Using ‘Facebook News Feed’ For Your Online Marketing


Facebook News Feed

Facebook is the world’s largest online social network – making it an ideal place for brand marketing. Apps, ads, and your own business page allow you to establish a marketing strategy that has the potential to reach millions of users.  But, it is important to be aware of where the real marketing actually takes place. It is the Facebook news feed, not your page or costly ads, which has the potential to create the biggest impact on your audience.

One of the most effective benefits of the news feed is that friends of your Facebook fans can see the interactions of your fans with you. Basically, your Facebook fans act as a recommendation without even knowing it. The more they interact with you, the more visible you become to an awaiting audience.

Characteristics of a High-Quality Facebook News Feed

Clear and Concise Content

Content is what matters on your Facebook news feed. Clarity and conciseness are essential; you must be able to deliver your brand’s message quickly and effectively. While the Facebook news feed is where the audience spends the majority of their time, new updates, information, and comments regularly push your “news” off the “front page” of the feed. This means that you have to be able to constantly deliver content that is fresh and attractive. Is it valuable to the viewer? What will make them want to interact with it? While your content can be seen, it doesn’t mean that it has “reached” the audience.

Original and Attractive Visuals

Facebook Newsfeed

For the most part, visuals are the most appealing. They are easy to load but still deliver the message. Infographics and other visuals quickly deliver a message and are visually prominent on a Facebook feed. But, originality and relevance should be maintained in all your posts. News feed’s can and will be littered with repetition, so you need to have content that is yours. This ensures that when the audience shares matters, it is your content that they are sharing and reaching the audience.

Regular Interactions

While getting their attention is the first step, the next step is holding onto it. Participation is necessary, but it takes two to keep things flowing. Keep up the conversation. The more interaction your post has, the more prominent it becomes on the news feed. This means that you have to be able to maintain continuity in your conversation, in a timely fashion. When you post, keep up with it to keep it highlighted on the news feed.

And while quality content and consistent interaction are important, it is even more important that you share regularly. Maintain a news feed presence, but avoid spamming or repeat posts (for example, Twitter to Facebook to Pinterest reposts).

When it comes to Facebook, it’s important to stay on the news feed. This is where your marketing is most effective through your audience’s commentary, approval, and above all else, word of mouth sharing with their own unique networks who are just waiting to begin interacting with your brand.

About Maria Elena Duron

Maria is CEO (chief engagement officer) of – a word of mouth marketing firm . She helps create conversation, connection, credibility, community and commerce around your brand. Maria Duron is co-founder  and moderator of #brandchat - a weekly Twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding that is recognized by Mashable as one the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers. You can learn more by following her on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

  • Andi Leeman

    Great post Maria and Matt, This is so true, imagine spending money on Facebook ads and promoted posts getting people to like your posts and your business page but not actually conversing with those who have commented on your stuff. It would be wasted money.

    I would love to chat more to people in the comments section of my posts but I fear our page has died a death. I am having to focus on other Facebook methods to network.

    Time for me to pull my socks up and try and get some more interaction on the business page, problem I see is that the methods that will get people to like and interact will not draw in the people who will benefit or appreciate the real Minions posts.

    • I don’t think you are alone Andi, many bloggers &small business Facebook pages are struggling at the moment. Seems that most bigger companies have dedicated social media professionals to work full time on their Facebook/Twitter/G+ profiles.

      Having said that, the tips that Maria states can help to get your updates seen by more people. Anything that can do that is a good thing.

  • This a great – just goes to show that sharing other content other than your own is important. I kept my blog away from FB for a long time, its only recently that I have seen the benefits of it. Just for the people I have met along the way its worth it…..

    Nice post,

    • Yes, I’ve been warming to Facebook lately. Think Maria’s post (and Andi’s about Facebook groups) just goes to show that you can still create engagement with people online for your business, even if Facebook are making it harder. Like you, I’ve met some great contacts there that make it all worth while. 🙂

  • Catherine Holt

    I find that a lot of people “like” my posts but it is hard to get “comments”. I have tried asking all sorts of different questions, but people still seem to prefer just clicking that like button. I ensure that I always respond to comments when I do get them, as I don’t want the feedback to be wasted!

    • Hi Catherine,

      It can be frustrating when this happens, it’s happened enough times to me. At least you are getting people to “like” your pages, sometimes this in itself can be tricky.

      All I can say is persist with what you are doing. Keep replying to people’s comments when they do leave them and keep asking questions. Sometimes it’s all about finding the right audience. Once people find your site (or Facebook updates) they can become a loyal reader.

  • Wade Harman

    For the underdogs, visuals are the most important thing you can have in your Facebook updates. I see a lot of famous bloggers like Kim Garst can actually forego this and just write some text and get loads of interaction, but still, images are a big deal when you’re trying to get people’s attention.

    • Hi Wade,

      It can be good to mix it up. Images, text updates, links, videos, quotes, etc. They all help to keep Facebook updates fresh and interesting to readers.