How To Submit Your Website And Get Listed On Google, Bing & Yahoo

How do I get my web pages to appear on the search engine results pages? It is vitally important to get your website listed on the major search engines such as Google because it is by far the best way of attracting free, targeted traffic to your site. This website […]

How To Re-design A Website – Best Practices

So you’ve decided to redesign your website. Perhaps its look and feel was getting a bit stale, or perhaps you simply needed to upgrade the version of the Content Management System (CMS) that drives your website.  Whatever the reason’s, its website redesign time! Before you plunge into changing the look […]

20 Great WordPress Plugins

One of the best things about WordPress is the seemingly endless amount of plugins that are available. There seems to be a WordPress plugin for everything these days. This is an extensive list of 20 WordPress plugins that I think every WordPress site should be using. They are arranged alphabetically, […]

70 Tips On How To Be A Better Blogger!

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

If you spend time writing a blog, then you want people to read it! Driving traffic to your blog can take time, but there are certain things that you can do to help you along the way. You may just be starting out blogging, or have been doing it for […]

20 Pages Every Blog Should Include

I was talking to someone the other day who wanted advice about starting up a website. He asked me which pages he needed to include to get started with his new blog. This got me thinking. Technically, you only need a few pages to get started, which you can then […]