What To Do After You Hit Publish On Your Post

Writing regular blog posts for your site is a vital part of attracting traffic to your site.  That being said, many bloggers feel that the hard work is done when they publish their article on their site, but in reality, only half the work is done when you hit publish […]

Blogging New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Happy New Year!!!  It’s the first day of 2014 and I am really looking forward to the next 12 months.  If I’m honest, I have always found new year’s resolutions to be a bit cliché, though that is mainly due to the fact that everyone usually ends up picking “lose […]

Top 5 Types Of People That Annoy You On Social Media

For many of us, when we all signed up to social media sites when they first started, we didn’t really imagine how big they would become.  Only now are we seeing the true impact that they have on both our social and professional lives.  As well as the impression that […]

Link Building With Your Existing Social Profiles

Link building is a key aspect that you need to work on to help grow your site.  Whilst most of you know this, many assume that it only relates to guest blogging – that is only half of it!  There are plenty of other sites that you can use for […]

Social Media Ads – Find, Attract and Engage More Consumers

If you run your own website or eCommerce business, you will have felt the need to try to engage your customers/readers in a more effective way.  Well, you are not alone!  All sites want to do this, as the more people you can engage with and get onto your site, […]

10 Costly LinkedIn Mistakes Users Make

LinkedIn now has more than 200 Million users worldwide!   The professional networking site is a rich resource for recruiters and marketers who are just beginning to discover the potential of this site.  Many people though misunderstood LinkedIn to be just another social media platform and are using it carelessly by making […]

LinkedIn ReDesign – Taking A Closer Look

LinkedIn, the social media site that’s dedicated to professional networking, is introducing a series of landmark changes in 2012. The LinkedIn redesign is in response to heated competition for user attention in the ever-changing social media arena currently dominated by Facebook, Twitter and the newcomer Pinterest. With more than 160 […]

Lynn Brown Interview – Chatting To A Social Media Marketing Manager

Blogging can be seen as a predominantly a male orientated industry, but there are plenty of very successful female bloggers out there making a BIG impact online. Today, I get to interview one particularly successful woman, Lynn Brown, who I am a big fan of and find out just what […]

Social Media Certification – Is it Worth Your Time?

These days, businesses, celebrities and even pets have their own Facebook pages.  E-Marketer recently projected that 63.2% of internet users will visit a social network this year. Given all of this social media activity, it’s no wonder that more and more people feel the need to embrace and learn more […]

Top 5 Business Reasons To Find Your Classmates On Social Media

You know when, as soon as you join and fill out your profile on a new social media network, out of the blue pops a long-lost classmates that you had completely forgotten about! Do you ever ‘friend’/’follow’ them only to immediately regret the decision? We’ve all been there! Well, as […]