Louisa Chan Interview – Getting To Know A Business Coach

One of the main reasons I enjoy running this site is that I get to meet and help people from all over the world.  There are many people that also do the same online in their own profession, one of which I wanted to talk to today.  A great example […]

Find Freelance Writing Work By Thinking Outside the Box

As a freelance writer, you have nearly unlimited opportunities to find work. After all, every business needs some kind of writing done, whether it is for their website, print campaign, e-mail marketing or even their product packaging. However, for as many opportunities as there are, there seem to be about […]

Get Started! Freelancing On The Rise

Ahhhh, the life of a freelancer. Sipping on Starbucks, while surfing the Internet, sending emails and working on projects on a park bench among the company of singing birds, trees and lots of sunshine. While freelancing does carry some appeal because of the freedom it offers to independent contractors, it’s […]

Freelance Laws That Every Online Freelancer Should Know

Beginning to work in a freelance capacity online is not a terribly complex undertaking in most cases. All you really have to do is create a profile with a service like ODesk, Elance, or Textbroker to begin taking side jobs or build up to a full-time slate of clients. Or […]

Speed Writing – 8 Tips On How To Write Faster

If you write for a living than you know how important it is to write quickly.  When your income is connected to how much you can write in one day, you not only have to have good quality content, but you understand that time is money!  The more writing that […]

How To Find Freelance Work Through College

College is an important step in life that many people undertake. That said, it is rare to find a student that can go to college, cover all of their bills, eat, and pay for classes without working. The issue often comes from that fact that balancing a busy college schedule […]

5 Tips For Managing Freelance Writers

With so many companies beginning to market themselves through Internet blogging, the job market for freelance writers is expanding. Rather than hiring full-time staff bloggers, most companies are discovering that they are able to stay more cost efficient and draw from a bigger pool when they employ freelance bloggers on […]

5 Stages of Working with Freelance Clients

Freelancing involves working independently for any number of companies and on any number of projects. Freelancers generally work on different kinds of projects; like proof reading, writing guest posts, copy writing, etc. While working with different freelance clients, it is important to maintain a good relationship with them. Maintaining a […]

From Working In A Cubicle To Working From Home – Are You Ready?

Working from home has a number of great benefits, including the ability to work from anywhere you choose and set your own work hours, design and decorate your own workspace, make more time for family or friends and wear whatever you want every single day. Of course, there are downsides […]

How To Find The Most Lucrative Freelance Writing Jobs

As a freelance writer you’ll often find yourself working for significantly less than you’d like. Building relationships with clients often means lowering your rate to get them on board, and while building a solid client base like this can be done very effectively, it often takes a good deal of […]