Why You Should Use Captivating Blog Titles & Why Bloggers Love Them

Are you a blogger or freelance writer craving to learn how to create exciting articles and surprising guest posts that create stir and debate? I’ve been in the online marketing game for more than 10 years now, and I’ve seen dozens of different types of articles, such as; how-to tips, resource type […]

How Titles and Pictures Can Make (or Break) Your Blog’s Success

You’re reading this sentence for one reason: because the headline caught your eye! That is the secret to copywriting for the Internet, after all: to attract attention first and to keep attention second. When you publish your own blog, there are a lot of ways of doing this. But perhaps […]

14 Blog Post Title Ideas To Use As Templates

Are you struggling to come up with a good post title for your blog posts?  Perhaps you are finding it tough to think up an idea for an entire post!  Well, this list of template blog post title ideas will help you out. The death of bloggers comes in the form […]

70 Tips On How To Be A Better Blogger!

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How To Drive Traffic With Targeted Google Keywords

Getting traffic to your blog is vitally important for the success of your website. By far the best way of driving traffic is to get your web pages ranking highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), such as Google or Bing. To achieve this, you need to be including targeted […]

6 Unique Website Content Ideas

It can be difficult to come up with interesting and unique content for your website, on a consistent basis. The term “Content is King” is used quite a lot online, but there is a reason for that! Producing great content is key to your website’s success, doing so can increase […]

How To Write Great Headlines

The most important part of your website is the website content! The most important part of your content is the headline! This means that your content headlines are THE most important part of your entire website!!! Your headline is the first, and perhaps the only, thing that will grab the […]

10 Steps to Write Amazing Content!

Knowing how to write amazing content can be difficult, but it is vitally important for your website. It is easy for your visitors to go elsewhere for better content if you are not delivering what they want. Every time you write a new article you should ask yourself “Would I […]