5 Social Media Tools You Shouldn’t Be Caught Without


Social Media Tools

There are a lot of social media tools out there today, and even more are being created at any given moment in time. What really separates the ‘must haves’ from the ‘can do without’s’ is a unique mixture of quality and uniqueness. How do you know which ones are which though? How can you tell if a social media tool is officially unique or quality oriented? We’ve taken care of all those pesky little questions with a simplified list of five social media tools you shouldn’t be caught without in 2013. Check them out.

1. CinchCast

Social Media Tools

CinchCast is a simple tool that enables you to record audio (done either via web or phone), so that you can share audio messages with your followers. The whole ‘audio tool’ thing is nothing new, but this specific one works the best while being the simplest. Sharing verbal messages with your followers on Facebook or Twitter enables those fans or followers to feel more personally connected to you. A person who feels more personally connected is much more likely to purchase what you are selling, go to shows you are supporting, or visit a local event you are hosting. It’s that simple.

A neat feature of CinchCast is that you can opt to automatically connect your message to both your Facebook and Twitter. You may also easily add pictures or descriptions to your audio messages. The only major downside to this is that you can automatically link up your audio messages to a Facebook page, only an actual Facebook account. 

2. Instagram

Social Media Tools

This is one I am sure you have heard about, seen your friends using, or maybe even used yourself. Instagram is becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on, and I would bet my bottom dollar it continues on that rise.  

What Instragram actually does is share photos for you and allow you to see other peoples photos as well. You can link your Instagram account up with Twitter and Facebook as well, for an easy way to share a singular photo to all of your sites at once. You can also transform those pictures into unique little works of art using the variety of filters available. 

3. Postling

Social Media Tools

Postling is a social media tool that brings all of your various social media channels together on one easy-to-use interface. This tool is perfect for anyone who needs a little more simplicity in their life, or who have limited time to check up on all of their accounts. Right now, Postling is the only social media tool that has the capability to send email notifications when you receive comments on your Facebook page. The comments are presented in a simplified thread that allows for timely comments on your own behalf.

On Postling, you are able to track, engage, and publish to your social media profiles and tons of other features.  You can, quite literally, do everything all in one. You can try Postlings for 30 days for only $1 to see what you think.

4. HashTracking

Social Media Tools

HashTracking is a social media application designed specifically for use on twitter. It enables you to do a multitude of things, including:

  • Track campaigns on Twitter
  • Takes group conversations and measures the influence and type of engagement level for each participant
  • Labels each participant in a conversation on four levels: leaders, engaged, just curious, and wallflowers

If you plan on launching any type of campaign on Twitter, HashTracking is a must have social media tool. Otherwise, how will you know how engaged your followers/commenter’s are or how well the campaign itself is actually doing?

5. Google Analytics

Social Media Tools

Google Analytics is a tool that offers an immense amount of information in the form of content marketing data. You can use it to figure out a variety of things. A few examples of what can be learned from the data includes:

  • What kind of people are actually visiting your site
  • Which keywords are doing their job to bring people to your site
  • What people are actually searching for in order to find out what your target audience’s actual interests are

These are invaluable things to know, as they can help you alter or fix the focus of your online social media marketing strategy. If you’re launching a social media marketing campaign, you are definitely going to want to  have Google Analytics on your side.  The best feature, in regards to social media, is the fact that you can see how much traffic you are getting from each social site.  This may mean that you want to focus on those sites that are working, or alternatively work more on the sites that aren’t working to boost them.

Check out our beginners guide to Google Analytics to see how it can help you and your site.

These are five social media tools we think you should not be caught without in 2013. Do you have a favourite tool or have you used one of the ones we mentioned? What was your own experience? What other useful social media tools do you use that you think would be worth mentioning?  Let us know in the comments below!

About Arlene Brill

Arlene is currently working with SociaLink Media, a leading social media campaign management company based in Chicago, IL. She love to read motivational books and hiking with her dog in her spare time.

  • Clair Trebes

    One seriously awesome post 🙂 Really keen to have a look at hashtracking – so going to add that to my “to-do” list for the next week.

    There is ALWAYS so much to keep on top of with Social Media, and even though i am really clued up about it as it’s what I specialise in, I really and love reading posts like these as it makes life a little easier for me to learn without having to go research – so thanks for posting this matt and arlene for writing it! 🙂


    • Yeah, Hashtracking looks like a very useful tool for social media, think you would get tons of use from that. May make a interesting topic for a post itself 🙂

  • Andi Leeman

    I will have to start writing these things down and go and take a proper look. So many great tools to try. I used to post Podcasts to Facebook until they changed the set up ready for Spotify to come along and be the main music player.

    The new CinchCastcould be a great new alternative if it allows recordings to be added to Facebook and played within a newsfeed like they used to. Ideal for recording short Podcasts and sharing. This is something I would definitely be interested in and will be looking into more.

    Great post with great tools Arlene & Matt.

    • I didn’t know you used to post podcasts? TimsMinions related?

      I’m not entirely sure if CinchCast would enable you to post audio directly to your Facebook timeline (think it does), but it looks like a pretty good tool to use. The fact that you can share directly to social media straight after recording is a great feature.

  • Hashtracking looks great! Hadn’t heard of that before Arlene’s post, but it’s pretty useful. Great for searching for useful trends on Twitter

  • alexwhalley

    Great post – nice addition of tools/services there Matt – a few that I use for SEO but I never thought to apply to the social side – have to look into this further.
    Shared and loved 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      For me, Hashtracking was the one that really jumped out at me. Think it is great for researching trends on Twitter. Can see why lots of businesses would want t use that.