How To Increase Interactivity On Your Facebook Fan Page


Facebook Fan Page

Being able to manage a Facebook fan page effectively in order to make it a useful marketing tool is vital for your brand, company, online business or blog.  There are a number of different things that you can do to improve your Facebook fan page interactivity, which is what we will be looking at in this article.

There are many benefits that you can gain by creating a Facebook fan page for your brand, company or blog. Provided, however, that you use this tool correctly, in respect of Facebook’s guidelines.

Before we begin, let’s look at a couple of questions that you probably want answering;

  1. How can I better communicate with my customers/readers on my Facebook fan page?
  2. How can I increase interaction, involvement, comments, shares, on my Facebook fan page?

Essentially both questions have the same answer (which we will look at in more detail shortly).  By better communicating with people on your Facebook fan page, you will in turn increase interaction, comments, shares, etc. that you get.

How To Increase Your Facebook Page Interaction

The whole point of businesses using social media is so that they can interact with their customers more easily.  Customers themselves will appreciate it if they can feel part of a community that you have set up.  Therefore, you must have a goal for your Facebook fan page.  For any effective online presence, you must engage with your followers.  Share interesting content, relevant news and articles. In short, you need to offer to your users what they really need, what they are strongly interested in.

Facebook can be used as a great way to make users feel like they have a sense of belonging to a brand. If you can do that well, you have a better chance of motivating them to interact and to encourage them to share content and links.

Be sure to create original content that is exclusive for your fan page and update it often. If you don’t, it can give the impression that you aren’t that bothered about your fans.

Try to create a direct relationship with your fans. Avoid at all costs “business language” and “marketing jargon”, otherwise you will poorly be understood.

Let’s look at some of the individual things that you can do.

Page Profile & Timeline Images

Facebook Fan Page

Your Facebook fan page must immediately tell people what your business is about, both by what you are selling/promoting and what your brand identity is. That is a lot easier said than done in some instances, but the best place to start is your page profile and timeline images.

Take ‘Coca-Cola’, if for some bizarre reason you hadn’t heard of them before, you would instantly know that they are a drinks company just by looking at their Facebook page.  They use a clear profile picture of a bottle of Coca-Cola and have a nice timeline picture that includes their branding (logo and colour) and people from around the world drinking their drink.

Your Facebook page profile picture should be changed as little as possible, because it is an identification tag that people will see and recognise. Your logo would be a great image to use here. Just be sure to use a good quality image!

Your Facebook timeline image should be visually interesting, something colourful that attracts the readers eye.  Try to related it to your business as best as you can.

Publish Images & Videos

You should publish personal images and videos about your business. Show you and your staff, so that people can see that you aren’t some cold and distant company that they can’t relate to, but a group of real people.

Another example that you can use is to publish images and videos relating to your business.  You could post something that helps to illustrate the various stages of manufacture of your product, what you and your staff get up too behind the scenes or your workstation if you are a professional blogger.

Facebook Fan Page

Here is an example of Manchester United’s Facebook page.  They regularly publish photos of their players from the training ground, of which their fans usually wouldn’t get to see.

Facebook Tabs

Use the tabs at the top of the fan page, which allow you to highlight services that are useful to your fans.  Here you could include; upcoming events, photo albums, subscription to newsletters, competitions, links to Twitter or YouTube, etc.. You can create up to twelve tabs.

Organize Contests, Quizzes, Polls, Games

Creating content that can generate involvement is very important because it encourages people to interact with you.  It makes them happy and it keeps them interested in what you have to say, which then leads them to share your posts with their friends.  Maybe you could choose a fixed day of the week or of the month to launch a contest on your Facebook fan page, with different prizes and rewards.

Facebook Fan Page

Here is an example of a Facebook Questions poll that Starbucks published on their Facebook page.  It doesn’t need to be anything complicated.  Questions can be a powerful communication tool because they encourage readers to leave a response. Asking questions regularly is a good way to generate comments and fortify connection with your fans.

Also, ask people to leave you questions on your Facebook page for you to answer.  The is particularly useful if your business is a service.  Just make sure to answer them.

Share Your Achievements With Fans 

Have you achieved any important goal? Well, share it on your Facebook fan page!  This increases the confidence and enthusiasm of your audience, because they realize that your business or activity really works!  Maybe you just got your 1 millionth customer, or your very first sale.

Facebook Fan Page

Ask Your Fans to Click “Like”

It seems counter-productive, but it works!

Asking your fans to click “Like” on your content or published links will get you much more Facebook interaction than if you do not ask. The request should be in general a very simple and persuasive communication. It’s a bit like using a call to action in a landing page.

Send More Traffic To Your Facebook Fan Page

In order for people to become fans, they need to first find your Facebook page.  Include a link to your fan page in your email signature, on your business card, on your blog or website, and in any other place you may find it.

Don’t forget to ask to your network of friends to click “Like” on your fan page. You can use the Facebook application “Invite your friends” to do this.

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy “fake” fans!!! The temptation may be strong and in many cases this is not even expensive, but it is a practice to be avoided like the plague. First, because you would be cheating and then, because Facebook is tracking this kind of fake “likes” and fans.  It will only end up harming your business in the long run.

Creating a community around a Facebook fan page is a task that requires time, patience, preparation, and professionalism. But it is only through the hard work that you will start to see the best results. Shortcuts are not as effective.

What do you think of these tips on how to increase interactivity on a Facebook Fan Page?  Do you have other tips that you’d like to mention? Please leave a comment below, with your suggestions and be sure to like the Online Income Teacher fan page! 🙂

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  • Hi Erik,

    Engaging frequently helps you generate a responsive following. Ask questions and provide answers in a timely fashion. Super tips here.

