15 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Live Without Google

Many people have varying opinions on Google.  Some feel that it is abhorrently evil, whereas others absolutely love it.  People are divided even further, however, when Google has an effect on their livelihood.  This tends to always raise the question of whether you can live without Google or not. There […]

Finding Website Inspiration From The Webby Awards

The internet is full of fantastic websites, marketing campaigns, advertising techniques, video channels, mobile apps, and much, much more that you never get to see.  There is so much you can learn from these sites and find website inspiration for your own projects, which is why it is good to […]

8 Online Guerrilla Marketing Ideas For Your Website

We recently published a great post over at Bizzebee.com (another site I help run) listing some Facebook marketing tips for local businesses to use.  These tips focused on some Guerrilla marketing ideas and techniques that you can use to help raise the awareness of small businesses.  Well that post got […]

What To Do After You Hit Publish On Your Post

Writing regular blog posts for your site is a vital part of attracting traffic to your site.  That being said, many bloggers feel that the hard work is done when they publish their article on their site, but in reality, only half the work is done when you hit publish […]

7 Video Marketing Tips That Sell Products

Video marketing has emerged as a great tool for businesses. With the shortening attention span of consumers, marketers are increasingly looking to this medium to help them break through the clutter and deliver their brand messages in an engaging manner. Companies large and small have turned to platforms like YouTube and […]

Pinterest For Business – Take Your eCommerce Business to New Heights

Pinterest is still relatively new on the scene, however it has been making huge waves online!  One of the fastest growing sites in history, it has proved to be a successful social media site for people wanting to share pictures.  What most people don’t know however is that Pinterest is […]

How To Run A Giveaway With Rafflecopter

Following on from our latest giveaway where we use Rafflecopter to run the competition, I wanted to show you how to setup and run your own giveaway with Rafflecopter. What Is Rafflecopter? Rafflecopter is a really easy way to setup and run giveaways on your website.  It lets you create […]

How An Infographic Will Add Value To Any Company

Some of the biggest names online, and elsewhere, use infographics. Online companies have come to embrace infographics and they are more than abundant from online businesses. Mashable – a site for social media and technology buffs – continues an ongoing love affair with infographics as part of their regular marketing […]

7 Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter

Just about everybody is on Twitter these days; Celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, web masters, news correspondents, bloggers, business brands and of course you (hopefully)!   The great thing about this is that because everyone is on Twitter, it makes it a lot easier to get your name out there and get people […]

Social Media Ads – Find, Attract and Engage More Consumers

If you run your own website or eCommerce business, you will have felt the need to try to engage your customers/readers in a more effective way.  Well, you are not alone!  All sites want to do this, as the more people you can engage with and get onto your site, […]