Make Money While Playing: Video Games Aren’t Only For Fun!

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Computer games are no longer just meant for fun! Apart from stunning graphics and gripping game play, these games also offer a great opportunity for you to earn money. In fact, if you are a serious gamer, spending most of your time playing video games, you can turn it into a full time job and earn while gaming. Even the amateur gamer can take this opportunity to earn money whilst playing. Certainly, there are not many other ways that you can earn which is as entertaining and enriching as earning while playing video games!

How To Earn While Playing

There are several ways to make money while playing, whether you play online or offline games. Also, you can follow different methods to earn money; and what’s even greater is you can combine these ways to earn even more.

Let’s take a look at some of these methods.

Write Video Game Reviews

Many sites pay for writing a review of popular games. So, if you are playing a game and develop a clear understanding of how it functions, you can write a detailed review and submit it to these types of websites. By doing this, you will establish your reputation as an expert in the game and at the same time earn some money!

Start A Gaming Blog

You can extend this habit of review writing to regular blogging. Start your own blog where you will discuss your gaming experience. Unlike the reviews, your blog will give you an informal and interactive discussion with the readers. Also, to make money from your blog, you have to use the right keywords and find out the popular games for review.

An added benefit of running your own gaming blog is that you can make money in a number of different ways, such as; advertisement, affiliate marketing, selling games via your site, merchandise, etc.

Participate In Tournaments

Several online games offer tournaments where the winners are gifted with a cash prize. You can easily find such sites by searching Google or Bing for upcoming tournaments and competitions on your favorite games. All you need to do is sign up and start playing.  If you have mastered the skills and win the tournaments, you can win handsome amounts.

Not only server based games, but other games too offer tournaments in online modes. For that, make sure you  check out the developers’ websites regularly to keep up to date about any upcoming tournaments.

Become A Game Tester

There are a few websites that need game testers who will test and check new games for release. These sites can offer a decent amount of money for this job.

There is also the opportunity to become a professional game tester.  Many professional video game developer companies recruit people to test their games before hitting the shops for sale.  It can also be a good way to get your foot in the door to these companies if you are interested in pursuing a game developer career.  Again, many of these jobs are advertised on the developer’s websites, so it’s just a case of regularly checking them to find these vacancies.

Tips To Make Money Playing Video Games

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to make money while playing, but there are dangers as well. So, if you want to safely earn money in the long term, you should be careful about certain things.

  • Check out the credibility of the site. Whether it is a review site or introducing a gaming tournament, make sure that the site is there for quite some time and all this while, it has received good ratings from critics and users. A little bit of research on Google will give you a clearer understanding on this.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Many secrets are written in fine prints. So, make sure you don’t avoid them. This will help you avoid unnecessary complications later.
  • Stay fit. Computer games require fitness. This helps to improve and maintain your reflexes and concentration levels, which eventually improve your performance.
  • Practice the games and stay updated. Also, make sure that you have the latest hardware and software necessary to play the game.

It is really amazing to see how you can earn money while enjoying your favourite games. However, you should focus on the types of games you like the most. This will help you use your expertise to optimize your earning.

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  • Nice post. I never see that way in playing a video game 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s great to think that you can make money while simply playing games.

      But this post could really reflect any hobby that you are passionate about. Whether it is collecting baseball cards, playing snooker, knitting, whatever a persons hobbies are, they can make money doing it by following some of the steps listed above. The best way is probably to start blogging about your passion.

  • This is just an stunning post. all gaming bloggers should read this and earn money while playing and reviewing what others are playing.

    • It really is a great post by Alyssa!

      I just hope it shows to everyone reading this that you can turn your hobby into something that makes you money.

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