Top 5 Business Reasons To Find Your Classmates On Social Media


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You know when, as soon as you join and fill out your profile on a new social media network, out of the blue pops a long-lost classmates that you had completely forgotten about! Do you ever ‘friend’/’follow’ them only to immediately regret the decision? We’ve all been there!

Well, as much as you may regret yet another forgotten classmates’ list of potential baby names posted on your wall, there is always a bright side, especially if you make a significant amount of your income online! Whether you are new to making money online or have been doing so successfully for years, you can never have too many connections. In fact, classmates specifically can be some of the best business contacts to have online.

Here are some of the top reasons why connecting with old classmates can help you see your online income grow!

1. Connect With Other Bloggers & Webmasters

Being part of the blogosphere, you know that at times it can feel like an awfully small place. Unfortunately, at other times, it can also feel like a never-ending sea of SEO and comment boxes, with millions of users that you will never fully know. That’s why finding out which of your old classmates are now working online can be a huge boost for your career. Rather than having to approach a blogger you don’t know and work to impress and connect with him or her, if you went to school with someone, you have an instant connection.

2. Make Connections In A New Niche

By connecting with old classmates online, you will automatically expand your circle of connections into niches outside of your own. Your friend may also be able to connect you to people in completely separate niches as well. This means that the girl you couldn’t stand in your college Chemistry class, could actually be the best friend of the brother’s girlfriend of that fashion blogger you’ve been asking to collaborate with for months. You should never underestimate the power of unexpected connections, so why limit yourself to only the people you liked in college! When it comes to web connections, especially when you make your income online, no connection is a bad connection.

3. Offer Your Expertise To Classmates

Re-connecting with classmates online means you have an opportunity to show people what you do best. Instead of connecting on a purely friendship level, if you see someone who may be interested in your particular expertise, there is no reason not to strike up a conversation and see what comes of it. Your classmate may host a great website that has been making her money for years, but with your particular knowledge of SEO tactics, you know specific ways she can monetize even further.

4. Get New Ideas From Classmates

Reaching out to people that you hold such common ground with (you know you both remember the same cafeteria lasagna and homecoming parties) is also a great way to see how life turned out for someone else with your background. It’s a great way to get inspired to do and try new things or to think about your current business in a new light. Inspiration can lie anywhere, so you may as well expand your potential to experience it. Nothing is better for business.

5. Search For Jobs

This is another surefire way to use these connections for good. As you have history with a particular classmates, you may be able to get a recommendation or an introduction to an influential person about a job vacancy.

When you connect with an old classmate via social media, you have the chance to take a look at what they do and see if there are any openings within that company or site. Then, you have a much higher chance of actually getting an interview than the competition.
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  • Robert Connor

    Some nice points Matt – Besides keeping in touch with old friends, they can also be really good business contacts that are helpful when needed, Have a great day in the u.k. on purpose!

    • Hi Robert! It can be amazing to find out that some of your old friends ended up being influential people within the same business industry. As the famous saying goes “…it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know that’s important!”