15 Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Live Without Google

Many people have varying opinions on Google.  Some feel that it is abhorrently evil, whereas others absolutely love it.  People are divided even further, however, when Google has an effect on their livelihood.  This tends to always raise the question of whether you can live without Google or not. There […]

What To Do After You Hit Publish On Your Post

Writing regular blog posts for your site is a vital part of attracting traffic to your site.  That being said, many bloggers feel that the hard work is done when they publish their article on their site, but in reality, only half the work is done when you hit publish […]

How To Setup Breadcrumbs To Appear Under Your Links On SERPs

One thing that every website needs is traffic and one of the best ways to get that is via the search engines.  Now, this post isn’t about SEO or how to rank highly, as we have other posts that cover that subject.  Instead, I am going to share with you […]

The History Of The Google Algorithm Changes

The Google Algorithm keeps on changing about 500-600 times every year and many of these changes are minor and brings out only few changes. Very rarely does Google bring out major algorithmic changes and some of those updates are Google Panda and Google Penguin and these sorts of changes will […]

Why You Need A Search Bar On Your Website

There are many aspects that a website must include on its pages.  All of these are equally important, but one that often gets overlooked by people is the search bar.  This simple rectangle can have a HUGE effect on your site, which is why you must add one if you […]

Staying Good Friends With Google: 5 Ways To Avoid A Google Penalty

Like it or not, Google is the only real sheriff in town when it comes to the Internet. Because sites depend so heavily on ranking well with Google in order to generate traffic, any rules or regulations that Google has put in place will matter and, therefore, should be understood […]

The Importance Of Being Organized When Running A Blog

I have stated on many occasions that blogging is hard work, as there is a lot that goes into running a site that many people don’t realize.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that you need to be very organized in order to keep on top of […]

Creative Content For Your Website That Stands Out From the Crowd

There has been a tectonic shift in recent years away from using links as a way to increase your site traffic and achieve higher search rankings towards high quality and original content. In many ways, this focus on original, relevant and sharable content is a development to be celebrated. Firstly, […]

Google Maps Embed – Let People Find Your Local Business

If you run a local business, then THE most important information that you need to have is your address so people can find you.  After all, what good is it having a website promoting your local business, only to find that no one can find where you actually are!  This […]

Improve You Website With The Bing SEO Analyzer Tool

I have been playing around with Bing Webmaster Tools for the last couple of days looking at how to improve my site.  There is a great tool that you can use within it called SEO Analyser that will look at your posts and pages and suggest improvements that can be […]