The Importance Of Writing Quality Blog Posts & Email Newsletters

Writing Quality

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I was hoping that this post title was obvious, but when you look around at many blogs these days and see the writing quality of the posts they publish, it is easy to see that many of the blog owners don’t actually know the importance of writing quality blog posts and email newsletters.

They offer posts that are so vague that they are as useless as they are short, often 500 words of regurgitated works they have stolen from other websites. They offer nothing new to the reader and what does that do? It offends the reader and makes them leave pronto. If you cannot spend time writing quality articles, then you cannot expect the reader to stay around let alone come back. If you do then you are a fool!

The person who visits your site or signs up for your newsletter are wanting new and useful information, they are also wanting to have some personality and opinion in what they are reading. They are after all deeming you as an expert in the niche that you are writing about. They want to learn something new from you and you should give it to them. Simple!

Ask yourself these important questions…

  1. Why do you have a website?
  2. Why do you want people to visit your site?
  3. Why do you want people to join your newsletter?

I imagine that you set up a website to generate money from it, and I imagine that it is also the reason why you set up a newsletter, to build an email list from which to make money. Am I correct?

I am sure you have been told over and over again to build an email list because ‘the money is in the list’ Well that is half true, the money is actually in the ‘relationship’ you have with the people on the list.

I bet you were also told that you need a lot of traffic visiting your site to make money, that depends if you are expecting that large amount of people to click through Google AdSense, otherwise the thing you really should know is that it is the quality of traffic that really counts and the relationship you have with your readers is what really makes the money.

Quality Traffic

Writing Quality

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If you had 2000 people visit your site in a day, but only 1% of those stuck around to read more than 1 post, then you have had 20 potential returnees.  What if, instead, you have just 500 people visit your site in a day and 2% of them stayed on your site for more than 1 post? You have had 10 potential people who would return, increase that amount of visitors to 2000 with the same percentage then you now have 40 people who are likely to return.

It isn’t always the amount of traffic that matters, what does matter is the amount of people who stay longer reading more posts on your site.

Getting People To Stay On Your Site

So how do you get people to stay longer on your site? The answer is plain and simple; you give quality useful information, whether it is a video tutorial, a podcast or a seriously well written article. The reader wants to leave your site feeling that they have learned something that they can go and implement that day.

The likes of Pat Flynn and Ramsay the Blog Tyrant write seriously lengthy articles that can at times take days to write. That might sound like a lot of hard work to you but Pat Flynn makes over $40,000 a month from his few sites.  You cannot tell me he doesn’t know what he is doing, and for that amount I would happily spend a day or two creating great posts, wouldn’t you?

Your main aim is to get as many visitors to your site to stay on your site as long as possible to make a serious lasting impression. You want them to come back and sign up to your newsletter; you want to build a lasting relationship with them.

The last thing you want to do, which is what most bloggers and internet marketers do, is turn your readers off. Trust me when I say this, it is the easiest thing to do, it is far easier to make people leave your site and never return or unsubscribe from your newsletter than it is to keep them coming… unless you do what? Create seriously great content for your site and newsletter.

Glen Allsopp from says that an email newsletter should be nothing less than an email blog post. He created the name of email blogging which he has found to be one of the best online business models. Email marketing is still the best converting form of online marketing and is also the method that most bloggers and marketers do badly.

Writing Quality

An email should be like a private members only blog post, full of great useful content only to be seen by those on your email list and completely separate from your blog.

Make ’em Strong & Make ’em Long!

Ramsay the Blog Tyrant has a great saying about email newsletters… “Make ‘em strong and make ‘em long”, I agree, they work.

Many marketers fail miserably with their email newsletters, they create a fantastic initial 7 day follow up sequence or email course, but after that they start to send out a barrage of “buy my shit” style emails with no content that are peppered with plenty of links to useless unusable Clickbank products hoping to cash in on your hunger, your inexperience and your future un-success.

Sounds harsh? No I don’t think so. You know what emails I am talking about, I bet you have signed up to plenty in your quest to make money online, but after a while what do you do? You unsubscribe from those email lists, you stop visiting those sites and why? Because they never actually helped you, you never learned a thing from them and what ever content they gave you was simply just crap.

