How To Make Money Online With Your Own Massive Content Site

Produce Lots Of Content

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There is more than one type of website that can make money, but for this article I want to concentrate on one specific type. This one is for the long term business model and will require a huge amount of time and money invested into it, but when done properly it can be a seriously big money maker!

The Massive Content Site

Also known as an authority site, the massive content site is where big money can be made, but this is a long term business strategy, with a lot of work involved. Planning how to go about this can be very beneficial as it could save you a lot of time and money.

The content site gets its earning capabilities as it grows into a massive site that is added to daily with fresh and up to date content. Producing good quality content added daily can be rewarded with big money, via advertising, affiliates, etc.

These sites over time draw in huge numbers of visitors and when a site gets a large amount of monthly traffic it can easily sell advertising space, and advertising space on big sites can be expensive. Massive content sites can earn huge amounts of money each and every month from selling personal advertising space as well as Google Adsense revenue.

Imagine adding 10 new pages each day; each new page has advertising on it. Over a year that is 3650 new pages of advertising waiting to be clicked through. Not only that, the more content that is added the more your site is used, the more your site is updated and used it will get greater rankings in Search Engines like Google. You will be rewarded for your work, as long as the content is unique, yours and of great quality.

Once a site becomes an authority site with large amounts of visitors and great earnings potential it will get noticed by the big guys.

Recently TechCrunch and the HuffingtonPost were bought by AOL at a cost totalling $335 million! AOL will get its money back down the line; The Huffington Post has had well over 1 billion page views and has had over 37 million unique visitors in one month alone. Imagine if that was every month and 1% of that clicked through advertising! Big sites with lots of traffic and quality content equals big money.

It’s not just advertising where big content sites can make its money from; there is always affiliate product that can be used to bring in more money. A review site purely based on new gadgets can have affiliate links taking the reader to a place where they can purchase the items making the site more revenue.

The more gadgets the site reviews the greater affiliate income it can generate. Imagine having ten new reviews per day on high ticket items like the newest smart phones and laptops.

Creating Your Own Massive Content Site

Making a massive content site isn’t easy though. It requires a lot of time and money to invest in this type of project. Unless you have a strong team of friends who are all into the same thing as you and each willing to write and upload an article to the site a day, you will struggle.

The other option is to outsource writing content to a third party to prevent yourself having burn out (writing two articles a day for me is hard let alone ten!), but this comes with its drawbacks. It can take time to find several good writers who can write your articles to the standard you require and then it can be costly.

Working on adding 10 quality fresh new articles to your site a day could cost up to $300 a day! It is not unheard of to pay $30 for one article. If you want the best be prepared to pay for it.

$300 over 7 days is $2100, for the year that is $109200. That is a lot! After spending that amount you will see some return on advertising but can you afford that? Just one month at under 10K would cripple most people.

It is possible that you can start a small content site that is built up over time that requires maybe one or two articles a day. But that is still pretty hard going. As I said earlier, do you have a set of good close friends who can team together and create a co-op that can work together to create a massive content rich website for an equal share of the future revenue?

I actually like that idea, however, the reality is different.  Is it possible to find ten likeminded individuals who can create good quality content, be focused enough to create and upload one new article or video a day and keep at it for several months before the benefits follow?

People tend to stop fairly early when the results they hoped for do not miraculously appear overnight.

Different Types Of Content Site’s

There are several types of massive content sites to choose from, some require very little content from you, as an example YouTube. YouTube generates a lot of money for its owners Google and anyone who is in the partner program. Yet Google does not upload the content.

YouTube was not created by Google but was eventually bought by the Internet giants for an incredible $1.65billion when they saw the potential in the site and the fact that it was thumping Google’s own video sharing site.

YouTube relies on exterior source’s adding content to the site (ie, you and me uploading our own videos). The same system applies to massive content sites like Photobucket & Flickr that primarily do pictures, Ezine Articles & Go Articles that are article directories and other sites like Scribd which host other people’s eBooks and PDFs.

