7 Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter


Get More Retweets

Just about everybody is on Twitter these days; Celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, web masters, news correspondents, bloggers, business brands and of course you (hopefully)!   The great thing about this is that because everyone is on Twitter, it makes it a lot easier to get your name out there and get people talking about your business.  There are a lot of benefits if you can get more retweets as possible, but to do that you need to know how!

A Retweet is when someone on Twitter re-posts one of your tweets to their own followers.  This is great as it features your own Twitter account name in the retweet, meaning that your name gets out there in front of a whole new audience. This is also a way in which Twitter becomes a viral marketing tool, if a high profile Twitter user/celebrity retweets you, you can gain a LOT of exposure!  Your tweet could end up getting retweeted again and again until it reaches a few hundred, thousand, or even million (if you’re lucky) people, and you may hit the jackpot in terms of follower count.

Due to this reason alone, Twitter followers of people who get retweeted a lot double in weeks. This is one of the reasons why I took a little while to look into the factors that get you as many retweets as possible. Here are the best methods that can guarantee you as many retweets as possible.

Ways To Help You Get More Retweets

1. Keep Tweets Relatively Short

A retweet requires space.  Not only is space required to add your twitter name (i.e. ‘RT @matt_oit:‘ or ‘via @matt_oit‘), but retweeter’s may want to add something to it, such as “here’s what I found” or “an interesting opinion from so-n-so”.

It is better that you leave a little bit of space at the end of the tweet, so that the retweeter can add something.  It may put people off trying to retweet something if you have already reached your 140 character limit.

2. Keep Your Twitter Username Relatively Short

Your Twitter username is obviously very important as that is what you will be known by online.  That said, the shorter your Twitter ID is, the better.  It has been proven that longer twitter user ID’s have a fewer number of retweets. It is much easier for people to remember short twitter user names, plus it helps keep tweets shorter (see #1).   People simply don’t want to retweet from “summerresortsspecialist” while they can easily retweet from “kevin1” instead.

3. Tweet What People Want To Retweet

Most of the time, a particular idea or an aspect of something turns out to be the elephant in the room. Everybody knows about it, and everybody has an urge to talk about it. Nobody ventures, though. In such cases, be the first to mention it or better yet, tweet about it. You break the silence and everyone will jump at your Tweet. Saying, for instance “kevin1 has finally said it…”.

The point is, you have to tweet what everyone wants to hear. They may or may not already know it, but as long as you speak the word of the public, the public will speak your word.

4. Tweet At The Right Time

Get More Retweets

Sometimes timing can mean everything.  It looks like the best time is (at least for the North Americans), 2-6 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you don’t know the right time to tweet, don’t you worry! There are plenty of Twitter apps to help you find the right time to tweet based on the location of your followers.  Check out this post from Mashable – ‘Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your Tweets‘.

5. Retweet Others

Never mind how to get more retweets for yourself, why don’t you retweet other people? In fact, it is known that when you retweet others, others will retweet you. It is sort of like an unwritten rule. If you have many followers who actually listen to you and are interested in your tweets, then you will be able to play this game. Simply retweet some of their tweets so that they get a minor boost to their accounts. Get this tradition going by helping new accounts gain some exposure through your established account. After a while, what do you know? You may get much more exposure to your account.

6. Ask For Retweets

The 10 most retweeted words are;

  1. you,
  2. twitter,
  3. please,
  4. retweet,
  5. post,
  6. blog,
  7. social,
  8. free,
  9. media,
  10. help,

It may sound cheeky, but actually including “please retweet” in your tweets can help share your content to a wider audience. Millions of retweets fly about every minute that carry that exact phrase, ‘please retweet’, so why not use it yourself!

7. Tweet Links

Many people like to see links in tweets. That is one of the reasons they are coming to Twitter, to share and find new content.  They want to get updated on various things that are going around in their industry or just find stuff on what they are interested in. In such a world, a new link, a new video, a new article, etc., are valuable. Give it to them, and they will retweet you.

Get More Retweets

It’s been shown that Tweets that include a link are much more likely to get retweeted, so they are worth including (whether they are your own links or someone else’s).


These are just a few ways that you can help promote yourself on Twitter to get more retweets.  Twitter has become something much more than a microblogging platform, it’s a promotional tool that you can use for your business when used in the right way.  That is why it is essential that you develop your Twitter account and gather as many followers as you can.

Do you have any other effective tips on how to get more retweets?  We would love to hear from you if you have. Please let us know in the comment section below – and don’t forget to Tweet this post! 🙂

About Laurel Shah

Laurel is the associate editor of Blue Bugle technology magazine. She works for the promotional division and has experience working with some multinational corporations including Accenture and HCL. She quit working in 2012 and focused her attention on online media and technology research. You can also find the author through Twitter.

  • Sam Yeti Mottram

    Great post but in my view missing the most important point – Build a community of Evangelists and friends for your business or blog as with engaged users they will RT your content.

    • Good point Sam! Nothing better than having a community of great people to turn to. 🙂

  • Andi the Minion

    Another great post Matt, I found this one really interesting. Twitter is a powerful tool and getting ReTweets is a big part of it. I remember seeing somewhere that having the word ReTweet was more powerful than RT as some people use. I always try and use ReTweet when I do it. ReTweeting people is good, they often send you a message saying thanks and then a conversation can spring up which is also very powerful way to network.

    • Hi Andi,

      Yeah, it strange to think that the exact words you use on Twitter can have a different effect. I always tend to use “RT” just because it is shorter, though I’m going to try and start using “ReTweet” instead.

  • Clair Trebes

    This is an excellent post, Getting RT’d is a great way of building your profile up, and it’s not as difficult as people think. There is nothing wrong in asking for an RT either, but once you’ve built your community, the right people know what they need to do – and RT’s become something of a habit. It’s getting access to the new people to RT and share your content that can be the tricky thing, but nevertheless it’s still easy to do, and a great way of generating traffic 🙂

    • Hi Clair,

      Think you’re right (and also mentioned by Sam) that building a community is key. That way, you have a little posse of people that can help share your posts when they go out and likewise RT their posts when they publish them. Such a great way to build up a network of people.

  • xevoke

    great blog moment to give idea for social marketing skills and increase popularity to show with higer publicity on top rank twitter profiles

  • Thanks for sharing,. What is your optinion on buying some followers, like from these websites like Wizish?

    • I’m no expert, but I would think buying followers would be counter productive. Would they have any incentive to Favorite or ReTweet any of your tweets? Curious myself, but that is where my thinking has led me.

  • Just launched a new blog and a new twitter account along with it. This is great and useful info.