15 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Live Without Google

Many people have varying opinions on Google.  Some feel that it is abhorrently evil, whereas others absolutely love it.  People are divided even further, however, when Google has an effect on their livelihood.  This tends to always raise the question of whether you can live without Google or not. There […]

Finding Website Inspiration From The Webby Awards

The internet is full of fantastic websites, marketing campaigns, advertising techniques, video channels, mobile apps, and much, much more that you never get to see.  There is so much you can learn from these sites and find website inspiration for your own projects, which is why it is good to […]

8 Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Your Website

We recently published a great post over at Bizzebee.com (another site I help run) listing some Facebook marketing tips for local businesses to use.  These tips focused on some Guerrilla marketing ideas and techniques that you can use to help raise the awareness of small businesses.  Well that post got […]

How To Export Video In Adobe Premiere Pro For YouTube & Vimeo

Video has become increasingly important for many online businesses as it is a great way to attract traffic and get your name out there for people to see.  More and more websites and blogs are creating video content for their users, but to truly make the most of them, you […]

7 Video Marketing Tips That Sell Products

Video marketing has emerged as a great tool for businesses. With the shortening attention span of consumers, marketers are increasingly looking to this medium to help them break through the clutter and deliver their brand messages in an engaging manner. Companies large and small have turned to platforms like YouTube and […]

How To Launch A Popular YouTube Channel For Your Blog

For bloggers, the benefits of a YouTube presence are obvious. More exposure, more traffic and some highly reputable backlinks to boot. Despite this fact, look for your favourite bloggers on YouTube and in most cases you’ll find them noticeably absent.  Most bloggers reluctance to join YouTube stems from the fact […]

Different Types Of YouTube Videos To Create For Your Site

Videos are arguably THE best type of content for your site as they can convey a lot more information.  Why would someone read a 2,000 word article when they can watch a video about the same subject?  Not only that but videos, when uploaded to YouTube, can potentially send you […]

How To Add A Custom YouTube Thumbnail To Your Video

I recently published a post about why featured images are important for your blog posts.  That got me thinking about videos, particularly YouTube videos that you upload to your own channel.  Uploading a custom YouTube thumbnail for a video can encourage more people to click on and watch it, so […]

How To Create Multiple YouTube Channels Under One Account

Every wanted to create multiple YouTube channels under one account, but didn’t know how?  I faced this exact same question when trying to set up another channel for a new site I’m setting up with some others (more on that later).  Seemingly there isn’t that much information out there to […]

10 Top Free WordPress Plugins

It’s been a while since my last post about WordPress plugins, so I thought it was about time to write another as I have found a few gems for you to use.  One of the reasons I love WordPress so much is because there are literally tens of thousands of […]