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Today I have a very special post to present to you.  Not only have we got a great review of SocialMotus, but we have teamed up with them to give you a chance to get your hands on 1 of 3 premium business packages that we are giving away!

More businesses than ever are jumping on board the social media bandwagon ready to reap the rewards, yet most businesses continue to struggle with implementing social media.   Several studies, including one from SMB Group’s latest annual social business study, found one of the biggest roadblocks to effective social management is a lack of time.

Whether you’re a small business juggling dozens of different tasks or simply trying to figure out this new phenomenon, there are endless social media tasks that experts tell you need to be done.  You need to build you audience, monitor your brand, respond to them, engage with new audiences, and somehow find the time to analyse all this to see what’s working and what isn’t!

So why not use a social management platform that does it all?

SocialMotus Review


With SocialMotus’s impressive feature list you can fast track your social media efforts from one interface. Now you can efficiently build, manage, monitor, engage and analyze your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn community.

SocialMotus offers a free version, and pro plans for individual users starting from as low as $9.99 per month for individual users.

Now here’s the exciting part.

You would expect to pay $59.99 per month for the Business Plan, but today we’re giving away 3 x 1 year Business plan subscriptions valued at $719.40 each!

You’ll be able to access all the advanced features usually reserved for the big brands:

  • Advanced brand and conversation monitoring
  • Real-time social engagement with priority messaging system
  • Optimal and periodic scheduling
  • Campaign creation to group social accounts
  • Track multiple social conversion and ROI
  • Create and activate multiple autoresponders
  • Manage and engage with the most valuable followers
  • Team collaboration capabilities (includes 5 team members)
  • Discover unlimited targeted leads
  • View social account progress over time
  • And much more!

SocialMotus Features

It would take me too long to explain all their features, so here are some more details on what you can expect to access.

LinkedIn Groups

SocialMotus is one of the few comprehensive social management tools that lets you manage not only your LinkedIn profile and pages, but your LinkedIn groups. Now you can easily view, publish to and engage with your LinkedIn groups, making it one of the most comprehensive management tools on the market!

Better yet, while Hootsuite only posts the title and link to your LinkedIn Groups, SocialMotus dynamically expands the link so the description displays as well, increasing the likelihood group members will view your post and click on the link.

Optimal Scheduler

Optimal Scheduler lets you share your content from anywhere on the internet to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook through the SocialMotus interface and bookmarklet. Then Optimal Scheduler delivers it at the best times throughout the day to maximize reach and impact.

While there have been many Twitter tools offering an optimal timing scheduler, SocialMotus is the first to let you select the day of the week it is sent. This is great for time-sensitive posts such as those reminding fans your sales will end tomorrow.


Discover Leads

SocialMotus helps you discover targeted Twitter followers who are more likely to be interested in you, rather than tools that offer simple keyword based searches.  For example, you can find list owners who have added someone similar to a competitor to their Twitter lists. Then narrow down the results to specify their occupation, interest etc.



Then when you find users you want to follow, simply click on the ‘Follow’ button next to their name.



Using this section to follow users, not only builds targeted Twitter followers fast, it helps you get added to twice as many Twitter lists than competitors.

Manage Followers/Manage Following

Here you can quickly manage your followers and those you’re following. With all the information you are given, you can quickly determine if you want to un-follow, follow, or engage with the user.

Now you can spend your limited time on Twitter users who are the most valuable to you and your business.


Engagement Dashboard

SocialMotus gives you two ways to view engagements: within one dashboard, or in individual tabs depending on your preference.



Regardless of which option you choose you can:

  • Reply, archive, assign to team member and so on
  • Filter each engagements by keyword the message needs to contain so you can view certain messages only e.g. from a specific user or on a specific topic
  • Hover over any username that appears to see their profile information and follow them if you find them valuable.
  • Access a special priority messages tab showing support and customer service emails.



With SocialMotus, you can monitor conversations in Twitter and Facebook. The dashboard allows you to:

  • Group keywords around topics for easy organization e.g. under ‘Products’, you would have your product names.
  • Exclude keywords you don’t want the results to contain
  • Hover over any username that appears to see their profile information and follow them if you find them valuable
  • Engage or share any post you find valuable.

Publish Statistics

After you post your messages, you can see how well each has performed – View clicks, shares, reach and countries of those who interacted with you. More interestingly, SocialMotus is the only social management tool to show you how many of these clicks were generated by real people vs. robots!


Twitter/Facebook Insights

Take the guesswork out of how well each of your social accounts are performing with the Twitter and Facebook Insights dashboard. Here you can view your progress at a glance, with everything from increases in followers to increases and decreases in engagement types.


You can see each engagement type such as mentions, retweets, etc. graphed over time, simply by clicking inside each engagement box.

Down the page you’ll also see more information including the posts that received the most clicks, how many people vs. computer bots clicked on your messages overall and so on.


Tracking campaigns

Tracking campaigns let you see how your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn messages sent through SocialMotus helped increase visits, sales, signups and any other metric you want to track.


Here is also a video that helps show this more effectively.

SocialMotus Givaway!!!

SocialMotus is a brand new social management tool power-packed with features at an affordable price.  OnlineIncomeTeacher has teamed up with them to give you the chance to win 1 of 3 premium business packages (worth $719.40 each) that are being given away

In order to be eligable, all you need to do is these 2 simple things;

  1. Share this review on your Twitter and/or Facebook page.
  2. Like SocialMotus’s Facebook page and/or follow them on Twitter

That’s it!  Just share this review and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Competition ends at midnight (GMT) on Saturday 15th December 2012 (now ended), so make sure you share and follow them before then.  Winners details will be passed on to SocialMotus to gain access to their premium business package!

Good luck!


Congratulations to the 3 lucky winners;

  1. Todd Burgess @tburgess57
  2. Koundeenya Dhulipalla @koundeenya
  3. Philip Alex @PhilipAlex08
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  • Looks like an awesome tool, Matt.

    Here I’ve shared it on both of my FB & twitter profiles

    Hope, I win

    • You have as good a chance as anyone! Make sure you follow them on Twitter/like their Facebook page as well! Good luck 🙂

  • Andi the Minion

    wow Matt, an awesome in depth post and such an excellent give-away I don’t know how you managed it but good on you. Great looking piece of software, I have shared and will now go and follow on Twitter and see if I win 🙂

    • Glad you liked the post Andi SocialMotus is great and well worth the look. Be interesting to see how the competition turns out.

  • tburgess57

    I love SocialMotus. It’s a great social media tool and their customer service rocks!

    • I like them too! Hope you entered the competition for a chance to win yourself.

    • Congratulations Todd!

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