    People love eye candy so be free to share images. Post pictures of yourself or your brand frequently to bump up your status update views. If you engage frequently and mix in some eye candy you can boost your Likes quickly.

    Promote your FB page on twitter, Google Plus and through your Facebook personal profile. You can also promote on relevant Facebook groups to increase your Likes received and overall engagement. These individuals want to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

    Make sure to share value on a persistent basis and avoid stuffing the stream. 2 to 5 updates per day, tops, to provide a steady and digestible flow of content through your page.

    Thanks Erik,


    • Hi Ryan,

      Great tips there. Definitely important not to overdo the Facebook page updates. Like you say, 5 a day at the most, otherwise your followers won’t have chance to keep up with everything.

    • Hi Ryan!
      I am happy you enjoyed the post! 🙂

      That’s true.
      Satisfying the user eyesight means increasing engagement and interaction.

      You can also contact admin of groups related to your niche and make some deals, in order to share both content.

  • Andi Leeman

    Hi Erik, it amazes me that people need to be told to click ‘Like’ but they do, people often do what they are told to do, if not told then they often do not think for themselves. I used to think ‘telling’ people to do something was rude and instead would ‘ask’ people to do things but even that can leave people with the option of do I or don’t I. It has been shown that ordering people to do something can have better results. It is very important to get people to click ‘Like’ and ‘share’ but it must be done with some kind of gentle command and not a weak asking.

    • Hi Andi,

      thanks for your feedback.

      There are a number of action you can take to invite people to naturally share or like status on your Facebook fan page.

      Asking in a gentle way is one option.

      Running giveaways can be another one.

      Giving some prizes in exchange is one more option. 🙂

      • Competitions & prizes can be an excellent way of encouraging interaction. You have to be careful with certain Facebook guidelines, but if done right, they can work very well.

    • Hi Andi,

      Yeah, it does seem strange to ask people to click “like”, but it can work if done in the right way.

      The ones that annoy me are the people who, out of the blue, ask me to “like” their page. I wouldn’t mind if I had some sort of interaction with them, but some just disappear afterwords, never to be heard of again.

  • Clair Trebes

    Hi Erik,

    This is a cool post – you’ve raised some great points here – i particularly like the point about the profile photo – as a rule I don’t change mine for the exact reason you’ve stated in this article.

    Engagement is tough on Facebook now, especially as we are only organically getting in front of around 12% of our “fans” the points in this piece will however really help with that number of fans who are seeing our content to share it.

    I am a firm believer in “don’t ask you don’t get” so whilst it does seem strange that people still need to be asked to like things, it’s not that surprising – if you want action you need to go after it 🙂

    Linking your Facebook to as many visible places as possible is also another great way – so for business cards, email signatures, other social profiles – even printed marketing materials is essential …. If you want people to see you then you must be in front of them at any given opportunity!


    • Hi Clair!
      I always thought that in general the Internet surfers are lazy.
      You need to ask them what you want them to do.
      Just think how you must be clear in your message on a landing page or how you need to redirect exactly the user in doing what you want him to do.
      I think the same theory can be applied to a Facebook fan page. Just ask, and a percentage of this audience will listen to you! 🙂

      Facebook audience is huge and every business need to have a presence in “the social network”. If you do not, then you are losing a great marketing opportunity to connect with new potential users!

      • Clearer landing page messages would definitely be helpful in encouraging people to interact/like a page. Internet users can be lazy (I include me in that), so any call to action can help

        • I should add a good looking design.
          I see some landing pages which are really amazing. Beautiful. And looks so professional that I really want to opt-in!

          • Premise (by CopyBlogger) is pretty good, I use that myself. OptimizePress of course is another great landing page creator.

          • I wanted to mention Premise, really Matt!
            I am thinking in purchase it.

          • Yeah, I find it really useful. As well as the landing page plugin, you also get loads of useful info in the members area.

    • Hi Clair,

      Yes, it makes sense not changing the profile picture too often if it can be helped. This is what people will come to recognize, so changing it too often will just confuse people.

      I still don’t understand why Facebook won’t allow engagement with ALL your fans. Seems daft, especially if you had spent money on Facebook ads attracting visitors to your page.

  • Great stuff here Erik – some great tips that I need to put in place for my blogs Facebook page, have you liked it yet!? – Lol….

    What about paid ads? Have you tried these? I have heard that this can be a great way to generate extra likes…..

    • Hi John,

      Not had much experience with Facebook ads, so I can’t say too much about that. Erik may have more info, but I think Clair has some experience with them.

  • Catherine Holt

    Building Facebook Fans does seem to be a slow moving process and it seems incredibly difficult to get people to engage. I like the idea of asking them to “like” a status. I have done this a few times and it does seem to increase the likes, but getting them to comment is another thing. Asking for “comments” doesnt seem to have the same effect!

    • You’re right Catherine,
      increasing real interaction with your fans is not an easy task.
      I guess much depends from the kind of audience and the market you are in.
      I am sure that commenting a status of your favorite football team is much more delightful and entertaining than reply to a boring business status.
      Don’t you think so? 😉

    • Hi Catherine,

      It can be quite slow to build up fans, especially for new sites. Social media interaction tends to grow at a similar rate to the website you’re promoting.

      It is strange that asking for comments doesn’t seem to get the same reaction as asking for likes. Then again, I suppose it is easier for people to hit the like button, that sit down and write something. Shame really

  • WOW! I may have to look into using Facebook ads myself. Seems to have worked for your site.

  • Joan A. Sok

    For me gaining fans or followers in Facebook and other social medias is a hard task. You need to have an interesting topic or content that you will post on your page. though this is a great way to interact with your audience 24/7 whenever they have a question, suggestion or opinion.