(You might find this hard to swallow but many marketers, and I mean those who promote Clickbank products in every email they send, actually rely on you not succeeding with those products so that in your frustration and desperation they can sell you the next magic push button program making themselves another nice fat monthly cheque!)

Unfortunately this practice seems to be the norm, but here is the real truth, a lot of these guys do not stay around long, they have to keep adding new people to their email lists regularly otherwise their businesses will die. Getting quality traffic is very hard when you do not deliver quality content.

These guys do not have the staying power like Pat Flynn, Ramsay, Glen Allsopp or Matt Smith. And the reason is that they do not have a great relationship with their site readers and email lists like those mentioned who provide quality free content that is actually useful.

You can do the same and you must do the same, useful quality articles will be read, they will be shared, they will gain you respect and build up relationships with loyal readers. Why would you want to do anything different?

You wouldn’t take your car back to the mechanic who always does bad work or eat at the restaurant where the food or waiting staff are substandard would you? So why would you expect your blog and email readers be any different when you post substandard content?

Writing Quality

Writing Quality

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Since Google have been on the warpath with all back hat SEO practices, there has been an increase in guest blogging, this is where you write for another blog and in return you get backlinks to your site which help with your sites rankings, also you can hijack readers of those blogs getting instant traffic and exposure.

Again, what amazes me is the amount of weak 500-800 word articles that are sent to sites which are poorly written, and offer no useful content.

Where do these writers get the idea that their weak articles they offer will…

  • Be accepted by other blogs that offer serious quality content as a guest post
  • Be read fully by readers looking for quality information
  • Steal traffic from the site that has published the article to their own site

Surely if you want your articles to be accepted and put in front of many new potential readers and gain much needed backlinks you must write a quality article? You have to ask, why would you not deliver quality on such an important method of building relationships and earning respect?

Zac Johnson who started making money online when he was still at school says that your guest posting submissions should be BETTER than the ones you post on your own blog. Zac writes a lot of articles and owns a lot of blogs that make him a lot of money from methods such as advertising revenue, affiliate promotions and paid reviews. It is safe to say he knows his stuff.

Producing Quality Posts

OK, so we know that providing great quality is essential for creating a successful blog. You now have two options; you can either;

  1. Write the posts yourself
  2. Outsource the writing

(Even though I have mentioned videos and podcasts as other forms of content, I am focusing on writing epic posts) Each method comes with their pros and cons.

Writing Your Own


  • You create your own voice and style that becomes recognisable.
  • You have control over what you write and can add personality, opinion and feeling to your posts.
  • Costs you nothing to write yourself but your time.

As I am sure you know, your time can be worth more than what you pay out for someone to do work for you so you have to decide carefully if writing your own is cost effective.


  • They can take time to write especially if research is needed.
  • If writing is not your strongest skill your posts could do more damage than good if there are too many grammatical and spelling errors.

With blog posts, guest posts and free reports it can soon feel like you have no time left to do anything else.

Outsourcing Your Writing


  • Can save you a lot of time so you can get on with other jobs like directing traffic to your site or focusing on social media.
  • You can end up with an excellent writer who has experience and can deliver quality articles with images and screenshots.
  • Can help to build up your website quickly so you can reap the rewards from the monetisation of your site a lot faster if your site grows.
  • Find a person capable of writing reports and eBooks that you can give away to build email lists or even sell.


  • Outsourced articles can lack personality, feeling and opinion.
  • They often be vague and lack quality information.
  • Can be costly.
  •  Can take time to get a good quality article finally delivered after having to ask for revisions or even reject some for not fitting your criteria.
  • You can end up wasting time with people who promise the earth but deliver dirt which results in the contract being cancelled. (This can happen a few times)

If you have read down to this point then thank you for sticking with me! It proves to me that you want to succeed and deliver the best content to your readers as possible. So you are left to decide whether you are going to write those epic posts yourself or are you going to outsource your writing to a 3rd party.

What we do know is that we all need to pull our socks up and deliver seriously good quality useful content if we want to rise above all the trash out there in the blogosphere.

