5 Great Ways To Ensuring Your Blog Is Profitable


Monetize Your Blog

Everybody talks about how blogs can be an easy way to earn money, if the right strategies are used. The primary fallacy in this argument is that there is no easy way to make money! A lot needs to be invested with respect to time and effort, for any product, service or activity to generate money. The fact remains true for blogs also. Your blog can turn into a money spinner but, it can’t do so overnight, whatever some of the “experts” say.

Here are five ways that you can use to help turn your blog in to a highly profitable venture.

Original Content

How can having original content help your blog make money? Well, the fact is that that this is the kind of content that will help your blog attract readership; and the quality of your content can help you establish a credible reputation.

Update It Frequently

You can only attract a loyal readership if you keep updating your blog. By ensuring regular blog updates, you are giving your readers something fresh to read, which is appreciated by your visitors. This improves your reputation as a blogger by a long way.  After all, why would someone keep re-visiting your website if there is nothing new to read?


The two points that have been mentioned earlier are great ways of attracting traffic to your blog, which has a huge role to play in the success or failure of the advertisements you display on your blog. You can make use of Google’s AdSense program to get Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC) on your blog. You get paid every time a blog visitor clicks on the ads. So, a great way to ensure that you get the maximum number of clicks is to place relevant ads that are aligned with the general content of your blog.

You could use different types of advertisements to average out your earnings. This can be done by using another type of Ad network that will pay you based on the number of impressions (page views) you get, this is called Cost per Mile advertising (CPM). For such advertising to work you need to keep attracting traffic to your site; this is where the first two pointers will come in to help you again.

Selling advertisement space on your blog is yet another way of earning money through your blog. This can become a highly lucrative option, but only when your blog starts attracting increasing amounts of traffic. This is an option that can be considered after your blog has been active after a year or two.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

This is yet another way of revenue generation for your blog. You can join a number of affiliate marketing programs and use your blog for your affiliate marketing efforts. You can recommend the products you are marketing to your readers, but to ensure credibility, make it a point to recommend only those products that you believe in and whose quality and efficiency you can vouch for.

Patience and Focus

Nothing happens quickly and every process takes its own sweet time. Being impatient, might force you to cut some corners and take the easy way out. This is not done if you want your blog to earn money consistently. Moreover, you should never take your focus away from the task at hand. Making money from a blog is not something you can work on one day and forget about for the next seven days. The whole process requires constant monitoring and tweaking.

Keep at it, and you will definitely turn your blog into a revenue generating machine.

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Philip Donald has years of experience in various domains like Web Designing, Development, Project Management, Internet Marketing and more. He is currently working with PLAVEB, which is a leading Mobile Application Development and Web Design Company located in Los Angeles, California.

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  • Koundeenya

    Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to warn if the blog has good number of loyal readers who are just not visitors

    • I think you meant ‘earn’ not ‘warn’ 🙂 Yes, as long as you have a good number of regular readers to a site, affiliate marketing is a good way to monetize traffic. The key is to only promote relevant products that your readers would be interested in.

  • smartyy

    can anyone tell me which kind of product is good to promote….