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As business owners today are out of the office more than in it—meeting with customers, partners, travelling for business, and attending conferences and industry events—mobile tools are becoming the way of the world. Customers are now just as comfortable browsing, shopping, and buying on the go than they are from brick and mortar businesses, so entrepreneurs need to depend on mobile tools in order to ensure their businesses run more smoothly when they’re out of the office.

Here are five must-have mobile tools to help start-ups stay connected to what matters most and stay competitive when away from the office.

5 Mobile Tools That Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

1. Evernote

Mobile Tools

Evernote is a completely free tool to help mobile business owners stay connected to the office—even when they’re on the road. You can use this tool to securely store, manage, collaborate, and edit documents from any desktop or mobile device—a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, from absolutely anywhere.

This secure, cloud-based device ensures all documents, videos, images, spreadsheets, videos and slide share presentations are in one central location that you can access whenever you need it. For instance, you can use Evernote to securely grant permission to clients to edit documents, or you can use it to capture one of your many “eureka” moments when a pen and paper just aren’t handy. Use this tool to text or audio capture meeting reminders, client notes, social events, personal appointments, meeting notes, and of course, bits of inspiration for your business, whenever the urge strikes!

2. Bump

Mobile Tools

Bump is a free business networking app for the iPhone or Android device. This mobile business networking tool allows business owners to exchange virtual contact information—names, contact numbers, email, websites, photos, e-resumes, and files instead of easily-lost paper business cards. To use this tool, simply “bump” or touch smart phones together with a contact and your business details will be instantly uploaded on each other’s devices. The convenience of Bump is the reason why it’s utilized by 8 million monthly users!

3. Square

Mobile Tools

The Square app enables any business owner, located anywhere to accept credit cards on the go. This inexpensive credit card processing terminal plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad, or Android device and lets the user accept safe and secure credit card payments with one simple, low transaction rate of 2.75% per swipe. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees, and funds transfer within 24 hours (business days only) so you’re never stuck waiting for cash flow.

4. Google Drive

Mobile Tools

What I consider an improvement or expansion on Google Docs, the Google Drive app is free and offers business owners a place to save, store, manage, and edit all types of files from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone device. So, for instance, if I am working on an e-newsletter blast, I can start working on it in the morning from my home computer, work on it on the way to work on my tablet, and make final edits once I’m at the office on my laptop.

You can do this with any file—photos, text documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, slide share, and video. Google Drive permits 5GB of storage (which is a ton) and even lets you share all types of files securely from the cloud, so you can use it as a collaboration space for clients, contractors, and remote staff.

5. Tripit

Mobile Tools

I love the Tripit app! Not only is it completely free, it’s like having a personal travel agent and concierge in your pocket. Use this tool to book a flight, rent a car, book a hotel, and find a nice restaurant to hold your client meeting. If you’re in a foreign city, this app will take care of all details on your trip—providing hotel and restaurant reviews, real time weather updates, and interactive maps so you can find your way to and from your hotel. As far as a full travel resource, Tripit doesn’t disappoint!

What mobile tools do you use for your business?  Do you use any of these mobile tools already?  If so, which do you recommend the most for other people to use?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Pearlie is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews on industry news and popular mobile.

  • Andi the Minion

    There are some seriously great and crazy technology out there, I had never heard of taking credit card payments from your mobile using the head phone socket! that is as far out as it is genius. 🙂

    Great post and a great list of tools, bump could be very useful, will look into that one more.


    • I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of ‘Square’ until reading Pearlie’s great post. It’s such a great idea and you can see how it would be useful for many businesses.

      I really like Evernote myself. I use it all the time to jot down post ideas that I get when out and about.

  • John Banks

    Nice post. I use Google Drive, it’s great. One drive for all my files across all my devices.

    • Google Drive is great! I use it a lot for writing, plus I can save all the guest posts that I get sent so that I can read them on my phone when I get the chance. Very useful!

  • Clair Trebes

    I could not be more in love with this post if I tried! I stopped using BUMP ages ago as I thought it was pretty pointless, but now I know you can bump from Phone to Laptop I want it back immediately! AND I am 100% getting myself involved with Square – this will be an awesome tool for on the go – especially when I am out visiting clients who want to pay me on the spot and I don’t like taking cash (because it just ends up in a retail outlet making my wardrobe more obese by the minute!!!!)

    Also checking out the Tripit app too ….. Thanks Matt :))))

    • Hi Clair!

      Glad you liked the post. Lot’s of great tools that people can use that I hadn’t heard about myself.

      I totally agree about ‘Square’, it’s such a brilliant idea. I can see many people using this in the future on the go. Though just because you don’t get the cash in hand, doesn’t mean we won’t still end up spending it. 🙂

  • gregjeffries

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to add a few of these to my arsenal of resources.

    • No problem Greg! Glad the post helped 🙂