Want To Start Your Own Business? Why Not Start An Online SEO Company!


Want To Start Your Own Business? Why Not Start An Online SEO Company!

Are you one of those people who always dreams about starting your own business, but always comes up with excuses not to do so. Your not alone, many people do this, but continues the rat race working for others. Well, it could be easier than you think to start your own business!

A Common Example

You have been invited to an old friends art exhibition, who you used to work with before he left his job to follow his passion and become an artist. You said yes and went, even though you are broke and you only have enough money left to feed yourself until your next payday.

You get to the exhibition and find loads of stunning paintings hung on the wall attracting lots of attention from other people. You really like your friend’s artistic style and one painting in particular has caught your eye. You want to buy it badly, but simply can’t afford it.

At the end of the night your friend is really happy because he has sold all his paintings and the whole exhibition was a huge success. Your very happy for him, but you end up walking home feeling a little deflated and unhappy. Why can’t you follow in your friends footsteps and leave your job to follow your own passions.

The next day, you want to take the plunge and leave your job to find a new career or perhaps start your own business. However, money is scarce and you barely have enough to live on, never mind all the expenses that are needed to start your own business.

So what do you do, well you end up carrying on as normal and struggling on. But your mind continues to wander about certain questions:

  • What business should I start?
  • How can I afford to leave my job?
  • Is it really possible to set up my own business doing what I love like my friend?

Then you keep on wandering…

Start Your Own Business Online

Many people think that lack of initial money to start your own business is what is stopping them from leaving their jobs. Yes, it is true that money can limit us, but that is only if you let it! A famous Buddhist entrepreneur once said; “Money only becomes a problem when you treat it as a problem!”

Nowadays, it doesn’t take that much money to start up a business, particularly an online business! You can start your own website/blog for less than $100 and start that way. Many people have started their own online business and grown it into a successful and profitable one.

You can start an online business on whatever you want, whether it’s; a cookery site teaching people how to eat healthy food, a site selling scale model boats, a local dog walking business, a professional consultancy business dealing with multinationals, even selling your own art! etc. Online businesses are cheap to initially set-up and allows you to reach a large market of people via the internet.

SEO Business

One online business industry that is particularly popular at the moment is the ‘Search Engine Optimization’ industry, or simply SEO. It is one of the only industries that opens their doors even to the most inexperienced individuals, who have a serious passion for doing business. Not only is it easier to be employed within this industry, but it’s reasonably simple to start your own SEO business!

SEO businesses offer to created legitimate techniques and methods to help drive traffic to clients websites. Now, that may sound complicated, but all it means is that they help to build links that point to a site which attracts visitors.

Don’t get me wrong, this takes a lot of hard work to do, but essentially you only need to know the basics of SEO to get started. There are lots of sites online that you can learn how to do this (OnlineIncomeTeacher is a good place to start!), but once you learn, you can begin to turn it into a business.

Starting your own business is no joke. There are lots of things that you need to learn about and you need to put lots of time, dedication and hard work into getting it up and running. Perhaps this is the reason why many people prefer to be employees. It is always easier being an employee rather than an employer.

The same goes for internet marketing, or for those people who want to start their own SEO business. This requires many daunting tasks, such as; learning all about the different optimization techniques, finding an initial set of clients to work with, creating your own fully-optimized business site with a good online reputation, etc.

SEO businesses have exploded onto the scene within the last few years. They have never been SO popular because websites are such an important part of business nowadays. As of today, it remains as one of the most reliable business sectors in the internet marketing industry.

Call To Action!

You have a choice. You can either keep dreaming about starting your own business while remaining an employee, or you can take positive steps towards creating a future for yourself. It’s up to you!

But what do you think?  Are you wanting to start your own business, but haven’t had the confidence yet to take the plunge?  Have you just started your own online business, perhaps an SEO company?  Let us know by leaving your comments and opinions below!

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Thank you to my Guest Author: Gary Andrew

Gary works for Endlessrise, Inc. They provide Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, and Web Designs to our resellers. They strictly implement 100% White Label SEO and are still the leading SEO Reseller Provider to SEO/Marketing companies and internet marketers.

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  • Interesting article! Although I know quite a bit about SEO, I don’t think I would ever want to start an SEO company. One reason is that some shady SEO companies are ruining it for everyone by sending out mass spam emails. Check your spam box – probably 50 from people selling male enhancement products and 10 from SEO services claiming to make your traffic skyrocket. These emails leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Another reason is that Google keeps changing their ranking algo. This will most likely lead to unhappy customers is they get deindexed or slapped in the rankings regardless of whether it is your fault or not.

    While many SEO businesses are doing really well and someone could definitely go in and make a name for themselves by starting the HONEST SEO company, I just don’t think it would be something I’m interested in.

    Just my $0.02 😉 Interesting topic for a post though!


    • Hi Thomas! Yes, I agree that there are many ‘dodgy’ SEO companies out there and I get many emails from them that go straight into my junk folder.

      Hopefully, people will want to set-up a legitimate SEO business and I would never encourage ‘dodgy’ activity. Having said that, I’m sure many will because it’s a way to cut corners, but that only results in cheating themselves because, as you say, these ‘dodgy’ methods don’t work.