The massive content site does not have to be just a text based self-written review site. It can be one of many styles and I am sure there is room for many other types of content sites waiting to spring up.

What if you have a background in fitness and you created a fitness and exercise site where other people shared videos, eBooks and articles to the site adding new fresh content daily making your work easier and the revenue potential grow quicker?

You could make money online from a simple concept or niche based site that allows others to do the work. Could you set up a site on fishing? Or could you create a video site specifically for skateboarding?

Consultant - Fitness Coach

There are so many niches and options available where you can create a massive content site. There is work involved and to make the work easier you need to really like the topic that you have chosen otherwise not only will it be hard work you are more likely to quit a lot quicker.

One thing is clear, whatever niche or style of content site you choose, when done right and the site grows in popularity the long term earnings potential is massive, if it wasn’t do you think these other sites would still be around?

But what do you think?  Would you consider starting your own massive content site, or do you think it is impossible without having a huge team of people and resources to get started?  Let us know or leave any questions you have in the comments section below.

About Andi Leeman

Andi is part of Tim Lowe’s R&D team and writes for Tim's Minions, a fun based educational site covering all aspects of Internet Marketing & Social Media. You can learn more by following him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

  • Omar

    Great article. Making a BIG content site can take a lot of work but it can SURE pay off in the long run.

    My style is more focusing on a specific niche…


    • Massive content sites do have their benefits in the long run, but take lots of work to run. Focusing on a specific niche is a great way to start and probably the best way if you are working on your own.

      Thanks for the comment Omar!

  • Pat Coldiron

    Good read Andi. I agree with outsourcing when it comes to writing articles, and also you’re correct that outsourcing can become very expensive.

    • Andi did a great job writing this post!

      Outsourcing can be a good way to get enough articles for a massive content site, but for anyone just starting out this is way too expensive! I’m of the opinion that you can start small and work at growing your site into a massive content site over time.

  • Hi Brian! Yes it can be a bit costly if you are paying for each post, but it should pay off in the long run. Hopefully this site will turn into a massive content site in the future, but I want to build it up over the long run.

    Thanks for the comment Brian!

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  • Alan Dingwall

    This is actually a very interesting topic Matt! If you created at least 1 months worth of content before you launched it could take some of the pressure off for the next month.

    If you create a massive content could you use various kinds of content? Such as text interviews, video interviews, audio interviews, short videos providing hints and tips, blog posts, infographics, PDF’s, white papers and slideshows?

    I think that if it’s possible to do it like this it would make the task easier and people would get through those 10 high quality blog posts faster wouldn’t they?

    If you did it this way you could possible double or even triple the amount of content posted to your site each month or each week if you were doing it by yourself, but only if you put in the correct amount of hours.

    This would be the kind of project that would possibly take up at least 6 – 12 hours per day, but I think it’s quite possible to do it if you’re hard working and there is no distractions in your home or work area.

    Different kinds of content attract different amounts of traffic as well as rank higher in the google search engine along with others and it suits your audience’s needs too.

    If you did this with a group of friends it would be considerably cheaper than it would be paying for blog posts and you could get 10X the amount of work done that you would have been able to do by yourself.

    You could also try out content mills which is considerably cheaper, but can still cost a lot of money and the value of the post may be lesser.

    If you were doing this yourself then I would suggest creating enough content for your 1st month.

    I would do it this way:

    1) create 100 + blog posts
    2) create 100 – 200 videos
    3) compose 100 – 200 text based interviews
    4) compose 20 – 50 video based interviews
    5) compose 20 – 50 audio based interviews
    6) Create 100 + infographics
    7) create at least 20 PDF’s
    8) Create at least 20 White papers
    9) Create 200+ slideshows
    10) Create at least 100 – 300 reviews of products within your niche

    Now this is just my opinion and what I would do, but if I did do this then I would have 1240+ blog posts all together and these could be published in the 1st month or spanned out over several months.

    This would take a lot of hard work and 12+ hours worth of work each day, but it do think that it’s possible to do all of this in 1 month; However it would require strict breaks, long hours, lots of hard work and not 1 day of the week off.

