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Some people have recently been asking me to write another WordPress plugin list, so I thought I’d better get to work and put a new one together.  I’ve been scouring the internet to find some of the best WordPress plugins for you to use on your website.

Here are my top 15 WordPress plugins that I have found.

Top 15 WordPress Plugins

1. AddThis

WordPress Plugins

2013 looks set to put more emphasis on social media and social sharing, so it is important to make all your pages easy to share.  The ‘AddThis’ plugin makes this easy to do.

Just install it and set it up to show a wide variety of social sharing buttons (330 currently available) on your posts and pages, including; Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.

You can also sign up for a free AddThis.com account and see how your visitors are sharing your content.

2. AddThis Social Sign In

WordPress Plugins

Another great plugin from ‘AddThis’ is their ‘Social Sign In’ plugin.  This makes it easy for people to log into your website, without having to sign up, by using their favourite social media account.  Your readers won’t have to remember any passwords again, as they can simply log in with their Facebook, Twitter or Google info.

3. WooCommerce

If you plan on selling anything on your website, then ‘WooCommerce’ is THE plugin for you!  This excellent WordPress plugin by WooThemes makes it easy for you to transform your site into a fully functioning eCommerce store.  Check out the video above to see some of the excellent features it offers.

4. Wordfence Security

WordPress Plugins

I can’t stress how important security is to your website!  It only takes one hacker or malicious piece of code to ruin all the hard work that you have done.  That’s why ‘Wordfence Security’ is a great plugin to use.

This free WordPress plugin includes a firewall, URL scanning and anti-virus scanning, as well as the ability to verify and repair your core WordPress, theme or plugin files should something change.

5. MapPress

WordPress Plugins

Should you need to display an interactive map on your site or in one of your posts, the ‘MapPress’ plugin will be one that you will want to install.  Just add an address that you want to map on your site and your visitors will be able to get directions directly from your blog.

6. WP SlimStat

WordPress Plugins

Don’t want to rely solely on Google Analytics for your website statistics? Then this WordPress plugin may be for you!

‘WP SlimStat’ allows you to see your website statistics in real time.  You can; see who is on your site right now, monthly pageviews, visitor duration, top landing pages, top search terms, world map of visitors, and much, much more!  There is even an extension to this plugin called ‘WP SlimStat Shortcodes’ that allows you to display some of this information on your site to your readers.

7. WooSidebars

Another excellent WordPress plugin by ‘WooThemes’ is ‘WooSidebars’.  This great plugin lets you set up different widgetized areas of your site, without the need to edit any code.  This is perfect of you want different widgets to appear on different parts of your site.  Check out the video above to learn more about this brilliant plugin.

8. Q and A

Every good website has a ‘Q and A’ (or FAQ) section where people can go to get answers to common question that they may have.  This WordPress plugin makes it really easy for you to set up your own interactive FAQ page.

Check out our own ‘FAQ’ page to see how we used this plugin.

9. WP-Print

You wouldn’t think it, but having a printer friendly version of your website’s posts and pages is a good thing to have.  A lot of us may only view pages digitally on tablet or mobiles, but there are still plenty of people that print off web pages.  Some might want to store information locally, or follow a tutorial where they don’t have internet access.  Whatever the reason, this plugin makes it easy for you to add a “printer friendly format” on your site.

10. BuddyPress

WordPress Plugins

This brilliant plugin lets your users sign-up and create their own profile, post messages, make connections, interact in groups, and much more!  Essentially ‘BuddyPress’ lets you create your own social network on your site.  Build a community around your business, sports team, local club or other niche community.

11. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

WordPress Plugins

This great little WordPress plugin is arguably the best on this list as it lets you see what impact your plugins have on your site.  Speed is everything when it comes to websites, as you want your pages to load as fast as possible.  If your website takes too long to load, then you will end up losing traffic.

The ‘P3’ plugin scans your site to see what impact (in terms of load time) each of your plugins have.  This is great because you can then get rid of the WordPress plugins that are slowing your site down.

12. Plugin Organizer

A great companion to the ‘P3’ plugin is the ‘Plugin Organizer’.  This allows you to change the order in which your plugins are loaded and allow certain plugins to be loaded on different pages.

Say you had a plugin that took a while to load, you could set it to load last, therefore allowing the majority of the page to appear before people got bored and navigated away.  Perhaps you only need that plugin on your homepage, you could disable it on all your other pages, resulting in faster load times.

13. WP Super Cache

Sticking with the “speed” aspect, the ‘WP Super Cache’ is a great WordPress plugin that helps make your site much faster.  It does this by caching your pages as HTML files and delivering them to visitors, instead of the much slower PHP scripts.  It takes a bit of setting up, but there is a lot of help to guide you through it.  It’s well worth it, as this will help to speed up your site quite a bit.

14. Tweet Old Post

Just because you are creating new content for your site, it doesn’t mean you should forget about your old posts.  This is where the ‘Twee Old Post’ plugin come in.  Here you can set it up to tweet out a link to one of your old posts that you wrote automatically.  This way, you can drive traffic to your site by promoting posts that your followers may have not read before.

15.  YouTube Channel Gallery

If you have your own YouTube channel, why not display your videos in your website’s sidebar.   This great little plugin allows you to display a YouTube video and a gallery of thumbnails for a YouTube channel.

There are lots of useful options that you can select within this plugin.  You can set videos to play automatically, different aspect ratios, video quality settings, number of videos to show and much more!  Very useful if you want to incorporate your videos on your site.

