Can You Give Away All Your Info & Still Get People To Buy Your eBook?


Get People To Buy Your eBook

I’m often asked by certain individuals who have just created their first info product… “John, if I give away or talk about the information that’s already found in my eBook, wouldn’t this make people stop buying my product?”

This is what I consider the biggest dilemma freezing most marketers nowadays, especially when it comes to blogging and eBook marketing. It’s the reason why they’re not selling more of their product, and the same reason why they’re not creating multiple products.

I mean, if you’re not confident that you will be selling an eBook, you’ll not see a valid reason to create several eBooks, right? Fear paralyses most of us. I say, don’t let fear scare you or stop your business. Conquer it, or embrace it.

“The value of an ebook or a course is not in the content it provides, but in its organization” ~ Aman Basanti, owner of YourWebDesignShop

You probably already know that the real profit is in the back-end. This is where you promote or pre-sell related items and programs to your client database on a regular basis. These are relevant and complementary products that you (outsource) create yourself, or with a partner/associate.

The more items you add into your product line, the bigger your marketing funnel could be. This often translates into fatter bank account overtime. Think McDonald’s…. Do you think they’d be still in business with just a one item menu, or with a single type of burger?

Your info marketing business should mimic the popular franchises model.

How To Get People To Buy Your eBook (even if its entire content is already online, freely available)

Get people to buy your eBook

One great way to get people to buy your eBook is to give an extra bonus item, like another product which you own or a premium product created by somebody else. Think of (research and ask buyers) what is the next item your clients will want to buy. Access that product, and give them it for free if they buy your eBook. 

  1. Why should other infopreneurs give you their product for free? 
  2. (or) How to get others to give you their product for free?

That’s an easy question to answer, yet most people don’t know about this method. You can ask other product owner’s whose item is relevant to your audience to give your customers free access to their paid product. In exchange, you promise to give your partner (the guy offering you the product at no cost) your customers’ email address. Does it make sense?

Why should he or she do such?

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a product vendor/owner for a moment (who’s willing to give his first/or one of his premium products) for free to somebody else’s customer base.

Before you get others to access your premium product, even if they get it for free, like in our case, you need to make it mandatory that they subscribe to your mailing list – before they get to access the download.

Smart, isn’t it?

Once you have their email, then you can follow-up with additional information, products and offers (by then you need to own or have access to multiple products, that’s why your back-end system needs to grow on a regular basis.)

The more products you have, the more things you can do with them like give away freebies and build new lists of prospects, or cross-promote and generate new clients.  But that’s what most people do, and they still do it wrong…

Selling Your Product

Get people to buy your eBook

First of all, ensure that you have at least one product or OTO (one time offer) available on the download page before you focus on the email follow-up thing. You need to generate a sale and recoup the profit from the eBooks you give away.

So let’s say you give away 100 items, and out of 100 people landing on your download page, 5 of them buy your OTO for $30. That’s $150 in free additional money. Giving away free premium products (if you have the right OTO and a fat back-end system set into place) can be more than profitable.

Let’s say there’ll be people who still won’t buy your eBook (it happens no matter how awesome your product is or its asking price). Or, let’s say you have no back-end system. What will you do? What can you do?

You see, there’s a way to profit from those people consuming your free information. Those freebie seekers or eBook junkies as most people call them… My favorite (and most known method) is called affiliate marketing. It works like this:

  • You join a public associate program or affiliate network like Amazon, ClickBank, CJ (there are hundreds of them, free to join.)
  • You select a relevant product or service that compliments your main eBook.
  • You pre-sell (write a product review) and post it onto your blog with your unique affiliate URLs included (and maybe banners.)
  • You guest post on other people’s sites and link back to your product review page.

The more links that point back to that particular page (if you optimize it for the right “buying” keywords) the higher your rankings in the SERPs will go. Google likes ranking sites higher if they get natural, relevant and ongoing links to their root domain, as well as to individual pages (such as your product review page) in this case scenario.

You can also (highly recommended) insert links within your eBook content and other articles on your site.

All the traffic you’ll be driving to your website overtime will generate for YOU not just eBook sales, but affiliate commissions too. If your readers aren’t buying your product, at least they’re buying your affiliate recommendations, so you’ll still be making money off of your traffic.

eBook selling and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, yet –  sadly, not everybody is recognizing it, and to make matters worse, even less are mixing the two methods together for a long-term profit boost.

If you have any questions about eBook marketing and associate program promotion,please leave a comment below.

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    Nice article John 🙂
    I didn’t knew that e-books could also be helpful in many ways 😀
    Great Post and Keep Posting !

    • Hi Akhil,

      It’s not just eBooks though, it can be any product that you create and sell. Build up a library of products and you can create all kinds of different offers/promotions to help bring in more people. It’s kind of like a snowball effect.

  • John Gibb


    eBooks are just one of the many info products you can create… to sell online and rake in the bucks!

    Sky’s the limit…. if you think about it, making money online is limited actually only by one’s imagination, don’t you agree?

    I see most people fret about the idea of creating their own products… but they probably don’t know that they don’t have to do it on their own. You can always team up with another info product creator and do interview style ebooks or membership sites. Or simply outsource parts or the entire project.


    Thank you for allowing to post on your site, and for the awesome photos you’ve embedded within the article, I love them!

    John Gibb

    • No problem John, thanks again for the great post! 🙂

      Great advice on product creation. Think many people can get a bit put off by the whole process, but if you take it in steps and get help where necessary, it’s not so scary after all.