    This method may not be so realistic, but it’s an example of what people could do and this would build their traffic up greatly even without promotion, then you have to think about the amount of traffic SEO will get you from doing this when it picks up, then you have to think about the results you would get when google, bing and all of the other search engines pick up your blog and then think about how much traffic you would get when you promoted you blog.

    This would bring huge results; However a more realistic vision out be to do this:

    1) Write 10 blog posts
    2) Write 10 reviews of a product in your niche
    3) Do 10 videos to help your readers
    4) Do 5 white papers
    5) Do 5 PDF’s
    6) Do 10 video based interviews
    7) Do 10 audio based interviews
    8) Do 10 text based interviews
    9) Do 10 infographics
    10) Do 10 slideshows

    Then rinse and repeat; However you should be able to get through at least 20 of each of these each month if you put in the hours. Again this would be long hours, not a day off, hard work and strict breaks. What do you think Matt?

    • Hi Alan,

      I think you are in dream land if you plan on doing 1240+ posts in a month! That is ridiculous and you would never, in a million years be able to do that. I actually think you would struggle to do the 90+ posts from your second list as well.

      Content is good, but you need to think less about quantity and much more about quality. Even if you teamed up with a group of people, so many posts may not be the best way to do it. You have to think about your readers, publishing so many posts in such a short time would lead them to struggle to keep up with everything. In essence, you would only be writing for the search engines, which is usually a bad thing.

      You have to get the balance right – enough content for your regular readers to keep coming back for more AND well optimised content for the search engines. Even the biggest and best sites online (discounting news) only tend to post a handful of posts a day (2-5) and that is with a team of dedicated writers.

      Most bloggers I know spend a minimum of 2-3 hours on a single post before publishing it, often that time can be much, much longer. Recording and editing a video can take a whole afternoon, or even a couple of days depending on the content. Video interviews may only take an hour or two to record, but you spend ages organising the interview itself and finding a suitable time when you are both available.

      The minute you start rushing content marks the beginning of the end for your site. It always ALWAYS comes back to quality, quality, quality!

    • Andi the Minion

      Wow, if you can do that go for it, but I agree with Matt, you will burn yourself out and to be honest I don’t think it is possible. Sometimes thinking and creating slides and images can take up more time than you imagine. Editing videos can be a real ball ache too to be honest.

      Patrick Meninga wrote around 400 short articles in a month straight and that is bloody good going, he was off work for a month to do that. I guess it depends on the style of niche and website too. A content curation site needs less work than crafting content from scratch but recently I tested this out and an article that I curated needed rewriting and I still lost a couple of hours solid graft writing, editing, formatting and adding to the website.

      Content curation sites are big business these days and if you work from home you could solidly create a lot of interesting content and grow your website but just do not underestimate the hard work involved and doing it alone at home has its issues as well as its benefits. You can start to get a bit of cabin fever and end up talking to yourself occasionally which robs you of productivity… or is that just me? Matt?

      It would be better to start off small and grow into creating more content if you can instead of throwing yourself into a huge list of work and expectation otherwise you will crash and burn and likely stop. Once you understand what is needed when creating content you will be able to schedule your time and plan proficiently leading to more content creation.

      Persistence and discipline is needed but do not be impatient and delusional in your approach. Keep your feet and expectations on the ground.

      Great comment by the way and sorry I meant to reply earlier.
      Cheers. 🙂

      • Talking to yourself? No, I don’t do that, do I?

        Yes you do.

        No I don’t.

        Yes you do.

        No I don’t.


  • Jan Maklak

    I have been preaching the same thing to my clients (web designer) who want more traffic. Create lots of quality content! I however find it hard to write that much content and just recently I struggled to write a 2000 word newsletter and I still have to put in a couple of hours of editing.

    Andi, if you could only teach us how to write more than 2 articles per week of some substance we would all be indebted to you.

    Between making websites and talking to clients I have no time left for projects like this. Is there a magic formula. I cant afford to pay writers $75-$200 per article and I won’t pay anything for some of the spun crap on discount websites.

    What’s your secret?