How Teachers Can Earn Extra Income Online


Teaching can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career. Each day holds the possibility for many new experiences; children are inspiring to spend the day with, and becoming an educator fills a vital need in every child’s development. Simply put, the pay that many teachers receive doesn’t adequately reflect the contributions they make to society, which has forced many to search elsewhere for employment opportunities in addition to teaching. A large number of these professionals have found that working online is profitable, convenient, and can be very easy to access with just a little knowledge about the Internet.


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Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers already deal with many tasks online during their days in the classroom. They are communicating with parents, other faculty and administration. They utilize the Internet by researching information about a theme they may want to cover in class, or they use their district site to generate lesson plans and calendars for their many deadlines and events of importance. Therefore, they are already experts at the basics and/or advanced features and knowledge to do well online. For instance, Teachers pay Teachers is a unique site that allows working teachers to “sell” their thematic lesson plans, research papers, etc. online to other teachers. Thus, a college professor might try his or her hand at creating lesson plans for graduate programs or consider providing research papers to adjunct teachers who are learning how to teach effectively at the college level.


In addition to websites that purchase lesson plans, there are several other ways teachers can get paid for their writing. A number of sites offer payment (including PayPal and direct deposit services) for producing blogs, articles and business text that individuals or companies resource out to have completed. Some pay per word, while others pay by project. The amount paid usually varies by article quality, number of words written or a mixture of both criterion’s. The “author” chooses the project from a selection to be written, and can write the article based on his or her personal interests. Writers can accept a job about a subject they already know much about, making it quite easy to complete the task.

Write Your Own eBook


Budding writers might want to consider writing and selling their own eBook. With tablets and smartphones becoming widely-used devices, eBooks are rivaling the popularity of traditional books. Many sites offer self-publishing, and for a few hundred dollars, provide you with consulting services from start to finish.

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Data Entry

Teachers can be useful to businesses, such as those who need data entry or research services. Administrative assisting can be done online for certain tasks, and billing for, say, doctors, lawyers or dentists can be resourced out to those who are qualified to use spread sheet accounting software. In terms of research, there are many sites that hire researchers to help find data for books, papers and other academic projects. Teachers that like investigating information will likely find this type of online work satisfying and useful. Merely doing the work opens up new discoveries and perhaps will cause teachers to open up their world a bit more.

Start Your Own Website or Blog

Finally, if a teacher truly finds his or her niche working online, they may want to create, design, and start their own website, promoting their skills and experience producing online work. Many online platforms such as WordPress and Blogger allow teachers to make beautiful blogs with little to no experience in coding. Not only does this allow teachers to enjoy fulfilling needs in their niches, but also to share valuable skills and experiences with others along the way.

The Internet has provided an avenue for entrepreneurship and publishing at a cheaper and easier point than ever before. Any teacher has the ability to find tasks to complete, topics to write about, or just discover ways to connect with others with the Internet.

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  • As far as online income is concerned, teachers or even regular people can make good money by blogging, freelance writing, affiliate marketing…the options are literally limitless. Keep in mind, however, that making money online is no different than making money offline. It also requires time, energy, planning and persistence to succeed.

    • You’re totally right there Dan! It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher, stay-at-home mom, student, wanting to make money online or offline, it all requires hard work and effort to succeed.

  • Starting your own blog is the best advise any teacher can get to starting an online money making venture. It requires minimal watch but can offer some reasonable side income.

    • Blogging is a great way for teachers to earn some added income. Not only can you manage it in your free time, but you can choose to write a blog on whatever subject you like. Some subjects may be more profitable than others, but you can make money on just about any subject that has an audience.

      • Arpie Abrahamian

        hi Matt, just wanted to ask how do you actually find these organisations that will pay you for your blogs, and how will you get paid?

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  • Tech1

    Hi Matt, I heard somewhere that teachers aren’t allowed to write ebooks on any niche and that’s why some of them write under pen names. I’m training to become a teacher but I also want to write ebooks so I really need to know if I can and will it affect my chances of being hired?

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