How I Built My Site Up To Getting Over Half A Million Hits!

Online Income Teacher recently passed a HUGE milestone in that we have now had over half a million hits on the site!  It has been a huge slog to get there, but is incredible to see just how far we have come since first starting out.  In this post I […]

Why You Need A Search Bar On Your Website

There are many aspects that a website must include on its pages.  All of these are equally important, but one that often gets overlooked by people is the search bar.  This simple rectangle can have a HUGE effect on your site, which is why you must add one if you […]

What Is The Difference Between Do Follow vs No Follow Links?

I get sent quite a few questions from readers (which I’m always happy to answer), but one question that seems to crop up a lot is on the whole “do follow vs no follow” and “what’s the difference between the two?” subject.   I thought it was about time I put […]

Beginners Guide To AWeber Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important aspect of any website as there are numerous benefits from using it.  In this post, we will look at what those benefits are, as well as how to set it up for your site using AWeber. What Is Email Marketing? Email marketing is a broad […]

How To Launch A Popular YouTube Channel For Your Blog

For bloggers, the benefits of a YouTube presence are obvious. More exposure, more traffic and some highly reputable backlinks to boot. Despite this fact, look for your favourite bloggers on YouTube and in most cases you’ll find them noticeably absent.  Most bloggers reluctance to join YouTube stems from the fact […]

Domain Name Registration Tips

If you are thinking of starting a website or blog, then one of the first things you need to do is go and register a domain name for your site.  Now, before you go and jump in with both feet, here are some domain name registration tips that will help […]

How To Create A Website Tutorial For Beginners

So you want to know how to create a website?  Well you have come to the right place!  There has never been a better time to create a website than now.  I still think many people are put off starting their own website as they are under the assumption that […]

Why Deleting 1,000+ Of My Email Subscribers Was The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Lots of bloggers make out that it is so important to have a big email list (I’ve done it myself), but that isn’t always the case.  In this post I talk about why deleting email subscribers can actually be beneficial for your long term success and show you what happened […]

How To Create Landing Pages With Premise

Not too long ago, I talked about how you could create membership sites with Premise, but that is not the only thing that you can do it.  Premise allows you to create and build custom landing pages for your site, no matter what WordPress theme you are using.  So, for […]

Link Building – What NOT To Do… Ever!

Link building is something that is talked about a lot when running your own site, but there are good and bad methods that you can use.  In this post, we will look at some link building strategies that you should avoid doing as otherwise it could harm your site in […]