Don’t forget to check out our other WordPress plugin lists to find other useful plugins to use on your site:

Do you use any of these WordPress plugins?  What has your experience been with these?  What other WordPress plugins would you recommend to anyone reading this?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Matt Smith is the founder and editor of OnlineIncomeTeacher. He is a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant & Web Developer, running a number of sites from the UK. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

  • Thank you very much for this list Matt, most of which I didm’t know existed. Great post. Thank you.

    • No problem Steve.

      Spent quite a while researching these and testing some of them out. Hopefully you’ll be able to use a couple of these on your own site. Make sure you check out the ‘P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)’ plugin as that is class! Helped me shave at least a second off my page load times.

  • Wow its really Great List Matt…… Would love to try some of plugin from your list.

    • Glad you liked the list Amit!

      My favourites that I’ve listed are the ‘P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)’ and the ‘WooCommerce’ plugin. Both are VERY useful.

  • Andi Leeman

    Excellent list Matt, many of these I haven’t heard of, and many of these I fancy using… think this page is going to be bookmarked for reference. Like most things, I don’t have the time to do it today so I plan to come back to it but if I don’t bookmark the page I will completely forget and not do anything.

    WoosideBars, MapPress and YouTube Channel Gallery have got me excited, I like the sound of those 3 most.

    Interactive maps could have many great uses and video gallery on your side bar…. hmmm the mind is now ticking away… 🙂

    Thanks for this list.

    • Make sure you check out the ‘P2 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin as that helped me shave about a second off my page load times. Very useful to see exactly which plugins are slowing down your site.

  • Tweet old post is a good one that I’ve been using for the last year, gotta love automation, thanks for the recommendations.

    • No problem Tyronne!

      ‘Tweet Old Post’ was a plugin that I have started using myself. Seems to do the job well.

      • The Secret Insider

        Tweet old post is installed on my site but doesn’t work, I have it installed and working fine on my works blog but as for my own site I cannot figure out why it doesn’t work. As far as I can see they are both set up exactly the same on the same Theme, both have been connected to the appropriate Twitter account but still this one does not work. Any ideas Matt?

        • Hmm, that’s odd. If they are set up the same, then surely they should both work. Maybe you missed something, probably a single tiny tick box somewhere, I always miss them.

  • The Secret Insider

    This is a really excellent list of plugins, I want to try a few of these out when I get the time. You have put a lot of work into this post Matt and I thank you for it as I will find these plugins very helpful as will many others. I think P3 could be really helpful, I do ot know how my plugins perform, sometimes my site is so slow and I have wondered if it was down to the plugins I have.

    • Cheers SI,

      P3 is a very useful plugin that I learned about not too long ago. It looks at how long your pages take to open and breaks it down into how long each component takes to load. Therefore, if you use tons of plugins, it will slow down your sites quite a bit.

      I found that a couple of, what I thought were, minor plugins were slowing my site down considerably (non of the ones listed here). Removing them helped speed up my site quite noticeably.

  • Awesome list – I must do myself one of these posts one day!

    I would add:

    SEO by Yoast
    Digg Digg

    And, my newly added Paper Template

    • Hi John. I’ve mentioned both ‘SEO by Yoast’ and ‘Digg Digg’ on previous posts (linked at the bottom of the article), but I haven’t used the other two yet. I’ll have to check them out.

  • Mosam Gor

    Hi Matt Sir

    Wow! Really Great plugin review.. Thanks for this Great plugin list….

    • No problem Mosam! Glad you liked the list

  • Clair Trebes

    Hi Matt!

    As I said over in our group, I like this post a lot 🙂 Some great plugins for me to try out on my own site …..

    I would like to let everyone know how totally AMAZING WooCommerce is – I will be able to show you guys a fully working site made up from WooCommerce VERY Soon …. And considering I had NO knowledge how to even build an ecommerce site on Jan 1st 2013 I now have a fully functioning site that works … Great plugin SERIOUSLY and so user friendly 🙂

    I’m having trouble with tweet old post – pretty sure I’m doing something wrong, but it just doesn’t work for me …..

    Keep these coming!


    • Hi Clair,

      Yes, I thought you might like the fact I mentioned WooCommerce. It’s such a great plugin, in fact WooThemes in general seem to produce quality products. I know they just published a new plugin called ‘Sensei’ that lets you create a video membership course that integrates with WooCommerce. Will be checking that out very soon.

      As for ‘Tweet Old Post’, that’s strange because Secret Insider said he/she was having trouble with it as well. I only set it up myself a few days ago and it’s been working fine for me. Only thing I can say is to check the settings, may have missed something.

      • Clair Trebes

        I may end up screenshotting the settings for Tweet Old Post to you ….

        Interested in that Sensei plugin 100% 🙂

        Debating just moving my blog over to Woothemes ….. another facelift – just really love the look / user / interface of Woo as a whole!

        • I know I’m biased (as I use their themes) but WooThemes really is great. I use the ‘Canvas’ theme as that is quite customizable, but all their themes look great.

          Feel free to send over a screenshot if you are still having problems and I’ll take a look.

  • gregjeffries

    Always looking for new resources and great plugins. Thanks for sharing.

    • No problem Greg! Hope you find some of these plugins useful

  • Some great plugins Matt. Thanks and have a Great 2013

    • Hi Robert! Hope you find some of these plugins useful. All the best 🙂

  • Cheers for letting us know about that plugin Dylan! I’ll take a look at that

  • Great Plugins Do you have a vote up and vote down plugin with ratings?