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Lynn Brown InterviewBlogging can be seen as a predominantly a male orientated industry, but there are plenty of very successful female bloggers out there making a BIG impact online. Today, I get to interview one particularly successful woman, Lynn Brown, who I am a big fan of and find out just what makes her so good at what she does.

Lynn is a Social Media Marketing Manager, Coach, Blogging Strategist and LinkedIn Specialist, running her own site ‘‘. Here, she writes great information about; social media marketing, LinkedIn marketing, blogging tips, online tips and much more!

Over to Lynn…

Lynn Brown Interview

How Did You Get Started?

During my 22 year career in real estate lending and the financial industry, I was curious about online marketing. In 1995, this was the first time I jumped online and started my first online business. I had met an entrepreneur from Pahrump, Nevada who had developed his own online shopping mall. This was just before Amazon rolled out. So I joined up as a beta tester for his software. I loved it. Sales were rolling in. But not because I was marketing online. Instead I was doing email marketing, radio ads, newspaper ads, postcard mailings and home parties. Then at the same time I was approached to promote Herbalife products and that was the first time I was introduced to MLM. Back then, it was a true pyramid scheme that we didn’t know about. In fact, the people above me that signed me up conned me and all the others out of our royalties and bonuses. This resulted in FBI investigations and these people were convicted and sent to jail. This was also the time when Herbalife and Amway and some other big MLM companies filed bankrupt and reorganized. The laws changed for the better.

That is when I decided if I was going to ‘make money online’ it was going to be my own business. That is also the time when internet marketing started becoming very popular. So I began learning as much as I could on a part-time basis, as I still had my full time career. Not only that, I was promoted to run and manage the mortgage department of an Arizona Bank.

My online business started off slow, but I was learning how to market online. Then over 3 years ago my life took a direction due to the sudden death of my business partner (who was also my cousin). My focus changed and I knew then I needed to make a change.

I turned my focus into the buzz word ‘social media’. I heard it everywhere and I wanted to learn more. I set up social sites on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I immediately knew what direction I was going in. Because of my past online marketing experience, I wanted to learn and then share my knowledge with other small business owners, up-coming-entrepreneurs and industry professionals about social media. It was then I set up my blog ‘Learnit2EarnitWithLynn‘ and started sharing everything that I was learning.

Later, I would niche it down to just Social Marketing, Blogging & LinkedIn. And then my blog took off! I was getting much more interaction, engagement and attracting clients. I was amazed at how many people were hungry for learning about social media as I was.

Who/What Inspires You?

One of the first online business colleague and also an amazing entrepreneur that I met while building my ‘Learnit2EarnitWithLynn’ business is Melanie Kissell [].  I credit her business style in inspiring me and also she is one heck of a writer, so I learned a lot from her about being more creative with my blog posts.

Other remarkable business entrepreneurs and talent I give credit to, inspiring me and my business early on and to be a giver first is Ryan Biddulph [].

Roberta Budvietas [] has an amazing insight with business start-ups as Roberta has so much business knowledge and experience… we formed an online alliance ‘across the ocean’, as I call it, since she lives in New Zealand and I’m in California.

Loral Langemeier [] was a huge influence early on. She intrigued me with her story of becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 38. I traveled to her events, workshops and was part of her coaching programs. She taught me so much that it was the foundation for my business moving forward.

But there are so many more people that have influenced my business life, these are just a very few…. but of course my husband and son have always been so supportive of me and my pursuits, they have always inspired me.

What Motivates You?

When I was younger, it was the motivation to be able to earn a living working at home. That was because I wanted to be at home for our son while he was growing up. Fortunately, I was able to work from home with my career in lending and it gave me an opportunity to also spend time developing my online business as well.

What motivates me now? Well it is exactly what my tag line says …. “My Passion Is Your Success!” I truly do have a passion in helping other business owners and marketers achieve the knowledge that I have gained so they can improve their lives and reach their goals and dreams. You see, it isn’t always about the money. Yes, we have to make a living, but that can go without saying, you have to love what you do. So for me, I get up every morning with a smile on my face, and knowing I can jump in and help people the best I can.

I have met so many incredible people. I have clients from all over the world spanning from Italy, Australia, England, Canada and of course the United States. Many of my blogging colleagues and friends are from around the world as well. So now I say, people motivate me!

Do You See The Blogging World To Be More Dominated By Male Or Female Bloggers?

For me, there are so many awesome female bloggers. I suppose at one point it was male dominated because when search engines changed the way they were ranking sites, they had to jump on board WordPress and blogs. This included all the male ‘guru’s’ from the good ole days of online marketing. They too had a learning curve on what is required to be seen and ranked by search engines, especially Google, today.

But I don’t see a domination of male or female. In fact, it is because the WordPress platform has come a long way from just being a blog, to a full service platform where you no longer need a separate website. My blog, products and even my affiliate program are all on my WordPress blog/site.

What’s The Most Important Part Of Your Site?

Your blog/site has to convey right away (above the fold) who you are, why your audience would want to stay and what benefits will you provide. In this hurry up, high-tech world we live in, it is easy for consumers now to find out information on companies and businesses before they make a purchase. And if you are hiding behind a logo or are not clear as to ‘what’s in it for them’ within a few seconds, then you are not going to see results you are looking for.

The top right portion of your blog/site is what I call “valuable real estate”. I get more sign ups for my Free eBook, which of course builds my list, because of the location of the offer. So everyone should consider adding a widget and showcase a free eBook, report, video or even free samples.