      Legitimate SEO companies are doing pretty well these days. You only have to see that 90% of UK SEO companies are based in rather nice, business areas of London.

      Thanks for the comment Thomas!

      • sushil

        Hi Math,

        I would like to know how much is initial investment for starting a SEO Business.

  • Wonderful post Gary. I started a small web design company a few years ago and only recently started offering SEO services also. There are many small businesses that simply have no idea where to begin let alone have the time to learn about it. Inspirational post thanks.

    • Hi Fabrizio! Gary did a great job writing this post for us. I agree that it’s an inspirational read that encourages people to start their own business.

    • rapidocms

      Hi Matt,

      I whould like to start a SEO business from belgium. Can i open a account with Endlessrise or is it just for people from usa?


  • Hi Gary,
    very useful post. But not everyone will be good at managing SEO company. SEO business is very “fragile” – similar to Google updates 😉
    Thanks for sharing, Chris

    • Hi Chris! Your right, starting an SEO business won’t be for everyone, but it’s a good example of a business that can be easy to set up.

      These days, people can essentially set up whatever business the want online. It’s much easier to create a website with WordPress and other CMS’s. All you need is a good idea and a lot of dedication.

      Thanks for the comment Chris!

    • Hi Chris,

      I’m glad that you like my guest post.. I agree, SEO business is fragile for most people. It takes a lot of experience, valid research, and tons of patience to succeed in SEO. But since these updates can be reverse-engineered, big companies can still pull out their big guns and continue their services.


  • Nishit

    hi Gary, the post is really good. i always wanted to start a web company but never had a good idea to work on !! what do you think how a SEO company will work in India ??

    • Hi Nishit! I can’t imagine that their would be any difference starting a web company in India compared to the US or UK. That’s the great thing about the internet, it puts people on an equal footing.

      All you need to do is create a professional site and offer some useful services/products. Then you will be able to find clients/customers from all around the world!

  • The whole world turned into a small village because of technology. Everyone can do whatever they want with the internet and contact with everyone easily. So SEO plays a vital role in a business. It is an effective way of technique where the company can gain customers easily. It is easy to start a business as SEO Company without any side effects.

    • The world is definitively a smaller place because of the internet! Creating your own online business online has never been easier, with SEO a good option. You just need to put the hard work and dedication into making it work.

      • I agree with Matt. “Easy” always comes with the right stuff.

  • Nishit

    can u suggest me any good idea ?? and if i start a SEO company what kind of service i will be exactly providing ?? what i need to do to be a qualified SEO professional ?? does this kind of business needs anykind of physical existence or it’s completely over the internet ??

    • Hi Nishit,

      Look for best ‘SEO reseller provider’, you can provide all of their services and mark up as much as you want. Being an SEO wizard is not necessary.. SEO reselling, is more on sales and marketing.. This kind of business model can be done through online too.


  • Great article….!!!Nice to know about new
    things with helping concept. I am almost brand new to blogging and really like
    your post, it is really on target! Thanks for all of your time & work. Hope
    you always write this blog.

    Thank you,

    The given information is very effective.

    I’ll keep update with the same.

    seo services

    • Hi Amit! Welcome to the world of blogging. All successful bloggers started at some point, it’s just a case of learning about and putting it into action on your own site.

      Let me know if I can help you in anyway. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Nishit

    hey Matt i didnt got mails of 6th and 7th day ! i am pursuing your 7 day course !! please look into it !!

    • Hi Nishit!

      If you got the first 5 days, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have gotten the next two. Have you checked your junk folder? Sometimes email accounts can direct emails there without warning.

      What email did you use to sign up? That way, I can check our database and send you day 6 & 7.

      • Nishit

        Hi Matt ,
        I did checked the junk folder but i don’t see any mails !! The id i use to sign up is npoddar05@indiatimes.com

        • Hi Nishit! I checked our database, it says that it has sent out all the emails to you. Make sure you approve our email address, so they don’t get lost in the future. I’m pretty sure it was a problem with your email account.

          I have re-sent you the entire eCourse though, just to make sure.

  • Muhammad Anas

    I m intrested but where i can get SEO tranings

    • Hi Muhammad! There are plenty of sites online (ours included) that have lots of information about SEO that you can learn from. I myself didn’t know much about SEO until I started reading about it online.

      The knowledge is out there, you just need to go and find it!

  • Facebook User

    Thanks Guest Author

  • Yay

    There were several “your” spelling errors. It is difficult to think this is coming from a credible source with such simple spelling errors present throughout the article…

  • saranesh nesh

    I have 6 months experience in SEO…Bt how to start the process.could you please help

  • Michael Nicholson

    Have been account managing and selling SEO myself for 2yrs consider my knowledge to be quite High however wouldn’t be able to perform the SEO task on a customers site myself this can get rather complicated.
    Am currently working on setting up my own site and looking at options to partner with an good local /offshore SEO company where i can re-bill the chargers to my customer after being billed myself for the work. Customer get local support billing and account management while i make a profit on every bill.
    Is this not a common strategy? I can sell and just want to go out and confidently be able to sell and train other people to sell SEO knowing i have the backing from a good SEO team.

  • I think it would be very difficult for someone to start their own SEO business if they didn’t already have extensive experience, but there’s still some good info here.