Why You Should Consider a Career in SEO, Regardless of Degree!

Career in SEO

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It’s not news to anyone that today’s job market is less than stellar or lucrative. Recent graduates boasting unused bachelor’s and master’s degrees are scrounging around the job market looking for practically any opportunity that will allow them the chance to show their stuff and get some experience.  Many try to stick to their field of study, hoping to use the wealth of knowledge they gained throughout their college careers, but some have realized that is just not feasible—at least right out of the gate.  Luckily, the growing field of search engine optimization is proving a popular choice and is why you should consider a career in SEO!

For those who don’t know, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and is a rising field that, at its core, helps companies and other entities increase their web presence. Still rather new, this is an area that is growing rapidly and eagerly seeking young talent. If that alone is not enough to pique your interest, read on for more reasons why you should consider a career in this field.

SEO Is Needed In Almost Every Industry

Every organization, from large oil and gas companies to small mom and pop burger joints seems to be popping up online these days. They either have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account or some strategic combination of the three. They are encouraging people to “Like” them, “check in” and even simply send feedback all via the internet.

All of this web action means they all have a growing need for individuals who can direct, coordinate and execute these social media/internet marketing initiatives. And who better to do that than the generation that came of age with entities like Facebook and Twitter?

Recent college graduates, as a collective, have the most web-knowledge when compared to any other generation or age group, so these companies WANT you. In fact they NEED you. They need you to help drive their numbers up and spread the word about their business—all things you can do through a career in SEO.

You’ll Never Get Bored With A Career In SEO

Not only will a career in SEO allow you the opportunity to work within several different sectors and industries, it will also keep you entertained and challenged as the tactics and methods are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the ever-changing face of the web.

Consumers’ needs are constantly changing, which means that your processes and methods will need to adapt. This means you’re chances of ever getting bored are pretty slim. You’ll get to constantly tackle new projects and problems and show off your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Now, how exciting does that sound!?

Exposure To Cutting Edge Technology

In an SEO role, your primary tool is the World Wide Web. This means every day, you’ll get to immerse yourself in the latest and greatest the Internet has to offer. You’ll be on the cutting edge of technology and get the inside scoop on any emerging trends—long before anyone else does! This will help keep you one step ahead of the crowd and will keep you competitive in this economy—something anyone can appreciate.

So, although you may be really proud of your degree in Art History or your impressive masters in chemistry, if those avenues aren’t panning out you might consider taking the chance on SEO. Not only will it deliver a reliable, regular paycheck, it also has the potential to open a myriad of doors and opportunities you never even thought possible.

Don’t pigeonhole and limit yourself because you chose to specialize in one thing during school. Studies have shown a number of people—probably the majority of the population—end up in careers quite different than they intended, with no complaints. Sure you may have extensive knowledge over “A, B and C” but never discount the possibilities of “X, Y and Z.” I guarantee, you won’t be sorry!

Would you consider a degree in SEO?  Perhaps you are already working within the SEO industry, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow a career in SEO?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Samantha is a freelance writer. She volunteers as a tutor for a literacy organization, driving her passion for all things education and learning. Questions and comments may be sent to samanthagray024@gmail.com.

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  • Okto

    That’s sounds interesting. Degree on SEO … I think no school think of it, yet. I do like the idea. It can be a great way to reduce unemployment.

    • Hi Okto! I’m sure that there is some sort of degree on SEO somewhere, I’d be very surprised if there isn’t already.

      But despite that, a career in SEO is something that many people should consider. SEO is only going to become more important!

  • Quacker

    And I thought I became a badass after buying seo for dummies…
    There are not many schools, but private classes on it have started emerging