LinkedIn ReDesign – Taking A Closer Look


LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn, the social media site that’s dedicated to professional networking, is introducing a series of landmark changes in 2012. The LinkedIn redesign is in response to heated competition for user attention in the ever-changing social media arena currently dominated by Facebook, Twitter and the newcomer Pinterest.

With more than 160 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the leading social media platform for professional networking. If you’re a social media marketer or blogger who’s interested in growing your online personal brand, you need to consider how to leverage these changes to your advantage.

LinkedIn Redesign Of Homepage

LinkedIn ReDesignLinkedIn rolled out a major homepage redesign in July. According to a post on the LinkedIn Blog, the goal of the redesign is to make it easier to navigate the page’s features and to provide quick access to news and updates. Navigation is improved with a permanent menu bar displayed at the top of the page. The “LinkedIn Today” news feed appears below the menu bar; this personalized feed contains items that are selected based on your industry and connections.

The “Homepage All Updates” stream has undergone a facelift (or should we say “Facebook lift?”) that includes enhanced visuals and the ability to like, comment on and share update items. A one-click “Connect” button makes it easier to add users who appear in your update stream to your list of contacts. When an update from one of your connections appears in the stream, you can send a message with one click.

The “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” sidebar widget on the Homepage shows at a glance the number of visitors to your profile page in the past 90 days. This is a great way to measure the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile. The widget also allows you to connect with one click to people who have visited your profile page.

So far, the new LinkedIn look is restricted to the homepage. The next area for improvement could be the profile page. A new video function allows users to promote their personal brand by adding video to their profile. Future changes could include a career timeline similar to Facebook’s personal timeline.

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn went mobile in April with the introduction of its iPhone and iPad app and Android app. Now you can view and save jobs, and follow the latest news in your industry from your smart phone or tablet. The mobile app makes it easier to update your profile and network with millions of LinkedIn users from any location. Providing a mobile interface encourages LinkedIn users to update their status as frequently as they tweet or post on Facebook.

LinkedIn & Twitter Part Ways

In July, LinkedIn discontinued a partnership with Twitter that had allowed users to automatically feed their tweets to their LinkedIn status. This could be a smart move on LinkedIn’s part since you will now need to go directly to the LinkedIn website to share updates. Many LinkedIn users will welcome this change because it has the potential of freeing the LinkedIn network from an overwhelming amount of personal chatter.

LinkedIn Future Changes

We can expect to see more changes at LinkedIn over the next few months. The company spent about $4 million dollars for software patents from Digg, including the patent for Digg’s “vote up a story” interface. How this technology will be put to use on the LinkedIn site remains to be seen.

LinkedIn has also purchased the technology behind CardMunch, a mobile application that lets you scan business cards and convert the scanned data into contact information. It’s not hard to imagine how LinkedIn could use this technology to enhance their mobile presence.
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  • HI,
    I love Linkedin and probably use it more than Facebook. What I like about Linkedin is it feels more specific to your target audience. The app for android is great, i can access all my groups and post discussions and answer peoples problems all from my phone. Its great.
    In fact, I use the app more than the full internet version so much as i havent even seen the updates yet! Must check them out…..

    • Hi John! Yeah, I have to say that I probably use LinkedIn more than Facebook, but that’s probably because there are more people who are interested in blogging on there.

      LinkedIn is my best social media referrer, sending me the most traffic than any of the other sites.

  • Andi the Minion

    I really need to focus more on LinkedIn, but as always it is on my growing list of fun things to do. I have an account which I visit now and again. I think it is time to raise my game. I hear so much good stuff about LinkedIn, my fear is that these places are like gatherings of tuperware sellers all trying to sell each other tuperware, who wants to buy from someone selling the same things they are trying to sell?

    I think that is the reason I have kept my distance from LinkedIn.


    • Hi Andi! I can happily say that nobody has attempted to sell me any tuperware on LinkedIn. 🙂

      I can see your point, though LinkedIn can help you find lots more targeted people. Like I said to John below, LinkedIn sends me more traffic than any of my other social media sites. This is because it’s easier to find people that are interested in my posts. Compare that to Facebook and it is much harder to find people who are interested in blogging related subjects.

      I’d definitely recommend that you take a closer look at it.

  • Clair Trebes

    Matt, Great Post as always!

    I’m still getting my bearings with LinkedIn’s new look, but overall I am really impressed, apart from the ease of functionality I think they have made it look far more ‘current’ and like anything, looks do go a long way!!!

    I’m interested in your comments below on how its your best social media referrer – I’ve had varying levels of success with the site for an offline business myself and can only talk positively about the site and its capablilities too!

    How long did it take you to get the ‘momentum’ going with linkedin for your blog traffic?


    • Hi Clair!

      Yeah, I’m liking the new look for LinkedIn, much better than the previous version.

      Yes, LinkedIn is my best social media referrer. It’s hard to say when my ‘momentum’ began with it as I started using it at the same time as I started using Twitter & Facebook to promote my business. It’s been consistently the best referrer for me from the start. I think that’s because there are more people on there that are interested in blogging rather than Facebook.

      I actually don’t spend as much time on LinkedIn that I probably should do. Twitter is the one that I like to use the most, mostly because it’s good to chat to people, meet new people and ask/answer questions.

      What about you? Which social media site do you use the most and which gives you the best results?

      • Clair Trebes

        Hi Matt!

        Apologies for the late reply back on this one *for some reason it got lost around me*

        I’m with you in the Twitter camp, the results have been unreal for the ‘guinea pig’ business I’ve been working with. I think its the instantaneous nature of it, we are always in such a rush in life today, twitter suits that perfectly.

        I’m a massive fan of LinkedIn – but I find sometimes people can be a little ‘cautious’ of us internet types being on there, I get the feeling sometimes that you can only be taken ‘seriously’ if your job title includes a big corporate company on there *if that makes sense?*


        • Hi Clair!

          I know what you mean about LinkedIn. I’m sure some people do get put off by us internet types on there, but for every person like that there is someone that wants to ask questions and learn from us. I get to answer lots of peoples questions on LinkedIn, I find that LinkedIn groups are a good place to hang out.

          As for having a corporate title, I look at it the other way. Obviously I chat to other bloggers and website owners on there, but I often see that these people give themselves elaborate titles such as; CEO, Director or even President! (I actually saw someone call themselves ‘Vice President’, despite being the only member of the company!). I just take it with a pinch of salt, it doesn’t matter what title a person has, it’s what they know and how they can help that counts.

  • I don’t think anyone was saying that the new design was bad!

    As for LinkedIn spam, you only get updates to what you are signed up to. If you feel you are getting too much spam, just unsubscribe from a group, change your job notifications, disconnect with certain spammy contacts, etc.

  • Yeah, it does look as though LinkedIn are taking steps to function a bit more like Facebook. Mind you, I hope they don;t go too far, Facebook seems to be getting worse with each new update that they make!