What do you think? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

About Secret Insider

The Secret Insider is a guy working within the industry who wants to share quality information for free and warn people of the bad practices internet marketers use to get your money. He runs his own site Internet Marketing Advice. You can learn more by following him on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Andi Leeman

    Excellent posts, I couldn’t put it better myself. 😉 Today I had to send a reply to a ‘guest post’ submission that was substandard. I kind of got the feeling it was part of a mass produced article for several blogs as the Word doc was titled ‘Blog 5 Just Validate’ sent from a person using a justvalidate[at] gmail account and had a stock photo of a woman as the writer…. I mean come on?

    I really didn’t need to open the doc to know it would be pap but I did just to make sure I wasn’t wrong and there it was, 800 words of regurgitated stuff… Again.

    Definitely wasn’t the amount of words or content in the submitted post as there is in this one here and I bet this one hasn’t been mass produced for other sites. Which is what the article is about isn’t it? Creating quality useful unique content and creating a lasting relationship.

    • Hi Andi!

      I know what you mean. I’ve turned down TONS of guest post submissions because they weren’t up to scratch. Some people just don’t seem to realize that it’s the “quality” that counts, not the “number” of posts that they can churn out.

      I’d rather get one high quality post published on another site, rather than hundreds of crappy posts that nobody wants to read. That one post would prove to be much more beneficial in the long run.

      I agree that you can generally tell if a post is going to be good based on the email that they send. I’ve had to block a couple of email addresses because they just keep sending me very poor quality posts. Doesn’t seem to bother them that I used to keep saying “Sorry, but I can’t publish this because it’s not good enough…”, they keep sending them.

      I’m pretty sure this post isn’t a massed produced post. Though if it is, I pity the poor person having to write hundreds of posts on this scale! 🙂

      • The Secret Insider

        Hi Matt, my fingers wouldn’t be able to manage re writing this post on a mass scale for other sites :-).

        Anyway, I write one per site and that is it, it will be a completely different article for another site and that is how it should be. As you say one great post out there is better than hundreds of crappy ones, as far as your reputation is concerned, and that is what is most important.

        Thanks for publishing this post Matt,


        • Thanks again for the great post SI, I thought it was great!

          Writing a unique post for each site that you publish on is the best way to approach guest posting & blogging in general. By doing this, you can build up a good reputation online.

          Keep up the great work SI 🙂

    • The Secret Insider

      Thank you for the kind comments, should I send you a guest post I shall make sure it is more than 800 words and not regurgitated stuff 🙂

  • This is brilliant.

    I couldn’t agree more with you. The amount trash blogs out there are unbelievable, I have seen some that update new posts like 3 times a day! This is literally just re-hashed 400-500 word basic crap that eveyone knows.

    I spend usually at least a day or two writing a post. If its a real biggy that requires some extra research etc then I could well spend all week on it.

    Really excellent tips, I hope this reaches out to many.

    • The Secret Insider

      Thank you John, I am glad that there are people out there who think the same as me… it is a shame that people who are being paid to write guest posts don’t go that step further and produce better posts as that would surely help them in the long run getting them better paid writing jobs and then they could stop sending out sub standard posts to people like us.:-)

      Imagine paying for a guest post written and it was incredible and got you a lot of good traffic, you would want to hire the writer again and more likely pay a lot more per post. The problem is these posts are often for back links and nothing else which is a shame.

      Thanks for the great comments.


    • Hi John,

      Yes, it’s surprising to see so many sites that publish rubbish, regurgitated, poor quality content. I don’t think they seem to understand that it is the quality aspect that drives traffic.

      I too can spend a couple of days writing a post (writing one at the moment) for my site. As a publisher, I want to make sure that my content is of the highest quality that I can, not only to satisfy myself, but to respect my readers.

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    Good post!!

  • Yepi Didi

    Thanks for the article very useful and interesting

  • Helena

    I agree that you can generally tell if a post is going to be good based on the email that they send.

    • Hi Helena,

      I totally agree! You can usually tell a lot about a person by the email that they send, whether that is a product promotion, writing enquiry, outreach, etc. There is nothing worse than sending something that sounds totally generic, that doesn’t even hide the fact that it has been sent to countless others.

      Make them look personal (or better yet actually be personal) and friendly and they will be much more engaging to the reader at the other end.

  • Thanks for sharing. I just started focusing on articles for few weeks. So I don’t know how to start.

    • Hi Friv,

      I find that it’s good to make a list of all the different topics that are related to your subject. That way, when I’m struggling for inspiration, I can refer back to the list and find something to write about.