One more very important part of your site is the information you share on your blog posts. The titles to your blog posts should include a keyword but also must be attention grabbing and build curiosity. Add an image that might catch their eye as well. The key is to always keep your audience excited for your next posting. This will turn your blog into a social event! You will see more and more visitors, comments and connections.

What Makes You The Most Money?

Well, short answer, real estate made me the most money! But then that market has taken a turn and my husband and I no longer build and sell homes. How I am monetizing on my blog is through my affiliate products, but my mainstay is my coaching/consulting and social media management services. That has really started to take off as I meet more and more business owners needing and, in some cases, begging me to help them manage their social sites.

I have developed some products of my own, but really haven’t had the time to devote to more products. But I do plan on building my team so it will allow me to do that in the very near future. I have so much content that I could write several books, create lots more videos and am looking forward to more webinars as well.

What’s Your Typical Work Day Like?

Lynn BrownI have a 1 minute commute! From our bedroom to my home office and absolutely love it! I do have a structure to my day that I try to keep. But as you know, the day can bring surprises from business calls to computer problems. Typically, the night before, I always write down 3 things I want to accomplish for the next day. That helps to keep me focused.

I use my 30/30 rule that I also suggest to my clients …. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening to do all your socializing! That gives you plenty of time to go check your social platforms for messages and to reply. Blogging is scheduled in my day so that I can devote time to writing and posting. However, just recently I have turned that event over to my VA, so I can focus on the business owners/clients and developing my social media marketing management programs. []

I have an online booking system that works really well. In fact, I will book in my personal time and I am notified a couple days ahead and right up to that day. So I stay pretty organized when it comes to time management.

Family is and always will be first in my book. My business is very important to me, but what matters most to me is spending time with my family and of course, my friends, too! I think having a healthy balance of both is required and sometimes the scales can tip a little more family time or more business time, but all in all, I try to keep it balanced as much as possible.

What Do You Think Makes You Stand Out?

If I’m a stand out I believe it is because of my positive attitude, my passion for helping others and strong goals for success. I think that comes through in my writing and I always enjoy the feedback from visitors as they provide even more enlightening information, ideas and suggestions. So it turns into a win, win for anyone visiting my site.

If You Could Go Back In Time 5-10 Years, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

The advice I would have given myself, if I were to go back in time would be to be a little bit more patient. I’ve always been the one wanting to get things done and some times in haste would cause problems that wouldn’t otherwise have happened if I were a bit more patient. Patience allows us time to think and reflect on what we are doing or going to do. It was a lesson I learned a long time ago in my career for managing teams. People need time to think, even discuss before taking action. Although, I think, sometimes patience can become an excuse for not taking action. So it is a fine line, a learning lesson if you will, to really understand yourself and how to react to situations and people around you.

What Would Be Your Best Piece Of Advice To Any Newbie Blogger Out There Reading This?

If you are starting out, get a direction and stick with it. Put blinkers on and don’t look over your shoulder. There are always going to be other ventures you think you should have started, but in the end, whatever your passion is, go with that and stick with it. Only make changes that enhance the growth of your vision. And most of all, build some alliances that will help you with your journey. Don’t be an island, reach out, be a giver first and you will reap the benefits and rewards!

Thank you so much Matt for this opportunity to be interviewed. I enjoyed sharing the information and hope that it will inspire others to keep moving forward with their hopes and dreams.

You should also know that your gesture of sharing others like you are is commendable and sets a wonderful example for everyone. Much success to you and your business.

Lynn Brown

To learn more about Lynn Brown, check out her website ‘‘.  Learn about social media marketing, blogging strategies, LinkedIn marketing techniques and much more!

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  • Andi Leeman

    Hi Lynn and Matt, thank you for bringing Lynn to my attention Matt and thank you Lynn for an excellent read, a very inspiring read and one of the reasons I love about blogging is that it does not come with an ‘old boys club’ like many industries do. Blogging and social media has so many great female role models. The internet has given opportunity to people from all walks of life.

    I think your advice to newbies is right on the spot. Blinkers are needed, with online businesses there is always something new or some new shiny tool/method that can easily distract people and rob them of time and momentum that leads only one way, the opposite way to success. I know that from experience lol
    Cheers and take care

    • Hi Andi! I’ve been following Lynn online for a while now, she really knows what she’s on about and offers up lots of great advice to her readers. I’m just happy that she agreed to do this interview.

      As for newbies, I totally agree. I too am guilty of trying out the latest new marketing tool or social media plugin. I need to be a bit more focused at times and not waste time on other things when I could use that time more productively.

  • Stacey

    Thank you, Lynn & Matt for this interview. I’m in the process of revamping my blogging business and it is powerful to gain insight into the minds of successful, positive role models like the two of you. I, too have had to put blinders on to not get off track of my focus. I’ve also found that keeping something similar to Lynn’s “30/30” rule for social media has helped to lessen my distractions and to keep my day organized. Looking forward to learning more from the two of you in the future. Thank you for paving the way, for showing us the possibilities and for being incredible role models for bloggers like me.
    Stacey (:

    • Hi Stacey! Glad you liked the interview. Lynn is such a great role model, I’m so glad that she agreed to share her thoughts and opinions with us here.

      I too like Lynn’s 30/30 rule (though I should probably try to stick to it more). Social media is a great way to interact and build a community around your site, but you still need to actually work on your site itself and not get too distracted.

      Thanks for commenting Stacey. Let me know if I can help you out in any way with your site. All the best