5 Disadvantages Of PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

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Are you considering using Pay Per Click (or PPC) advertising to grow your online business? While PPC advertising has many benefits associated with its efforts, it also has a number of risks associated with PPC advertising itself or specific PPC providers.  This can result in considerable costs for your business if not executed properly and responsibly.

Sure, you can make a lot of money if you implement PPC advertising the right way. However, before you just jump in without doing the proper research, beware of the following five disadvantages to PPC advertising that you might not be aware of…

Five Reasons Pay-Per-Click Advertising Might Be A Bad Marketing Strategy

1. PPC Advertising Is Rather Complicated

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is not difficult to learn and implement. However, I’ve had many clients come through our doors asking for help with their PPC advertising campaigns because they just couldn’t figure it out. PPC is a very complicated compared to the old way of doing things (meaning good old SEO). Getting your page rank up is pretty straight forward if you can put in the time and effort. However, trying to raise your Google AdWords Quality score on your landing page is a whole different story and most have to call in an expert to get the job done.

2. PPC Advertsing Is Really Expensive

That leads naturally into the next disadvantage of PPC advertising – it can get downright expensive really fast! I’ve seen misguided clients burn through a few thousand dollars of their AdWords budget in a single day because they were advertising for keywords that were not profitable and forgot that they had to pay for each and every click even if those “clickers” don’t buy.

3. People Tend To Ignore Sponsored Ads

A recent Google survey revealed that 85-percent of people claim to ignore sponsored listings when searching via Google. It’s true; I admit tuning out advertising when I search or post my status update on Facebook, which is unfortunate for the PPC advertisements trying to get me to click.

4. People Are Skeptical Of Advertising

The reality in life is that people all over the world have become skeptical of advertising, including PPC. Marketing efforts are looked upon negatively because, let’s face it, folks know that you are trying to sell them something. And people don’t like to be sold or having advertising slammed down their throats when they are trying to surf the web for information or browse status updates on their favorite social networks. So remember, if you’re using PPC advertising as a major marketing strategy the odds (meaning negative customer reaction to your ads) are already working against you.

5. Choosing The Wrong PPC Marketing Firm

When I say that there are thousands upon thousands of Pay Per Click advertising firms out there offering companies the sun and the moon as far as return on investment for their PPC services—I’m making an understatement. There are plenty of marketing firms and independent providers who can talk the talk, but unfortunately many of them can’t walk the walk. It’s easy to be vague about what the outcome will be in an industry that is rather vague itself. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be picky in the companies you use for your paid marketing.

For instance, it’s always wise to choose a marketing firm based on a recommendation from a trusted source, such as a friend or colleague. Also, while many of the larger firms have a full staff with layers of experience, they can offer your ads a great deal of exposure (meaning your keywords will get good placement in the served advertising). So choose your PPC services from a firm that you trust, that can provide customer references, as well as one that takes the time to explain sponsored advertising to you so you know what you’re spending your money and effort on.
Thank you to my Guest Post Author: Caeden M MacGregor

Caeden is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing who specializes in PPC Management. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.

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  • Hi Caeden,
    I totally agree with points 2-4 – PPC may be really expensive, people don’t like Ads (and some of people even don’t see them 🙂 , and choosing wrong marketing firm for PPC campaign may be very ineffective and expensive.

    But considering 1st point – I couldn’t agree with you. SEO is more difficult, than PPC. You can see that especcially these days – after Panda and Penguin update – that SEO isn’t for beginners 🙂
    BR, Chris

    • I thought Caeden did a great job writing this post for our site. It helps to illustrate some of the problems that an individual should look at when considering PPC advertising.

      As for SEO vs PPC, I think both can be equally difficult to implement ‘properly’. I personally have more experience with SEO, so I know how difficult it is to make sure it works on each page of a site. But I think PPC requires more work than it appears on the surface. A newbie can waste a lot of time and money in PPC advertising, when they don’t know how to implement it properly.

      Thanks for the great comment Chris!

      • Thinkaheadandinovate

        I believe that PPC is great, although there is the draw back of burning up your budget quickly, we can’t forget that alot of people simply do not click on ads. If you’re able to get viewers to view your business or product, I believe that’s great. As the saying goes; “You only realize you need it, when you see it!”

    • Alexis Wilke

      That’s funny that you say SEO is more difficult. I would imagine that for a beginner PPC and SEO are both not that easy. It probably was easier earlier, when the Internet was in its infancy, but it is clear that as it has grown to what it is today, it’s not as easy anymore.

      This being said, I got a new site stuck at PR 0 (in a semi bad way, as you mentioned Panda…) and got it a rank of 2 in just 2 months. The huge difference is that I did not have to spend thousands of dollars to get SEO working for me.

      Now I helped some total beginners to get on the net and they don’t listen to anything I tell them and nothing changes for their website… That’s good for their competitors though. 😎

      • Hi Alexis!

        I’d agree with you, that for a blogging/website newbie, both SEO & PPC are equally hard to get to grips with. From personal experience, I think it’s easier to learn about SEO as you progress with a site because you are constantly implementing it and trying to improve your web ranking, whereas you may only use rarely PPC.

        Like you say, SEO is a lot cheaper and arguably more effective than PPC. I always recommend to people that they look into implementing various SEO techniques on their site, before they go and blindly waste money on PPC advertising. I’m not saying that PPC is ineffective, just that SEO should be used first.

        And I can totally relate to your final point. I too help many beginners start up their own sites and try to advise them as best I can, however it’s up to them if they actually want to listen. Frustrating, but some people always think that they know better, which always poses the question – why did they ask for the help in the first place????

  • Hi there, I totally disagree with this article. PPC is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy, whether it is the sole digital channel or integrated with others, it is a useful way to advertise. The beauty of PPC is that it can be adapted, changed or simply stopped if it isn’t performing.

    PPC isn’t really expensive as long as your PPC account and campaigns are set up by experts who know what they are doing. It can be expensive when business owners, who don’t know what they are doing, try it and discover how quickly the conversion clicks rack up the money! With our clients, it is not true that users don’t take any notice of PPC ads. On one campaign we increased conversions for a compnay by 18% in one week!

    I think this type of article is way too generic for individual cases. For some businesses and industries, yes it can be a minefield and get expensive, but it depends on the value of sale and how much the ROI is going to be. I do agree with being careful when selecting a supplier as there are many cowboys out there.
    Best, Sonya.

    • I think Caeden’s article is more about the potential pitfalls to watch out for with PPC advertising, rather than dissuading people from using it.

      Yes, many companies do use PPC successfully to advertise their business online, but many jump into using it without realizing the risks. This is why it’s so important to be aware of the risks and disadvantages of PPC.

      But thanks for your honest opinion Sonya. Always nice to hear other peoples perspectives. Thanks for the comment!

  • Andy Wright

    Is the structure of your Adwords account sufficient to being easily managed, optimized, and achieve a positive ROI? If not, here’s a tip on how to do that: Split the types of advertising into different campaigns. Have one for search, one for banners, one for search remarketing, one for display remarketing, etc. This easily helps you see which kinds of ads perform well for your business. Remarketing gets mad props but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of website prospects and can just run up costs. You can easily tell if banners are working in comparison to search keywords if they’re in different campaigns. So there’s your tip for the day folks – to those that are newer to Google Adwords at least. In fact, if you’re new and need help, I bet Simon could give you a leg up on your campaign, just give him a call at 207-618-8998.