that stand out and make the infographic appealing. Remember it is a visual representation of information, so try to make it as eye catching as you can. You have already stated that you can present this data better than words, so show it!
  2. Use Your Authentic Voice – The same goes for standard posts as with Infographics, put your own style on it with your own voice. People come to your blog to read your work – make your Infographics the same.
  3. Offer Value – Whilst a graphic on the “Top 10 Subway Sandwiches of All Time” would be awesome, it would not really offer that much value. Offer your target audience what they want, or more importantly what they need.
  4. Be Educational – Same goes for this really – if you can educate people with an Infographic it is more likely to go viral. If someone asks “Does anyone know what the best WordPress plugins are?”, then you can say “Yes, check out this Infographic that I made on ……” and so on.
  5. Keep It Simple – Going back to the Underground example, they use colours for the lines. Keep the graphic nice and simple, so as not to confuse the reader as to what it is all about.  Making infographics too complicated will only end up confusing people.  Remember, infographics are supposed to make it easier for people to understand information.
  6. Be Relevant – Whilst I really like Zombie films I am unlikely to make an Infographic displaying “The Most Exuberant Zombie Deaths Of The Modern Film Era” (Again, awesome) but readers of my marketing blog would probably not find much use for it.  Keep your infographics relevant to your niche and your readers will be more interested.

So, I guess then I should make one about this post? Here you go…..


As you can see the one above simulates the above question, just presented visually. OK,  it is slightly bias towards Infographics, but you get the idea.

So, the next time you write a post – could you represent it visually? Or, how about recycling some older posts with by adding an Infographics?


About John Banks

John is a blogger from the UK, running his site JohnBanksBlog to help people with blogging, SEO and social media. He has just released his latest product "30 Minute Infographics" where he shows you step by step how to create your own using free web-based software. Watch over his shoulder as he makes one in just 30 minutes flat. You can learn more by following him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

  • Andi Leeman

    Hi John and Matt, great post this, I desperately want to make infographs, I haven’t yet got round to them, I know when I have mastered them they should be fairly quick to make. The first few times will be slightly time consuming but after that they should be a breeze and well worth the time invested.

    We see on Facebook and Twitter that images are shared a lot more than posts as people prefer them and we as creatures are visual in nature, we love to see things and we learn from them so infographics are a great way to drive traffic to your site and create brand recognition.

    • Thanks for the kind words on the post Andi – and thanks to Matt for putting this together so well….

      Nice one.

      • Thanks again for the excellent post John! Your becoming the groups specialist on Infographics 🙂

        • Thanks Matt, it was really just about breaking down the boundaries. Once people learn the process it can be done quite simply with nice effective results.

    • Hi Andi,

      Yeah, I need to get around to doing some infographics for the site as well. Maybe we should try doing a combi-infographic, where we all do a bit of one and then each share it on our site in some way. Hmm, got me thinking now.

  • Kapil Jekishan

    You’re really on some roll here John with the infographics – great work. Like Andi, I too plan to go down this path but it comes down to spending the time to learn the concept (which we’ll eventually get to).

    • Hi Kapil,

      Infographics can be quite time consuming to create yourself, but John showed that it can be pretty quick and easy to put together with some of the free tools online. I guess the real issue is finding a good set of information to base an infographic on 🙂

      • Yes but often the info is right there. Sure, you could spend some time looking up some stats online but often the more popular ones are lists. Something EVERY blogger is fully aware of. Thanks Kapil and Matt

  • Clair Trebes

    Loving the new look Matt 🙂

    John, super post! Loving your infographic product, whilst I’ve only made one so far I can tell I am going to have LOTS of fun making them now!

    I completely agree with all the points you’ve raised in this article and the fact you’ve added a super cool infographic to highlight the point too!

    I am looking forward to getting my infographic creation time under 30 mins too …. practice makes perfect, and they are a great way of educating people (and perfect for social sharing)


    • Hi Clair,

      Loved the infographic that John made for the post. Not sure I could create one in 30 mins myself just yet, may have to have a little competition with you.

      Glad you like the new site design 🙂

      • Clair Trebes

        haha Matt YOU ARE ON! (must brush up on my skills first though!!!) more speed less haste! 😉

    • Thanks Clair for the kinds words on the product. There are many ways to do it, I have evolved it slightly with this one as the whole thing was made in PowerPoint.

      • Clair Trebes

        Oh really John! that’s WAY cool 🙂 You’ve got me hooked, I’ve been messing and playing around with many now!

  • Hi John, great and useful post!
    I have never considered infographics,
    but I understand that creating a catchy one is indeed a good way to market something online.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Catherine Holt

    I havn’t yet made any infographics and this is something I will have to dedicate some time to. I will also have to give some thought as to the best way to use it for my niche….but there are some great points here to help with my thinking process 🙂

    • Hi Catherine,

      I think infographics would be a fantastic fit for your site. You could do some great party related stuff, such as turning a party list into something more visual, or making a visual recipe infographic.

    • Hi Catherine – Infographics would be awesome for your site. “Best Cupcake Recipes” or “The Perfect Party List” – there is two for you! You could really have some fun with it…. @google-bdd34aae0fb142a05177971d6ffb1918:disqus

  • Hasan

    Great post John. I’ll try your new product 🙂
    Matt nice layout.

  • We love Infographics thanks John Banks!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