How To Research An Article That Provides Value


Research An Article

No matter what you’re researching online, there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that there’s unlimited information out there on just about any subject in the world.  The bad news is that there’s unlimited information out there on just about any subject in the world.  The difference between the good and bad news is the same as the difference between good and bad information: both are in abundance.

So, how can you find the good information and skip through weeding out the bad?  Quite simply, you have to learn how to do online research.

Researching Quality Articles to Boost Your Sales

The difference that a quality article can make for your sales is undeniable since keeping up with the latest techniques and trends is important in any industry.  The key is just finding the right ones which provide the most value. Not only that, but there is lots of SEO benefits to linking to quality articles on your own site, so it pays to find the best posts possible.

Now, we’re not going to sit here and tell you to go do Google searches, since that’s what everyone else is doing and netting most of the garbage.  Instead, you need to find quick shortcuts that bring you the most socially, economically and industry-minded articles on the internet. Here are some of the best ways to research quality articles to boost your sales:


Research An Article

Topsy is a site that displays results in real time.  You can search for a query and see Tweets, links, photos, videos, Google+ shares, etc. that are all related.  All the results are organized by related terms/articles and trending topics.  On top of that, Topsy also tells you who the experts are for search queries and provides you with trackback pages for everything inside the index.

You also get to see what people are saying about each query.  Furthermore, Topsy syndicates the results you obtain so that you can put the most relevant and latest articles directly into your webpages and ads.  This helps you to not only improve your customer’s browsing experience, but also helps you boost sales.  All of your results can be filtered through hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly result pages so you can be sure you’re only getting the most up to date articles in your searches.


Research An Article

A key market for article writing and sharing is social media, and for that you need a social media search and analysis platform.  By far, the best one out there is SocialMention since it aggregates all user-generated content from the entire world into one easy to navigate place.  From here you can track and measure not only topics relevant to your company, but also what people are saying about your business, your brand or even you!

SocialMention operates in real time, giving you direct and instant access to the latest happenings and articles being shared or talked about on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google and much, much more.  You can also sort your results and measure their relevancy within SocialMention.


Research An Article

Omgili gives you a way to browse through results filled with consumer opinions, debates, discussions, personal experiences, answers and solutions.  The Omgili community has one of the most extensive answer banks for the tough technical problems and user questions on the internet, making it also a great site for solving your own problems.  Here, you can crawl through millions of online discussions across the world.  The vertical Omgili search engine analyses and differentiates between many factors such as titles, topics, reply dates and amounts, giving you only the most relevant and pertinent information.

Most questions and technical problems have already been answered and solved – find the answers through Omgili. Omgili is a crawler based, vertical search engine that scans millions of online discussions worldwide in over 100,000 boards, forums and other discussion based resources.


Research An Article

Finally, because there is so much information out there, a site like SimiliarSites will help you avoid sifting through countless result pages.  This is for after you find a website or article online; you simply enter the address into SimilarSites and it will give you high quality, content-based results.  Even better, there are Chrome and Firefox extensions that can make your time in browsing in SimilarWeb all that much faster.

These are just some of the tools that I use when researching, there are many more out there to be found.  In fact, if you use a good tool when researching sites/articles then please let us know.  What do you think of the ones that I have mentioned? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • Andi the Minion

    Excellent article John, I can say that I have never heard of any of these sites and they sound very useful, similar sites stands out to me and could be a great place to find great sites to write guest posts for as well so I think that will be my first port of call. :-)

    Thanks for the heads up on these tools.

    • Matt Smith

      Hi Andi,

      Can’t say that I’d heard of these tools before, but I think they are great. I have to say that I really like Topsy, been playing around with it for the last couple of days. Such a great way to assess a site’s social impact, almost in real time.

  • Friv 2

    Omgili is so awesome. I just have tried it after I read your article

    • Matt Smith

      Yeah, it’s pretty good isn’t it. Been using it a bit myself since John sent over the post and I find it really useful.

  • Clair Trebes

    Hi Matt & John – Excellent post here – excellent tools and none of which I’ve actually ever heard of …. this will prove REALLY great for all my writing that I do !

    Bookmarking, this one’s a keeper! :)

    • Matt Smith

      Hi Clair,

      Can’t say I’d heard of these tools either till John sent over the post, but so far they have been really useful. Really like Omgili :)

  • Walter

    Wow!!! Great to land on actual sites that I’ve never heard of that
    seem to work fine. I’ll give them a try on my article research.

    I see you actually increased the font size as I’d suggested.

    Matt, quick one. Which plugin do you use for the sliding feature box on your home page?

    Once again, great job John.

    • Matt Smith

      Hi Walter,

      Yes, made the font slightly bigger. Think it looks better.

      The plugin I use is ‘Genesis Responsive Slider’, though I think it only works with Genesis.

      • Walter

        Thanks for the response Matt. According to copywriters, at least font 14 does great! 16 better! The site does look awesome.

        I am getting Genesis this or next week due to how great your site looks. The new look is amazing. Kindly give me your affiliate link so that I can send some Genesis commission your way.

        • Matt Smith

          Hi Walter,

          That’s very kind of you. Really happy that you like the site. My affiliate link is:

          Let me know how you get on with it or if you need any help setting it up. :)

          • Walter

            Thanks a lot Matt. I’ll let you know how it goes.