6 Sales Letter Strategies To Encourage Social Media Sharing

Sales Letter Strategies

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Social media sharing is highly important these days for businesses. It’s a strong sign that you (or your brand)  have successfully connected with your readers as they felt that they had to share it with their own followers.  For bloggers, social sharing is your best friend as it is a good indicator of how well your influence in social media platform is. Besides social influence, social media is a great way to attract traffic, that’s why so many professional bloggers use sales letter strategies to get the most out of social media as they can.

For those who are new to blogging or who find it difficult to increase social sharing within your blog posts, sales letters strategies have a lot more value than simply just generating sales. You can use these same sales letter strategies to increase your blog posts being shared online.

Let’s find out how to make it happen.

Sales Letter Strategies

Professional sales letters strategies tend to focus on things like; strong headlines, highly targeted to readers, attractive message, adapted to the market, personal and having a strong call to action as closing statement.

Let’s take a look at some of these in more detail;

1. Unique and Powerful Headlines

A unique and powerful headline is vitally important to your posts success, as this is one of the main things that helps to attract viewers attention. Without such a powerful headline, you are instantly one step behind your competition. In term of social media, this is a smart tactic that you can use to grab people’s attention.

“How to…” posts are one example that are proven to be an effective and powerful headline to use that grabs people’s attention, since you clearly disclose what you will give from your post.  Check out our ’14 Blog Post Title Ideas To Use As Templates’ for other examples that you can use.

At the end of the day, you can use whatever headline you want, but one thing to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t contain any clichés. Make your titles as clear as possible so you aren’t wasting other people’s time by guessing what you are sharing with them.  This way, when posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. everyone knows what your post will be about.

2. Tips For Social Media Sharing

Here are some sales letter strategies to help you get your posts shared more frequently on social media:

Disclose the core value in a sentence

“Today on Think Traffic, we have another post by Peep Laja (who got 50k visits to his blog in his first month)” – thinktraffic.net

Instantly, you know here that this person knows what he is doing.  Therefore, people will be more inclined to click on and read what they have to say.  If you can use stats (that can be backed up) then people will be more interested.

Ask smart and related questions

“To go along with my previous post about half-finished projects, what half-finished or new project are you going to make progress on this week?” – smartpassiveincome.com

Your fans/followers are more likely to interact with you if you make the effort to interact with them.  Try asking them questions, especially if you can link them to posts that you have written.

Create curiosity

“This is a great post even though Facebook is not smart enough to properly display it” – copyblogger.com

People are curious beings.  If you can create status updates that encourage people to click on the link, then you will find that people will do exactly that and click on to read more.

3. Use Descriptive Opening Sentence

If you or your blog are popular enough, then no matter what you share it will generally be always popular.  But if you’re the new guy in town and are just starting out, getting noticed is a lot harder!

One thing that you can do is to create a short paragraph (five sentences maximum) that summarizes your complete post and include that when posting on social media.  By doing this, you will get noticed by more visitors on Facebook, as they will be able to see what your post is about.

You are also more likely to get people to “Like” your status updates and links by including this added information.  The more “likes” you get, the more “exposure” you’ll have!

You can use 7 knock-out opening sentence ideas to help you share your links on social media.  Here is an example:

Sales Letter Strategies

Good example of how to encourage people to click on your links that you share on social media

4. Target The Right People

Successful sales letter strategies can create millions of dollars from a single written message. What makes the difference amongst other sales letters is not some secret strategy. These sales letters are successful because they target the right people!

There are two simple methods to find targeted people on social media;

  • ‘Like-minded groups – Join groups on social media that focus on the same niche as you.  Here you will find plenty of people that will be interested in your content.  If you can’t find any groups like this, then create your own and invite people that you think will be interested to join.
  • ‘Like minded users – Finding like minded people will give you a chance to build personal networks directly. Look around and decide whether they have the same interest through their recent activity. If they do, then you can ask them to be “friend” or “follower”.

Keep in mind the social nature of the platform, so make sure you are social and interact with these people/groups. Plan on how many new friends/followers you would like to add in a week or month.

5. Be Adaptable

Marketing experts treat their customers differently because they believe every customer is different.  The same can be said for promoting blog posts on social media.

We mentioned “like-minded groups” above that you can use to find targeted users.  You can take this one step further by customising your summary before share your latest post to each individual group you joined.

6. Call to action

Sales Letter Strategies

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One of the most effective reasons why sales letter strategies work is by encouraging people to take action.  So make it easy for your readers too!

Including a call to action at the end of your post is a must, so always make sure you have one.  But do you realize that you can also include a “call to action” in your social media update too. Try it out.

Using friendly words like “check it out”,“don’t forget to share it“ or asking them questions in your updates can help encourage readers to take action. There are a million and one different ways to do this, just remember to keep the personal sense of it.


When marketing experts use sales letter strategies (whether online or offline) they are more likely to pay close attention to how recipients respond. If a buyer purchases because of your sales letter there is a huge opportunity they will purchase again from your next sales letter.

The same thing happens on social media promotions for blog posts. If readers like and share one of your posts, they are much more likely to do it again on your other posts.

There are many social media platform you can use to promote your blog posts. That said, if you try to use ALL of them (and I mean every single one) then you are just wasting your time.

I like to quote Pat Flyn video’s on youtube titled “How to be Everywhere- Building a Profitable Brand by Thinking Outside the Blog”. There is a strong message in the opening … “There is no way to reach every people in the world, but as bloggers you can reach as many people as you can.” The increase numbers of social share is a strong indication of your better position in the online world.

What you can do is to give everything best into where you are good at the moment, and move on to another when you are ready.

“Choose the best and focus on a particular social media platforms before deciding to master all of it”

Answer this question, what social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) work best for your blog posts promotion?

In my case, there are two platforms where my blog good at, Facebook and LinkedIn  So, rather than spend time chasing something that is not certain, it is better to focus on certain things you are familiar with and learn about other social media platform slowly when you are ready.

What do you think?  Do you actively use sales letter strategies to help promote your content on social media?  Which have you found to be the most important/most effective?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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  • Andi Leeman

    An excellent post Okto, sales letters work and their principles should be used.

    Copywriters used the principle of AIDA, get the readers Attention, increase their Interest, create Desire in them, enough desire so they take Action…

    Writing killer headlines that arouse curiosity is a must, it is a skill but a good headline can do a lot!!

    • Okto

      Hi Andi,

      Glad to see you here. AIDA is a good guide for making an effective post as a landing page

      • Thanks again for such a great article Okto 🙂

    • Headlines are SO important these days. They need to; convey what the post is about, include keywords for a SEO boost AND be catchy to attract reader attention, all at the same time. It is quite difficult at times to get a good balance but the more time people spend on getting this right, the better.

  • Yeah there are definitely some cool tricks I’ve seen bloggers do (some of which you’ve mentioned) to get more social sharing. I’ve even seen some really cool uses of “Click to Tweet” that are pretty creative.

    • Putting “Click to Tweet” seems a bit obvious, but I guess if they do it in a creative way, then it can work. I suppose the point is to both encourage them to share a post and make it as easy as possible to do it.

  • These are some awesome tips on how to design an effective sales letter, the headline is really important because that’s what will draw in the visitor,absolutely crucial!

    • Hi Tyronne,

      Yes, I think many people often overlook the importance of their titles. Whether it’s blog posts, sales letters, social media posts, etc. the title is what attracts the attention of the readers. Get the title right and you stand a better chance of people clicking on to read the post!