Evaluating Your Social Media Strategy With Goals

Social Media Strategy

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Defining clear goals is just as important in developing a social media strategy as it is in your overall business plan. Without regular investment and monitoring of its success, you can’t possibly hope to get much out of it – just like your business in general.

This is why setting up measurable goals is so vital to the success of your social media strategy. While some brands and businesses are still skeptical about the value of having a social media channel from which to start developing and enriched potential and new audience; often leaving it to degrade into nothing more than a broadcast channel for their latest press release, if they don’t have goals, this is bound to happen!

Start Small, Think Big

Just like posting a new blog or news content article on your site, seeing a return on investment in your social media strategy can take a while to see. However, if you count every 10th hit or every retweet as a goal, then at least you have a benchmark from which to work from next time.

Social Media StrategyWhen setting your goals, this is the way you should be thinking: start small and think big. For every retweet of your blog you get, every plus one received on Google Plus and every pinned image result shared on Pintrest, you could actually be gaining new followers in the process as a direct result of that tweet, +1 or pin. In the long-term, several of these customers could quite easily become purchasers, or subscribers of your newsletter.

This leads on to a very important point: for every piece of content you post, you should really ask yourself what is the desired end result that you are looking for from the article or content. Do you want hits? Are you looking for new followers? Do you want to start to build up your database of email addresses, or customers? This will ultimately guide the kinds of content you post – once you start to see how effective it is of course.

Use Google Analytics To Measure Your Social Media Strategy

Conversions from social media to your site can be measured using Google Analytics and other kinds of reporting software. People often quote Google Analytics as the fundamental online reporting tool and this is for a number of reasons. Firstly, Google Analytics (referred to most of the time as GA) is completely free.  Secondly, Google is without doubt (in nearly all countries with the exception of a few like China) the most influential and traffic driving search engine. The dominance of Google compared to other search engines varies from country to county, but for the UK this can range anywhere from 80% market share upwards depending on the timeframe you are using and dataset obtained.

Social Media Strategy

One of the recent additional features in particular that you can utilise within your Google Analytics (GA) account is Multi-Channel Funnels which enable you to track your users through various stages of their interactions. These can demonstrate where your users came in from your site and track their movements through it.

There are also a vast number of other functions in addition to this which can enable you to track telephone conversions alongside your social, PPC, and organic search campaigns.

There’s even a specific Goals function within this, so you can ask to receive a report, or count a particular achievement as a goal when someone purchases something, or subscribes to a specific event. These are the kinds of metrics which will help you refine your social media marketing campaign over time and proves if your goals are attainable or not. Even if they’re not, isn’t it better to have a goal; an end game, rather than nothing at all?

The key to making any informed decisions strategically when it comes down to social media marketing (and many other business decisions) is the quality and quantity of management information (MI) that you have at your disposal and the interpretation of this data.

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Andy Johnson says someone will master how to market effectively and measurably via social media, and all of us in marketing will need to learn how to adapt those discoveries to our businesses. He is a social media marketing expert and writes on this topic. He has shared his views through his content how social media marketing gives you more revenue through content strategy. He suggests Red Rocket Media to gather more information about marketing help and ideas.

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